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 Fri Jun 16, 2006 8:30 pm

Dear friends,

Mahabalipuram was next wonder in my beloved India. (I like to use name Mahabalipuram because of story about king Bali and Vamana dev).

I was thinking to see only Shore temple,that survived the tsunami .(it was mentioned once here on the group.)

I didn't know how more wonder of nature and art I will see..Again rocks! And here, every rock seems to tell story... In company with Jeeva I was just going around like child wide open eyes, not knowing archaeological and historical details about this rocks. and I remembered Osho's words :

.."each tree creates its own space, each rock creates its own space. each tree has individuality, each rock has individuality.  Trees are not just trees -- they are people. Rocks are not just rocks -- they are people."

(from Clash of Thunder,ch#4:Man is Always opening)

You will see one stubborn tree which created his own space with such a determination that stone was broken by trees vital force.

Or this Pipali tree fascinated me again with roots on the stone like a labyrinth..

One person was sleeping under another 'individual' tree  which had roots seen on the ground like hands in embrace.

Looking at statue of Shiva (or Nataraj) (sorry I am not sure who)  it looks to me like alive,in a dance..,  stone is dancing..

Or this "Krishna's butterball",huge stone which seems it will roll down the hill any moment.. Climbing on highest rock-tower it was magnificent view on all sites.

Not only rocks and trees,here I found also interesting people.. I was wondering how one person climbed on this rock. It was not easily accessible..

Or Kiss ,danish 'apostle' with task to live and preach Love of Jesus in South India. He was in contact with 'Shangri-la people', he said ..but he will stay here.. and I was listening again like a child..(like fantasy stories). This was nothing to grasp with the mind... I like very much this picture of him and Jeeva. I put them again here.

I got nice Ayurveda massage without expecting it. We met Isabelle(Spain),(she asked how to go to the sea..), and she told me about massage which I wanted.. I was so oily afterwords,but relaxed...

I like to see women with fresh flowers in their hair... Old or young poor or rich, no difference, most of them in South India decorate their hair with flowers.

One day visit to Mahabalipuram was so full of impressions like living many days or months.. but it was enough for my curious mind which is like butterfly.

next day I was on the way to Kolkata.. and bridges over Godavari, this vast, holy river always fascinate me ...



soon you will see pictures with captions ,.somewhere..

with Love,