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 Sun Nov 26, 2006 1:44 pm

Hello to all who will read it,

with you is possible to share so different things..thanks!

here is one of few I have in photos..and little in words..

If you like you can take a look in albums about some Hare-Krishna friends and devotees in Croatia.(Pula and Zagreb).October-2006

I visited Croatia in October 2006, after long time and wanted to visit Hare Krishna devotees. It was because of them I left my job,home, family and country 23 years ago and joined to ISKCON HK movement first in Zagreb and then in Sweden..

I wanted to meet again person who introduced me to Hare Krishna in former Yugoslavia, 26 years ago. This was Gopikanta, Prabhupadas disciple. I visited him now in Pula, nice town on Adriatic Sea in Croatia,  where he established HK temple Rada_Damodara. This is now Gaudiya Vaishnava Society . He took shelter in still living guru, godbrother of Srila Prabhupada, B.V. Puri Gosvami Maharaj, from Orissa, India.

His name is now Tapasvi, Svami . He became first HK sanyasin on territory of former Yugoslavia..

He came out of the temple in Indian orange sanyas clothes.

His hair was gray...but smile was the same happy, when saying "Hare

I start laughing happily when I met him...o, we are getting old!. haha..

.. it seems like it was not so long ago we had kirtans in my house in and on
the other places in Zagreb.. was it dream?
You can see photos from temple, kitchen,devotees, dancing, chanting, prasadam, going to sankirtan, ... In 10 days I was like living 10 years with devotees again.

I visited another group of HK devotees(ISKCON) cca 10 km from Pula In Valtura. There is a farm and guesthouse, nicely maintained by Dinanath from  Bosnia... Farm is his private responsibility, but there is a little temple for Sunday preaching maintained by Dinanath and ISKCON devotees from Pula.

I have seen also house of Krishna Kshetra (HK guru from Germany) .It is newly builded as donation by Dinanath and other disciples.

(I heard...ISKCON devotees organized in public place in Pula "Indian evening", program with song,dance,prasadam.. and they said that it was 120 people who visited this evening program. I was not there.I returned back to Zagreb and Sweden)

Photos can tell you little about this my journey with devotees from  now to past and back to now.

Some friends were not there anymore,  some new were there, some changed names and gurus... I am no more in this movement but somehow I am here around all the  time because it is in my mind still..

this HK movement is like a river.. some people jump in easy and easy jump out (like me), others are standing on the bank thinking and watching.. some others are jumping in and out few times.. others again, jump in and still they are swimming, .. congratulation!

bu it is all part of bigger river -Life!
From Pula I was returning to Zagreb and once again singing with  Hare_Krishna friends (Vaishnava Society) in one flat on 15Th floor in Zagreb.

There I met again, after 26 years, first bhaktini of former Yugoslavia (before Devayani), now Vishaka. She is now employed in military service after her husband died in war.., She is some kernel...on my surprise, but in her heart and mind she is still in Krishnas service despite all big troubles in her life.

Welcome to explore albums Hare-Krishna and separate album of town  Pula with Arena and little seaside-place Medulin, beautifull for relaxing and holidays.

and devotees would say: CHANT AND BE HAPPY!

with Love,

Medulin evening