Thu May 1, 2008 5:26 pm


One young female Osholover from Orkut invited me to Chennai. She wanted osho files and she likes to translate osho-words in Tamil. I accept it and started my journey from Kolkata to Chennai. 3 wonderful ,young persons with flowers were waiting for me. 2 girls who very close friends and brother of one of them. I stayed in hotel 2 days but we copied all files with little trouble, because of capacity of computer. I visited their homes and families who were very nice and friendly. They took me to nice place in Chennai, Krishnamurti foundation. My old Chennai friend Jeeva joined us in this visit.

In this nice place one can stay for low costs but not as in hotel.. One should be interested for Krishnamurti's work and study it while being there. You have to book time 2 months  forward.

There was raining just few hours but in some parts of Chennai  there was flood on the street. One another friend  from Orkut also came to meet me with his friend .. ..just to meet me and say hello with smiling.
I like his smiling..

My friends Hema and Krithika decided to follow me on my travel to Thanjavur  to find construction which doesn't give shadow. Last moment one rich relative of Hema, offered his car with driver to take us there. This was unexpected luxury.

Swami VeetVedam here on Orkut known as veety  recommended me to visit Osho meditation center in Trichy. he helped with calling this center and arranging that we could come in the evening.This is near to Thanjavur.

wonderful ,young persons with flowers were waiting for me

We all proceeded first to Trichy and from there we visited 2 times Thanjavur. I was 'chasing' shadow which doesn't appear on the ground. Now I don't know name of this Temple where it was..maybe veety can help me.. but I didn't solved miracle..Shadow of kalasa which is on the top of big cupola doesn't appear because it falls on cupola..this was explanation of some people whom I asked. Now it is no more important..but this my desire to see this 'miracle'  was leading me to one unforgettable time with my friends and meetings with other people in Osho meditation center in Trichy.

Center is founded and governed by Swami Mohan Bharti, old osho sannyasin, who left business in jewelers Jain family many years ago and decided to follow Osho. He has even Osho robe in his home as relict..

He is following directions of OIF Pune. Position of meditation center is nice, out of city.. but something was missing..

One day even one Sufi master visited this place just by chance. He was searching land for his research&education center "The Uni-Eshara Yoga" Wow, I met Sufi master..but I missed the point.. I challenged him with many questions so that he was not sure at the end if he can help me and accept me as a student..

I want to mention care of Sw. Mohan Bharti and his wife Vimala ,who is also sannyasin. I was guest in their home in Trichy, few days. It was little complicated with food in Osho center. When there is not much people, like for meditation camp, there was no permanent cook. One should go to buy food in near restaurant which is cca 2 km far away. I didn't feel comfortable in this way, and I enjoyed good food which Vimala cooked in their home in city..

From this point my Chennai friends returned back  and I was little confused where to go.. to the south ,to Kerala,(I purchased already ticket and returned it next day).. or up in direction of Hampi and Khajuraho,Mehsana... ,and ..Indian desert, Jaisalmer , where I was invited during my journey to celebrate my birthday on 6th February.

From Trichy everything turned to be just decision of the moment where I will go and what to do.


Krishnamurti Trust Chennai 2008