Greetings from Kashmir


Thu May 15, 2008 9:38 pm

Hi to all my friends,
Before returning to Sweden I visited Kashmir.
It was not on my travel plan from the beginning.
I decided to visit it with friend from Indian desert who has never in his life seen snow..

Many people told me :.."it is danger, you cannot move free..
I took the risk.
I am in company with friend from Jaisalmer (Muslim) and I don't feel afraid there.
But he was little worrying and didn't allow me to take direct photo of military people .
Military people were everywhere, but I just felt safe
and it is interesting to move in such situation.
I never have seen this before.
I felt all the time peaceful and people were friendly.
In company with Muslims I experienced many nice friendly moments and learned about their religion which is religion of peace as they explain..

Nature here is beautiful like in hills regions.
I enjoyed seeing joy of person from Indian desert Rajasthan,who first time see snow , and play like a child.
We visited Gulmarg, hill resort .With cable car we reached the top above the clouds (9100 feet high) .

There is another beautiful place with waterfalls - Aharbal.
My friend was enjoying to listen song of waterfall.
He expressed his gratitude with prayer near water..
I was just watching all steps what he was doing...

We found hotel in Shrinagar just by chance. and behind hotel it was military headquarter of this district.. This was Hotel New Mamta .
This was place very comfortable with very friendly staff.. people. They arranged even one day staying in houseboat on Dal lake just to have this experience. We visited also few nice gardens like Mogul Garden and one new opened ..Tulips garden. We enjoyed meetings with school girls in the Salimar garden, Ashraf called them little angels..they were happy to take photo with us. It was unforgettable time for us, both meeting with with nature and people.

enjoy pictures when n0by arrange it..or look on orkut in my profile Zora N.

enjoy pictures