night movie but what to say to dada-ji and dadi-ji?

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 Fri Dec 28, 2007 3:28 pm

Little detail from Kolkata

my friend mother of 37 year and daughter of 15 years and me (63) wanted to see movie.. It was near the place we stay and at 3 PM , Taare Zameen Par, new Indian film , producer and actor Aamir Khan 

We cannot say to dad-ji and dadi-ji that we are going to movie , because this is wasting money.. even if I as guest invite them.. so we said that my friend and me goes to meditate to meditation center. (..they know such things are going on in life of their son's family.. son was with his friend on meditation camp in other city)

and daughter is going to visit her friend.

When we came to cinema hall there was no tickets.. only for night movie from 9.15PM. what to do now..? we cannot go home will be strange why so quick back..

but I wanted to see this movie ..and I said OK we take this night movie..

but what to say to dada-ji and dadi-ji (fathers parents)?

but what to say to dada-ji and dadi-ji (fathers 

And we have to be somewhere 6 hours .. because to go home, impossible..we cannot go out again...

we went to Metro-superstore to change some clothes and spend the time....but still it was 3,5 hours left before movie start.. we were thinking what we will say why so late coming home..

we said that we have to pick up daughter at place of her friend.. and we will come at 10.30PM.. then again we have to lie.. now as it is far away father of daughters friend will drive as home by car. and traffic problem.. 
and so mobile was ringing forth and back..

we came home after midnight.. little boy waited, he didn't want to sleep without mother.. so everybody was awake.. without much talking we went to sleep..just some explanation which I didn't understand.. but next day my friend was this is not OK to do like this..

I was thinking..about freedom and relations..  out of respect for parents have to tell lie , to be afraid to live as you like.. but anyway if you like you will do things which are not allowed  ..just you have to hide..intelligently..

we 3 will never forget this movie and happenings around it.. we were laughing..

waiting in Metro-superstore I remembered Osho who said " if you cannot meditate in market place -forget about your meditations.".
we 2 tried to meditate while sitting in Metro-supermarket. but it was little boring for daughter greetings and Happy New Year! I am waiting to feel better  I got cold..

and take Coromandel-train to Chennai almost 30 hours