guru Hedgehog

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Sun Jun 12, 2005 12:50 am

Dear friends,
after all loving and smashing letters from group,
 and my worries about world problems,  glaciers melting,
 and avatars who don't help as we want...I was little depressed...
and suddenly I noticed from my window little figure on children's playground (there were no children for the moment)..
I recognized him and run out with my camera ..
In his presence all worries disappeared ..even me ..there was only Him..
little Hedgehog..
I followed him to the forest which starts behind garages..


He don't like press-people but out of compassion to me He even faced camera ..only once ..and you can see his simple loving face..
I can upload this 2 pictures to file section for those who don't receive individual mails..
Jeeva don't miss this Guru who takes away all worries at least for the time being in his presence without words..