Invitation to winter-sunset and Stockholm (to Kabir)

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Thu Jan 5, 2006  1:12 pm 

Dear Kabir,
(and all friends who read this..)

I didn't answer your last mail to me in public. I have to think and feel deep to answer to your wise words... but i answered it to myself.. (you suggest this in your sermon which n0by appreciate very much and he put it in introduction words to new members )

later comes words of our wise friend swamiali

and I think it is best to invite you to watch sunset which i enjoyed in November and December..

I don't think of you as King Kong...but watching sunset...

invite you to watch sunset 

this even' fools' can do, and it will be pleasure to have swamiali too in company..

and after sunset we go to Stockholm. I can introduce to you my friends Rada,Vera and Suada.

This will be something personal (you like this kind of stories) where I was present with my body and senses.

It was 19th dec.I went with my friend Suada to Stockholm  to some gathering of Russian business club in some hotel in Stockholm.

I was not interested in Stockholm or Russian business announcement, but I went with Suada because she is not going nowhere  just to her work in nearest food store ICA and back home .. chanting hare Krishna,listening bhajans,and talking with me ..taking walk around the lake .

Rada,Vera and Zora

To go to Stockholm is happening for her.. I invited other 2 friends who are 'Stockholm's ladies '  (they are from Serbian but long time living in Sweden) . Rada was journalist, now retired and very social person with humor. Her name is like name of Krishna's beloved but she even doesn't know  about Krishna.. not interested in such 'spiritual things.She is quite down to the earth..

Vera is retired teacher ,little more interested in esoteric stuff and health..

You can see on picture Rada in white ,Suada in red,Vera in dark lila. I have my magical tachyon purple shawl.

We didn't have much to talk but rada was entertaining us with stories from ordinary life in her humorous way.

Vera and rada ordered food,and cakes..but Suada and me were just drinking water and watching them enjoying food. because we don't eat eggs and meat.. (Suada was happy just to be in other surrounding,)

 I was watching all theater ,just being there with people so different..).. Little dreaming with Rada about travel to China with Transsibirien train ..
This was one of travel-agency  presentation ..

On the way back home,waiting for city train  I took some picture of Suada on nice decorated Central station.

Suada on nice decorated Central station

there was also nice young girl Anna (whom I don't know) selling some good things as you see..sitting in the train back to Järna Suada was enjoying feeling to be in the train from Stockholm in this was 10 o'clock in the evening.

I was just thinking ..aha one sequence of dream called 'reality' has happened and new is coming all the time..

maybe it was all boring to you..but now i did my best to talk about 'real' life.. as you like to call it.

but if n0by likes sunset or to meet Rada,Vera and Suada..and see Anna I can send little bigger picture to his mail.


with Love,

nice young girl Anna