- and porcupine baby(to n0by)

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Tue Jan 3, 2006 3:19 pm 

Dear n0by,

thank you for your life story which touched me deep emotionally, not so much story as contact with you behind the story.

seeing picture of your father in Nazi-uniform scared me .. I am sorry to tell you this..it was unpleasant feeling.. ('Casablanca' movie was first connected to this because I have seen it a week before).. but thank you again for nice decorated picture of your 'initiation' with osho.. (from previous presentation) you present it this time very festive with red color ... when I opened it it was opposite feeling..like joyful play of both of you .. even I could participate with spontaneous smile watching it..

and I would like to show you one picture now which I got from one friend before Christmas.. seeing it, first I thought of you.. but this could be me or anybody else..