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 Mon Mar 5, 2007 1:10 am

Hello to you with whom I can share this!

Yesterday I was (for some moments) out of this ordinary world.

It was birthday celebration (Gaurapurnima) of Bengali saint Sri Krishna Chaitanya.. who is considered by HK devotees like Krishna himself .. or incarnation of lord Buddha , 500 years ago ... with another attempt to save fallen souls..

Batteries in my camera were not charged..(I didn't check before) so I did pictures with some other camera, not so good quality.. if you want to see even this low quality pictures you can see here.
album: Gaurapurnim_Hare Krishna_Stockholm_2007

I was (for some moments) out of this ordinary world.
I was relaxed ..sitting in Hare Krishna temple just enjoying the atmosphere..

When kirtan (song) started I was even dancing with much younger matajis(women) whirling, jumping clapping and singing bhajans..

and I was thankful and aware how nice it is to be able to do this!

I was bathing little statue of Sri krishna Chaitanya pouring on him from conchell some sweet mixture of honey and yogurt and after rose water..

I didn't allow Osho to laugh in my mind and say that this is stupid.. so what..I accept this play..just now.. (you can see me and my face after I did it..) I am dressed white-brown with my blue magic Tachyon shawl)

I would like to put sari on..because women looks most beautiful in sari..  but here in Sweden in winter ..brr..I can't do this..).

women looks most beautiful in sari..
I said to my mind. "now plz stop analyze ..I want just to enjoy..
and doesn't matter what this men with microphone was talking in this short lecture..)
(I have heard this many times before...)

now it was a time to enjoy , to feel this power of Hare Krishna mantra and
let go other 'worldly things'..

at the end there was nice food, prasadam (food first offered to God)

About my friends who came with me..:

women in black was my friend - christian, (once in her younger days she was Buddhist) from Greece ..she also liked atmosphere..

Women with short red hair is my friend and neighbor,  alone mother with 2 girls.. she is like Mirabai who likes Krishna and sing and dance for him. She was singing bhajans.. On one picture you can see her with daughter on her temple. They are very sweet.

They are very sweet.
another women with 2 vases of flowers came with her friend from Stockholm.. they are Satya Sai Baba devotees.But they like bhajans. my friend Suada is Hare Krishna devotee.She is not living in the temple.

I met there some other people whom I didn't see 20 years.. Some other was no-more there... Some left this life on earth under different circumstances.. They were in my remembering..

Some were rejected from movement.. now they are again here is like in children's world...

This day was for me important just as celebration and everything else was far away...I remembered you ,my groups and all word games were so far away...

hm maybe this hare krishna mantra is really simple process to become free... (G.Harisson komp.) (Krishna das)


now they are again here playing..