Dehradun- Rishikesh Trip

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 Sun Aug 20, 2006 8:13 am

Dear Friends,

Myself,My sister in law Shanti,My nephew Karthik and his friend Kumar boarded Dehradun express from Chennai at 8:30 AM on 10 AUG.It reached Dehradun at 8:00 AM on 12 AUG.I had viewed major rivers Krishna,Godavari,Narmada, Yamuna and sanchi Stupa and beautiful scenerios while travelling in train.

Admission procedures consume the first day and on Sunday we took rest and get involved in purchase in local market .Climate is normal these days in Dehradun.We got a new friend Vadivel ,SI, Central Reserve Police Force,Tamilnadu who came there for admitting his nephew Venkatesh who joined MBA course in University.As he speaks Hindi very fluently,he assisted us in bargaining during purchase and
also in trip to Rishikesh next day.

We got a new friend Vadivel

On Monday we reached Rishikesh by 11:30 AM after 90 minutes of travel from Dehradun.Rishikesh had a cold climate through out the day .First we had  a holy bath in River Ganges at Ramjhula area.Water is ice cold and just in 20 minutes of bath, body started shivering.We purchased flowers and lit camphor and made it to float in Ganges.I don't know why that ritual is performed but it is nice to see flowers floating in Ganges.And We visited Ramjhula where Ram meditated on Shiva and Lakshmanjhula where Lakshman meditated on Shiva and crossed the suspension bridge over River Ganges and went to few beautiful temples.

We have not visited any ashrams as Zora suggested ,because we have no time and not met Rishis but only seen lot of beggars moving around.The persons who had decorated themselves like Lord Kubera in Chotiwala Restaurant provided much amusement.And we returned to Dehradun by 6PM.Next day we boarded Ujjain express and reached NewDelhi and I had a littlefriend Anirudh of Rajasthan who had a Scout activity camp in Dehradun with his classmates and teachers.I am amused by his enthusiasm to become as commander in Chief-Army, in future.

First we had  a holy bath in River Ganges

Though there is 6 hours time in boarding Train from Newdelhi to Chennai,my Sister in law is interested, only in purchasing items in Pahalganj market.I am interested in visiting few places in Newdelhi but vexed after they have not shown any interest.I have only choice to travel in Underground Metro Rail system, a well designed modern transport system with many security features.Finally by 11:50 PM we boarded GT express and reached Chennai on 17 AUG.

The journey widened my cultural understanding and provided a pleasant experience.


my Sister in law is interested, only in purchasing items in Pahalganj market