Interesting Friendly Power Games ?

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Wed Apr 5, 2006  5:33 pm  

Is N0by a devil :-)))))

Aha ! Wonderful ! I am witnessing how these games are played. Instead of posting I can sit silently and watch politics of groups. It is really very interesting :-)

hmmm...Bhikkhu Samahita was provocated and criticized by Eric. Bhikkhu being a long time contributor is well aware that this is a free group and know provocations are allowed. Bhikkhu asked apologies from Eric and also from N0by as a group owner for not taking any actions against Eric .N0by maintained his 'freedom of speech' stance. Neither he apologised to Bhikkhu nor restricted freedom of Eric.

I don't know whether N0by sent so many letters to Bhikkhu;-) It may be a top secret.But Bhikkhu has not appeared in this group. Is it a major failure on part of N0by? But Eric asked apologies from Bhikkhu and won his heart to post messages in group caterpillar.Now Eric is even ready to worship Bhikkhu Samahita...

Enlightened Eric has not thought about his action when he instantly commented Bhikkhu to show his enlightened status. But he later come to aware that Bhikkhu is doing a great Dhamma service through a common friend, whose name he does not want to disclose.Now Bhikkhu has been given throne in his palace.

Eric was overwhelmed by his success.Because he earned  politically strong Bhikkhu for his group who was thrown out from this group by him.

While enjoying total freedom in this group , Eric won't allow N0by in his group because N0by will upset the discussion in his own way . I have not read about Ozay. In knowing about what he has attained in prison cell I visited ' ABC_enlightenment' There is rare communication taking place now after the entry of N0by which is previously a somewhat active group.Is N0by a devil :-)))))

Eric and N0by continue to provocate each other and playing power games and enjoying their own fantasy.

Thanks for both for staging a wonderful drama .