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Tue Oct 17, 2006 11:25 am  

Dear Sarlo,

I went through your ratings again. and felt that nothing more can be expected out of a cunning mediocre political mind. In most cases you tend to give same status to mediocre Masters and Great Masters just because many feel that they are helped by such Masters.

This is not judgement just a reflection of your current state.

BTW , why you have not included yourself in the list.Do you feel that you have the capacity to rate GURUS and position yourself as GREAT. Ofcourse this is not done by a single person. There is a big political gang who work on these matter and there is nothing wrong in N0by's claim that you have been monetarily supported by some Groups for your blasphemic activities.

It is pathetic to note that even close friends like Satrakshita and other Osho friends, has not pointed out your ill mentality rather encourages it.Otherwise you could have just created a website to know about many Masters but not rated them.

I am afraid that your end will be very pathetic if you are not going to rectify your insincere way.If such Rating service is done out of curiosity,you will be forgiven.But if it is out of vested political interest you have to suffer for it.Don't be too excited about your current elite status.You will be turned as dust as things evolve with time if corrective actions are not taken.

More Blessings for you to come out of your pathetic situation.

Fuck you,

PS: Since Sarlo is so insensitive that he calls GURUS as GUYS he fit to be called as GUY/GAY

he fit to be called as GUY/GAY