Now is all there is


Wed May 13, 2009 1:58 pm  

Yeah, sure, it's a tired worn-out phrase
be here now, blah blah blah
be in the moment, don't future-trip or past-trip
mostly said by people who weren't able to practice it
so it faded of phoniness and pretense
But if you pick it up from the garbage pile
wipe off the grime
it really is a piece of magic
the answer to our grief
Just think about it
How many grudges we carry
This one did me wrong, that asshole
that one did me wrong, I will never forgive,
never forget
I wish I had this, wish I had that
How come THEY get all the (whatever)?
But what IF we really could just BE here?
Like a baby who has no language, no concepts?
Wide-eyed and marvelling at it all?
Feeling the love, feeling the love

Feeling the love, feeling the love



Thu May 14, 2009 5:40 am

the Buckle of the Bible Belt-San Angelo: Grand City Hall
Re: Sleeping thru my youth

yes i have here in the Buckle of the Bible Belt-San Angelo- i dare not breath a word to these fanatics- they will tar and feather me and run me out on a rail!-

they are such ignorant morons -that -one has to be careful.- 176 churches in this town!
and once a year- some idiot will drag a 12 ft. cross on his back down the street!- that is considered very holy and spiritual.-

some Hispanic eighteen year old punk went in and shot the mother of his girl friend- a white lady ( I knew her) in the face with a shotgun and was killed later on the highway out of town when stopped by the Highway police and he started shooting at them - and they filled him with bullets- the next day in the paper it said that this punk went to be with his heavenly Father!-(no one here ever goes to hell- no matter what they do- all go to heaven- aha) of course it I declared my Buddahood - they would definitely do me in and write it up in the paper that i will burn in Hell forever and ever! ahaa haw haw haw!

so there you go - this is idiotville!

As Ye ole saying- "When one has to pass in front of a sleeping Tiger- it is best to walk silently"

da gafferoo