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Thu Jul 29, 2004  3:45 am

Da Gaff, Texas

Subject: RE: [n0by] Re: A gang bang is good for the gene pool.

MM- your right any kind of 'ism or religion is phoney and maybe it has happen to Osho i don't know when the commune broke up i never really got together with any of the old friends, in fact Osho said that when he die that it would all change as it has for all of the other masters -their teaching lost all significance once they died. The truth imparted by the master is only true in the moment it is spoken to a particular person. I had a beautiful bonding with Osho taking sannyas in 1977 in Poona. it was heart to heart and no-one can take that from me. What happened in the commune was bound to happen - it became egos fighting other egos- and i was quite aware of that still it was the most profound experience i ever had in my life, but it can not be shared- I'll tell you of one experience. Once things were going bad for me and i just had to get away from everybody so on our lunch break i climbed a high mountain in the center of the town and all the way up i was so angry at everyone especially Osho- having quite a good job i had with the highway dept of Texas for 13 years and ending up here with so many egos ass-holes (actually they were mirroring my own huge ego) Anyway thirty minutes later i arrived at the top of the mountain, looking down i could see where Osho was living i said some ugly things to him as if he could hear me. Then quite tired from the climb i sit down and just started getting quiet inside - all of a sudden i just said to myself - Damn i sure could eat an apple now, i hadn't eaten since this morning. well the thought finally vanished and i thought well it is time to return to my job and go back to work but i was still unhappy about my plight from a secure job and good retirement benefits in Texas. Anyway as i got up and started to climb downward i saw a big beautiful apple sitting on a rock and this was a bout ten or fifteen feet away from where i was sitting but a different path. Shit i was exploding with celebration and joy !!! where did it come from? I grabbed it and bite into to it. It was the delicious apple i have ever eaten. Now i don't know how to explain that but it sure did restore my trust in existence. Things like that happen in the three years i was there and to this day looking back the three years were the best times in my life. da gaff



Damn i sure could eat an apple now