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Wed Apr 26, 2006  6:06 pm

they are the morphsters, we are the assimilated, goo goo ga joo I am like litmus paper, I tend to change colors according to my environment. Just this morning I was watching the governator on tv and now I want to kick girly man ass, that kind of thing. Now I am here on this forum and I want to proclaim my godheadedness and boss people around and fight with them, call them names, denounce them while raising my banner high high high. Maybe post photos of them and say unkind things about them over ways they treated me 20 years ago. You know, carry a grudge. That feels like part of my assimilation. And shave my head. And my legs, maybe my whole gol darn body! And open a retreat where I have long lists of inane battles with people posted on bulletin boards to study as meditation techniques. I feel reactive yet I want to say it's just a mirror and copout in that fashion. Or as I say, I know you are, but what am I?