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Date:  Thu Sep 11, 2003  10:00 pm
Subject:  A fragment of Jeff´s enlightenment :))

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> > . Thank-you for sending the URL.

Oh, you are welcome to study Links about Rajneesh Bhagwan / Osho / Existence and to listen to lectures of the dead wise man till end of time

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> Rajnish was clearly an antinomianist, that is one who is opposed to or  denies the fixed meaning or universal applicability of morality.
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always good to read words, not even the dic shows up, 'cos looks like you create some inventions from mind to impress yourself? What you point to with this swollen word-flow

''the fixed meaning or universal applicability of morality''

looks similiar to labels like ''enlightenment'' or a advertising collection for NewAge customers:

''We support practitioners from any vehicle of Buddhism regardless 
whether it is Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana, or any contemplative 
tradition such as Yoga, Kabbalah, Sufism, Gnosis or Christian 
Contemplative practices who experience any of the conditions of 
ecstasy that may occur due to meditative absorption, such as ringing 
in the ears, vertigo, out-of-body experiences and lucid dreaming, 
ecstasy, kundalini, chakras, somatic "halo," etc. Anyone is welcome to 
join in to discuss and contribute.''

A mind, who moves in borders like these words without life describe, will surely asks passionatly for ''fixed meaning ..of morality''.

This mind frame is not only fixed in meanings, without spinning tale of fantasies 
a body armoured and surpressed  in these ''fixed meaning ..of morality''
can be imagined and will show up with your coming letters.

As far Gurdjeff used to describe his contemporaries with those funny words: 

''It is all inside except the core and cage of core.''

According to this appearance of a word-flow without core and cage of core you present marvellous yourself and you work with impressive labels:

> > Blessings to you and all. Adalante siempre adalante,
Jeff Brooks
editor, Southwest Insight E'letter
moderator, Ecstatic Buddhism
moderator, Jhana Support Group

Even there is no doubt about, that Rajneesh Crackpots calling themselves ''Swami'' or ''Ma'' are perfect examples of disturbed and disturbing personalities this first step into dissociation from rules of mediocre societies of mental Middle Ages is a pre-condition to loosen somehow your praised  

''fixed meaning or universal applicability of morality''.

But there is no point to argue with guys like you, similiar with Satsang Service Sellers of Enlightenment Entertainers and all  those severe sickness - in  cult coterie connections.

yours n0by
with love

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