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Sat Feb 7, 2004  7:28 pm


From: deva

Hi nOby,

your 'subtle' irony convinced me!  - Instead of chopping off my head you just tickeled and teased me with your sharp sword of words.  That's how you got me.  I'd pull my hat, if I had one.

Mailing lists are a good place to study the arts of communication.  I enjoy reading and writing at nOby's, and I enjoy learning a lot about myself in this process. 

Words transport much more than just ideas of the mind.  Speaken aware and wisely, they can open up forgotten spaces in people.  Speaken in reaction, unconsciously, they can close down people, knock them out.

As  a child I learned to use my words to chop off almost every head around.  Since love and understanding have settled in me by being with Osho, I learn to sharpen this sword with the quality of the heart.   This is one good reason for me to be in this list...

Very curious to see how us old Samurais go for the ultimate discipline...

love - devapriya