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Satsang Munich, Tuesday, 22th. June 1999      german Version

Very much more absurdly, the Satsang-Session in Munich, House International Elisabethstraße 87, from the Tuesday 22. June up to the Wednesday 30. June 1999 could not end. 

Approximately 15 Anamo-Mikaire-Disciples had appeared in the Monday full moon evening Satsang of Tyohar. What is already forbidden per flier before Mikaires Satsang to argue, these guys began in Tyohar´s Satsang and tried to disturb Tyohars Satsang with loud interruption on Monday vainly. Tyohar throw them out after approximately one hour altogether without giving them back their 17 German Marks entrance fee. After this Monday Tyohar entertained approximately 70 people on Tuesday in his Satsang. 

He talked about full two hours about the events of the day before, that he understands very well. Mikaire does it like Hitler, who steers the negative currents, for which we are all addicted, on stated enemies. With this anti-feeling Mikaire builds up a strong commitment for his own Satsangs.

And we are therefore are longing for negative remarks because we could strengthen our EGO with each "NO". And with a strong EGO, you represent something. He, Tyohar however, represents a human being, who has learned from the mistakes of other masters. He can see his own mistakes perfectly clear and is able, to correct these mistakes continuously. He doesn't work with that, which is not, but with that, which is. So, he doesn't also fall into the mistake, to manipulate a human being against each other. He frankly admitted, that it is extremely difficult to reach people, when everyone moves in the negative with his mind and starts to jugde. 

Tyohar, Satsang in Poona January 1997

n0by proudly presents Tyohar's Satsang Seat in Poona 1997

He therefore continues his work in Costa Rica. There we can only reach him with a boat. Several Welcome-Centers can send back the trouble-makers, where none of these Anamo-Mikaire-Disciples would have receipt. So, he wants to weaken the defense of the one, that is understanding his tries. And that should be the ones, who really want Freedom, Inspiration, Nirvana. Who really go for this! 
Although Tyohar doesn't speak quickly, he can tell however much in two hours. After this devout session had seized me so completely, that I drove almost speechless home and came first with a glass of wine to my senses again at home, I wanted to use the last evening,  to free myself from his hypnotic Tuesday-Session. 

So I wanted to make my dammed doubts and my discomfort so public that Tyohar's sack would have appeared to me from this last Satsang as appropriate departure. Therefore I immediately reported as first and was quite sure about my irony:

"Beloved Tyohar! 

Whoever speaks, has to tell something. And the one, who says something, has the power. I have got this experience myself when I have sold insurances 25 years ago with big success. However I have to argue from my fat EGO. You speak as religious human being, who listens now to me. But you feel existence itself. And you have now sold the trip to Costa Rica to me. Because I have now finally found a teacher, who sees his mistakes not only in yourself. But more: you finally are capable, to correct yourself! I am so grateful to you that I here put frankly my wounds and can get healed from them maybe. And so the decision has ripened in me to sell everything in order to go with you to Costa Rica. Other old Sannyasins, friends of mine, have done the same thing years ago with Osho. These friends live with their wisdom in the end on public welfare. However you will protect yourself and your commune and will not allow dualistic-debatable against each other, to manipulate us. That is your work with us and you will save us from bad people, like you have done yesterday. Tank you Tyohar!" 

I had thrown all mockery, that I had gathered in my day, it into the devout round. Tyohar said only shortly that I should not go to Costa Rica because I would have no other decision but that I should go from joy and dedication there. As completely speechless I left the hall after Satsang, that nobody had been able to understand my malice. Tyohar passed me, touched me kindly and asked: 
" Well, when do you go now to Costa Rica "?

" I have meant  my sentences as joke!"

I told him my true feelings. 

" Yes, and I have used them for other purposes!"
he answered playing over his astonishment. 

"I have assumed that you will use my words for business-promotes,"

Satsang with Tyohar, January 1997, Poona

I returned, whereupon he loudly laughed at - or about me. In the opposite Hotel Vitalis, I joined him, still answered his questions concerning Mikaires Homepage, and I told him from the CopyRight-Dispute about Oshos pictures - and paid his orange juice.
"Are the Osho-pictures on my Homepage subject also to the CopyRight -Case then?" he wanted to know. 
" If your server stands in the USA the Rajneesh-International-Foundation will not be able to prosecute you" 
I tried to calm him. But maybe the Mikaire-Friends make an ad for you because of your tax avoidance? Because that was has also been one of their full moon-questions on Monday: 
" Have you paid taxes before your Enlightenment"?
" I have not paid taxes before nor after my Enlithenment",
Tyohar had replies in order to pull the laughers on his side. The devout Mikaire-Disciples now yelled at him that he is known now as liar and swindler:

"You speak of truth! Don't you know, that you have to pay  for your revenues here taxes in the German country ?"

e.a.s.t., 30.6.1999