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Von: Houghton Brown & Associates Ltd
 Gesendet: Freitag, 2. Juli 1999 12:46
 An: erhard thomas
 Betreff: <no subject>
 Dear Erhard Sudesh
 I thank you for your E-mails I very much appreciate 
your Web pages Very beautiful A wonderful dance 
of consciousness here in the leela
 Much appreciativeness 

Mikaire's public flyer, advertising for his Entertainment

Mikaire delivers the best show - no doubt about this! Whoever thinks, Satsang is from and for maniacs, you find this opinion confirmed with Mikaire! If in anyone of these devout disciples should arise some doubts already five, ten or fifteen years after Bhagwans death despite all your holy meditations and Poona-Pilgrimages about your spiritual maturity process, for these ones Mikaire reimburses the dead master very well!

Mikaire has handed 1998 another flyer with his Satsang Conditions. A lovingly maid had adviced you before the Satsang door, to study this flyer carefully, before you were allowed to pay for the sacred celebration. 1999, this flyer is not longer available. The entrance-fee climbed up to 100 marks for the full day. There was no price table mounted over the counter.

Since Anand Anamo, as he still named himself so, once had started with 50 marks, the lady at the counter-desk shivered with disgust, to look at my 50-Mark-Bill.

Mikaire and Nivalis, Munich Satsang-Sellers

She laments over her holy items like Mikaire-Videos, Mikaire-CDs, Mikaire-Tapes and the Mikaire Master's colored-photo: "What is that then?"
Humbly I noticed, that I have to pay 100 Marks, the half day is available for 70 Marks.

After Mikaire already has allowed to remitted the pink Satsang-Uniforms for his trustees, he gave a considerable percentage of his visitors anyway a kind of "Money-Back-Gurantee" with after his first choleric five minutes.

In this time the Master had weeded out, the not suitable customers. So maybe the higher price must help to cover his expenses.

Finally the master had proudly announced, to pay taxes on his earnings correctly. This criteria of truth already ennobles Mikaire opposite to Tyohar.

Both, Mikaire and Tyhares know the clink from the interior with what they are in good society with Bhagwan, Ramana and our good Shepherd Lord Jesus Christ.

Tyohar however sells the most beautiful holy, devotional items. He produces excellent neckles from semi precious stones, from the master himself drafted! That adorns the believer's neck for several 100 dollars.

Similarly, magic sanctify, also the Rajneesh-Poona Company sold from the marble from Bhagwans bedchamber, which decorates some docile Hallelujah-Throats in grams of scraps still today.

However what is that against the sacred bone-relics of the church in gold and crystal grasped?

However back to our beloved Cassius-Clay, the World Master of all Satsang-Classes, ring free for the Heavy-Weight Satsang-Master Muhammed Ali, aka Swami Anand Anamo, aka Master Mikaire of Ramanas, Bhagwans above all his own mercies.

If you want to have a chance as unbeliever to enjoy the Mikaire Satsang up to the end, you better lock your mouth!

"Rational arguments are hinderance on your way and don't belong in the Satsang ", have already been written in his 98-Satsang-Conditions. Who has not yet flown out from Mikaire-Satsang, go by yourself, when your time has ripened!

The bone-hard pious group-people however get orders from their Master to disturb the Satsang of "idiots like Tyohar". This rival in the Munich Satsang-Entertainment-Biz has escaped to Costa Rica only to pour more shame on poor Germans, who are already corroded from shame.

Cult-status in the Satsang enjoys Mikaire´s Ma "Blondie Darshan". She is allowed to sit to his feet and pour water in his glass. With this sacred waters the master consecrate in the sacred, in a sunny summer-saturday-satsang his trusted schoolgirls in the cooling casting.

His trusted disciples Ashu decorates beautifully, this truthful human being of aristocracy, a title without money, with his splendid thick body, this marvelous wonder of man is allowed to sit on his Masters side.

Swami Rajen, "his sovereign superiority" I already met before more 15 years in the Ashram in Aachen, this Swami Rajen after all already has an office as door-opener for the Master. But he has to do this job joyfully - otherwise Mikaire will be very angry!

Swami Nataraj (now Nivalis), who had to leave with me in a February-Satsang 1998, as Nataraj excitedly had reported the same evening on the phone, has probably never been seen again with our Master Mikaire.

Trusted Devotee Sw. Ashu

Nataraj does his own Satsang-Biz in Munich, for which he also baptized his lover as Ma Darshana. This devout seeker should have left for her "commitment" to her Satsang-God Nataraj even the boredom of her marriage - blessed with two children. This type of " commitment " guarantees the devout student the fast however, secure and constant growth with the beloved master.

Who never has found this love cannot understand at all, what here is written about. Who never has found a love like this, writes, what you read right now.

Who never has found a love like this,  reads words like these. 

Sinners, you are caught!!

Shortly before the lunch hour, the master's appeal barked into my ascending slumber of  that beneficent Satsang-Relexation:

" Sudesh!!"

Exactly not especially intelligently or quick-wittedly I resounded back:

" Yes, I'm here "! 

Somewhat more mildly the question of the master came, whether he is allowed to link his Homepage on mine, what I answered even more stupidly therefore shortly:

" Very welcome "!

Under the appreciative nod of the devout, gathered community, I fled the sacred place to the long lunch hour into my near home. 

There, I answered the master per e-mail from my heart, however appeared inappropriate for publication via voice in the temple of that devout natures.

I confess my cowardice and supply later my e-mail here:

" My beloved friend Mikaire!

I am no lawyer. But is left as free to use
Web-addresses - as far I know. What the wound concerns, that you promise to uncover your Satsang-visitors, I sense my deep wounding in your Satsang to such an extent that you are not the one, who sits relaxing to my feet and sings devotional songs.

Lovingly your Sudesh"

Saturday, July, 31th '99

Tyohar-Satsang-Munich '99