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At 06:30 AM 1/19/04, VT wrote:

>Just to let you know - I had to be taught myself ...I don't feel good about this - I feel like a censor But he wants me to be a censor - he won again...

Yes, he always "does it again."

It's your right to have a group with rules, but it's easy to make you feel bad about it. This is his genius. And each rejection -- and today he got moderated on Don James' group as well --adds to his collection, like Anguli Mal.

Gene Poole said a propos of bouncing him, "A genius uses his madness creatively, a madman uses his genius destructively."

You can use the situation to watch stuff that will normally not be accessible, but it really is okay to have rules. Osho in the body had rules in his commune, and guards were there to keep people out who had been rejected.

Love, Sarlo

Happy Osho Day!

adds to his collection, like Anguli