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Mon Jan 19, 2004  6:11 pm

Noby and Steve (SPV), I'm asking you not to post for a while, I don't want to ban anyone, but I will if this lack of respect continues. I don't want to hear how Noby thinks my club or Sarlo's or Gene's are spiritual mafia, if you don't like rules, then stick to your own rule-less club. Steve, if you don't like me or can't be nice, go elsewhere. Era, if you can't stop dissing devi and saying unkind things about her, then I want you to stop posting as well. In your case it's just a warning. For Noby and Steve, it's a timeout. If they post, I'll delete the posts, if they fight with me, I'll ban them. If they can prove that a change in attitude, then they can post. It's up to them to straighten up or not or even see a need for it.

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