Onty's last letters before his death, June 2003

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From: "ontoyono" <nico@9---..> 
Date: Mon Nov 4, 2002 10:30 pm
Subject: Re: Responsibility


Hi kavya.

For me male or female are only one of the many qualities of a human body. ALL bodys, male and female, come to birthing through female bodies. In the nine month of pregnancy all bodies are  constantly flooded with the emotions of lovehate and  fearhope of mummie.

Then birthing into the airoceanic happens. With this more  judgements of mummie are forced on the body. So the basic  roots of all judge-hypnoses are with mummies. Later daddies  and other education-terrorists join into this murdering.

Nratyo sees Munich from Berlin

If one wants to come out of this murdering, it is very important to know the roots. Then it is very important to know  that ALL judge-hypnoses, without any exeption, are killing  the body and cover awakebeeing with hypnotic sleep.

So mummies are the root-hypnotic-drug. All other drugs are  side-effects of this rootdrug.

So, kavya, the writings through me are a little difficult to  under-stand. If you can't enjoy them a little bit, you can say  3times aloud: this is not for me, and you are out of them. 

Then simply forget ontoyona. 
Dear Ontoyono,

Why are you so keen to blame your Mummy?  
Why do you ignore all the other things 
and people in your life? 
why do you misinterpret my letter?
Love, Kavya

Nratyo sees Onty