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From:  "n0by" <n0by@n0by.de> 
Date:  Mon Oct 13, 2003  2:58 pm
Subject:  Onty died

Dear members 

we have lost another group-member, Onty,
or calling himself ontoyona.

Today my phone-call tried to explore the reason
for his long, long silence. His son answered,
that Onty died in June on a sudden heart-attack.
We had lot of fun with Onty's written word-works,
sometimes reminded much on Allah-Alcoholics,
but now everything is gone and nothing left
but memories - or what else? Strange world


with love

Onty's last letters from the closed group 0bb-sannyas

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Oct 31, 2002  6:50 pm
Subject:  nObeys new list-chat board

Hi nObey.
So a new chat-board is born into the dimension of words. There are a
few questions with me.
Is there a vision with you in what direction the new chat-board
should grow?
If yes, what are the playingrules of your vision?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sun Nov 3, 2002  10:47 am
Subject:  Swimi amritos junkeehood

Hi swimi keerti
Thankyeah for the information that swimi amrito came down from osho-
junkeehood to normal allahalcohol-junkeehood.
With normal drugs it is easyer to come to know about the basic drug.
Are there more osho-swimis and mammies moving in this direction?
What about you, swimi keerti? Come on, be courageous. Go back to
normal junkeehood.

From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sun Nov 3, 2002  4:39 pm
Subject:  problems with women

Hi ka.
You write that you have problems with women. With this you are not
alone. All human bodys have great problems with women-mummies.
The natural awakeseedbeeing and danceplaying aliveness of all human-
bodys is murdered by mummies. This murdering is named motherlove.
Then they start bragging about how hard they have to workfight and
suffer until the childs body is murdered with motherlove.
One can easyly notice this, if one reads the writings of mammie
kaviar about her daughter.
The last joke OHSHO osho tells in public is about mummies. If one
understands it, it is of great help for the body.
And, ka, one small tip for you: The picture that you create with
your name is very frightening for the body.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Mon Nov 4, 2002  2:27 pm
Subject:  How to find mind, ego, spirit, love.......??

Hi ka.
With me there is every day finding much with body, nature and
universe. But up to now there was no finding of any ego, god, tao,
mind, spirit, karma, pastlives, futurelives, love....with me.
So there is a little jealesing with me. Where do you find all this
beautiful things? Can you give adresses?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Mon Nov 4, 2002  8:10 pm
Subject:  Re: How to find mind, ego, spirit, love.......??

Hi ka.
Thankyeah very very much for your answer. Whole body and all plants
in the room shouted 3times: no, no, no, this is not for us.
So again thankyeah ka for helping to dissolve this little jealising
with me completely.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Mon Nov 4, 2002  10:30 pm
Subject:  Re: Responsibility

Hi kavya.
For me male or female are only one of the many qualities of a
human body. ALL bodys, male and female, come to birthing through
female bodies.
In the nine month of pregnancy all bodies are constantly flooded
with the emotions of lovehate and fearhope of mummie.
Then birthing into the airoceanic happens. With this more judgements
of mummie are forced on the body.
So the basic roots of all judge-hypnoses are with mummies. Later
daddies and other education-terrorists join into this murdering.
If one wants to come out of this murdering, it is very important
to know the roots.
Then it is very important to know that ALL judge-hypnoses, without
any exeption, are killing the body and cover awakebeeing with
hypnotic sleep.
So mummies are the root-hypnotic-drug. All other drugs are side-
effects of this rootdrug.
So, kavya, the writings through me are a little difficult to under-
stand. If you can't enjoy them a little bit, you can say 3times
aloud: this is not for me, and you are out of them. Then simply
forget ontoyona.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Nov 5, 2002  1:07 pm
Subject:  Re: Responsibility

Hi swamiatit.
A small story for you:
Swimiatat is working in the worldtradecenter in newyork.
10004days before the 11.09.2001 OHSHO osho visits him and says:
"Swimiatat, it is very important that you learn flying. I can show
you how to fly."
Swimiatat heard it but did not listen and learn. OHSHO osho comes
every day and trys to convince swimiatat to learn flying. Swimiatat
heard every day, but did not listen and learn.
4days before 11.09.2001 OHSHO osho stopped visiting swimiatat.
Then on 11.09.2001 an airoplane crushed into the worldtradecenter
and blew swimiatat out of the window. On his way to the ground he
saw OHSHO osho flying besides him.
OHSHO osho shouts: "Swimiatat, it is very urgent that you learn
We do not know the end of this story.
Some say that swimiatat answered: "Can't you see that i am flying,
so why should i learn."
Some other say that he listened and learned flying.
What is your opinion, swamiatit?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Nov 5, 2002  1:38 pm
Subject:  Re: Responsibility

Hi nobey.
What web-space did you find? The playing-rules to create such thing
are unknown to me. So there cannot be a picture of this body.
And your hall of fame is only for the courageous. With me there is
very very little courage.
With the writings through me you can do what you like.
If you want a picture with the writing, take the picture of OHSHO
diogenes with his lamp. A few stories of OHSHO diogenes are beautiful

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Nov 5, 2002  3:06 pm
Subject:  Re: Responsibility

Hi nObey
You can do what you like.
The adress you are posting here is from a son of me. He has nothing
to do with the writings of ontoyono.
So please don`t disturbe him with your mind-gibberesh.
You can take the picture if you want.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Wed Nov 6, 2002  2:44 pm
Subject:  Re: Responsibility

Hi nObey
The picture you have found is beautiful. It shows ontoyono. So you
can take it if you want.
If you want to put writings of ontoyono on your web-site, here are
the playing-rules for this:
All writings of sannyas-news-chatboard starting with "Hi nObey" have
to be the introduction.
The dialoges have to be complete, not only one message.
And, nObey, if you want to know something about me, you can simply
ask me. With me there is nothing to hide. Don't try to bring other
persons in, who have never heard about you. So again: If you have
questions, ask me

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Wed Nov 6, 2002  3:27 pm
Subject:  Re: Responsibility

Hi kavya.
With me there is always enjoying word-communication-playing. So we
can go on playing.
We can take another example of murdering of childrens bodys:
screaming children. For me the screaming of a cild is nothing but a
deep outbreathing of the body. Body is cleaning and refreshing
itsself with screaming.
All mummies and daddies (me inclusive) try to stop the screaming.
So the natural breathing-rythme of the body is deeply disturbed.
This leads to many illnesses in many body-dimensions.
And the stopping of screaming children by parents is automatic. One
will come to know this, if one wants to change the reactions.
So, kavya, how is it with you? Do you allow children to scream
whenever and whereever they want?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Nov 7, 2002  4:13 pm
Subject:  Re: Responsibility

Hi kavya.
You may know the book of FYNN: Hey mr. god, this is anna. When reading
this book started with me, it took 10 nights to read it. It came to
a rythme of 5minutes reading and 10minutes crying. With crying no
reading was possible because of tears.
First there was wondering, from where does all this crying come?
Then slowly i witnessed that the body with me simply completed
repressed screaming of his childhood.
So this is what i witness with the body with me.
Now to daddy-times.
All outer things with the child are beautiful, daddy smoking a
cigarette and reading important newspapers and the child starts
screaming. Daddy rushes to child and tries all lullaby-tactics to
silence the child, but nothing works.
Then mummie comes, uses one of her many lullaby-tactics and the
child is silent and everyone can go back to important activities.
This is a situation i witnessed many times in my daddy-time.
And as far as there is seeing with me, it happens this way with all
mummies and daddies.
So, kavya, you can see, that the writings of ontoyono are grounded
on witnessing his body and on experiencies with children.
There was looking at your picture on nObeys web-site. Sorry, kavya,
but there was only the seeing of a child who wants to dance,play,
enjoy and learn. Such as anna.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Nov 7, 2002  4:23 pm
Subject:  Re: communes

Hi rohit.
You are right, humanity is in very urgent need of communes. But they
only can grow with individual humanbeeings who have as their
foundation the nourishing of their awakebeeing.
Do you know such a commune?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 8, 2002  9:59 am
Subject:  Re: communes

Hi rohit and nObey.
You both are lying. Anyone talking about mysteries without giving
an adress how and where to find the mysteries is a lying priest.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 8, 2002  11:32 am
Subject:  Re: communes

Hi nObey.
Sorry, but this adress is too far away for me and the bike who is
danceplaying with me. The name of the bike is giordano bruno. Bruno
is not ready for such a long

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sat Nov 9, 2002  4:52 pm
Subject:  Re: communes

Hi nObey.
Just coming back from a tour with bruno, there was finding this
writing from you. So you too are a believer and admirer of ego?
So your brain must be deeply hypnotised to believe in god. Because
if a brain is brought to the point that it believes in god, it is
ready to believe in anything. Even in ufos and ego and enlightenment.
If one witnesses a little deeper, one finds mummie behind this
hypnotises of god.
Mummie with her soothing lullaby-voice: "Oh MY only, beloved great
son. You are MY all and everything and mummie will care for you for
ever and ever. So don't worry and go on sleeping and dreaming."
And with your spiegel, nObey, i am a mirror.
So who cares about word-gibberesh in oldspapers?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sun Nov 10, 2002  2:23 pm
Subject:  Re: communes

Hi nObey.
Human brain is a vast universe. So one never knows how many mummie-
hopefear-hypnoses are caring.
And a loving woman? Can you imagine a litle bit, nObey, how difficult
it must be for ontoyono to find such a thing with such seeings with
him? And ontoyono does not believe in love. The word loving points
for him to superenjoying. So if someone says "i love you", ontoyono
is really in difficulties.
And for ontoyono everything is playing. If he plays with someone,
for example greatenjoying-sexing, he does not accept the playing-
rule that he cannot play sexing with someone else. He always talks
about the playing-rules before the playing starts.
So, nObey, you can see, that ontoyono is with great difficulties
with women. But this is never a problem.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sun Nov 10, 2002  2:31 pm
Subject:  Re:hello

It depends on what you want to find. If you want to find emotional-
sensations, meeting me is impossible.
If you want to find a simple child just danceplaying around,
meeting me is possible

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Mon Nov 11, 2002  2:17 pm
Subject:  Re: communes

Hi nObey.
Yes, you are right, an intelligent man should behave with his girl-
friend like you do with your mimamai(what a beautiful name). But with
ontoyono this intelligence cannot be found.
The cause for this may be that he sees words as black boxes and he
enjoys it very much to look inside the word-boxes. So it often
happens that he gets hooked with a word-box in the middle of a
So his difficulty is that many people don't like his looking into
the word-boxes and what funny things he finds there.
If ontoyono hears or reads the word-boxes divinesource, problems,
desires, forever, truth, lecture, exercise, devotion,....he often
runs away. He has looked into this word-boxes and what he found he
could not enjoy.
And with searching there is the difficulty with him that he only
starts searching when he knows for sure that the thing he searches
is really there. For example if the key for the house is not in
his pockets he starts searching.
And with sexing there is the difficulty with him that he enjoys
pissing-deathing, shitting-deathing, sneezing-deathing as much as he
enjoys ejaculation-deathing. So no search in the direction of women
So, nObey, you can see that there are many difficulties with ontoyono,
but NEVER a problem.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Nov 12, 2002  10:31 am
Subject:  Re: communes

Hi nObey.
There were times when ontoyono was with intelligence. This were the
times when he saw himself as a man. But awakebeeing melted this
intelligence. This is the price ontoyono had to pay for awakebeeing.
And if awakebeeing melts something, it cannot come back again.
Difficulties are living-treasures for ontoyono. For him they are
precious gifts of existance. He plays with them and they always
open new enjoying and learning possibilities and are a nourishing
challenge to awakebeeing.
For ontoyono there is word-communication-playing and word-gibberesh-
playing. One of the basic playing-rule with word-communication-playing
is, that all playing-partners know, what is in the word-boxes.
If word-players simply throw word-boxes without knowing what is in
the boxes, it is word-gibberesh-playing. No word-communication is
possible. So with word-gibberesh-playing ontoyono is enjoying the
sound of the voice.
You see, nObey, that ontoyono is with many difficulties, but NEVER
with problems.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Nov 12, 2002  4:00 pm
Subject:  Re: for Ontoyono

Hi ted hughes.
Just a small tip from ontoyono:
Nourish your awakebeeing every day.
Witness the facts with mummies and women
and don't forget them.
Never fight with mummies and women.
If they start fighting with you,
run away as fast as possible.
And with your head don't worry.
You can learn easyly from the trees,
how to grow new and fresh heads.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Wed Nov 13, 2002  11:09 am
Subject:  christovercalders meditation

Hi christovercalder.
You write: Atman appears whereever people meditate intensly.
If atman is the ocean and people are waves, does the ocean appear
only for intense meditating waves?
You write: Noone owns atman. You can use the power of atman for goods
ends or for foolish ends.
If atman is the ocean and you are the wave, can the wave use the
ocean for its ends.
Do you as a wave want to learn with your meditation how to use the
powers of the ocean?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Wed Nov 13, 2002  7:38 pm
Subject:  Re: communes

Hi nObey.
You are right, word-communication has almost become impossible. There
are huge mountins of words everywhere, but no communication.
Have you heard the story of a man, who sayed to his friend: Sugar
is sweet and my girlfriend is sweet. This caused a jealasy-drama
with two dead bodies.
Everywhere there are huge mountins of emotioning, but no feeling-
And as long as there is no word-communication and no feeling-
communion, communes cannot grow. If there are no communes, there is
no alternative for families, which are the basic units of the
mummie-empire. So the mummie-empire can go on undisturbed.
You see, nObey, that ontoyono is with many difficulties, but NEVER
with problems.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Nov 14, 2002  11:41 am
Subject:  Re: christovercalders meditation

Hi devaraja.
What about you? Are you meditating?
If yes, are there any hopes connected with your meditation?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 15, 2002  11:50 am
Subject:  Re: christovercalders meditation

Hi devaraja.
One of a basic key-word with humanity is the word meditation. As it
is with key-words, they can open and close.
For onty the word meditation points to nourishing of awakeseedbeeing
every day. Onty is awakeseedbeeing and OHSHO osho is 100% awakebeeing.
So the seed is nourished every day by the full-flowered tree of
So that the hopefear-hypnoses in his brain cannot force him into any
hurry with meditation, onty counts with planet10-years. A planet10-
year is about 248 planet3earth-years. His aim with meditation is to
become a full-flowered tree of awakebeeing within 10 planet10-years.
So, devaraja, this is with a few words, to what the word meditation
points to with onty.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 15, 2002  12:33 pm
Subject:  Re: communes

Hi nObey.
Men and women both are suffering. So the question is very important
what is the root of this suffertree? Because if one does not know
the root, no change is possible.
As far as there is seeing with ontoyono, for every humanbeeing there
are two possible directions of growing: sleep and awakebeeing.
Up to now human history is a long tragedy of growing into more and
more sleeping and dreaming. And because ontoyono cannot enjoy this
tragedy, he writes about what he sees as the root of this suffertree
and what he sees what possibilities are there to grow in the
direction of awakebeeing.
So, nObey, if you want to stop the word-playing with ontoyono, don't
answer. If you want to go on, than simply notice what is, forget and
go on playing. We will see, towards what the playing is growing.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 15, 2002  7:52 pm
Subject:  Re: communes

Hey nObey.
No, no, no, a squillion times NO!! OntoyoNO is really angry with
this mummie-lullabey-heideidei writing.
If you are in the illusion that others can piss or shit for you,
body will soon wake you up.
If you are in the illusion that others can be awake for you or that
others can wake you up, you are really in the greatest nightmare
possible for a humanbeeing. And what comes out of this you can
easyly see with sannyassins and their therapissing gurus. This
illusion is the basic root that it is very rare to meet a sannyassin,
who is not an osho-junkee.
And with your coconuts, such beautiful people don't grow on suffer-
trees. Suffertrees only workfight for new terrorists. But even the
whole world of terrorists cannot wake anyone up. They only create
new nightmares first to enjoy on tv and later to enjoy in reality.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 15, 2002  8:00 pm
Subject:  Re: hello,, not a memeber of asram but wil like to be

Hi hello.
To whome are you asking this questions? Please, give a name.
Or do you want to create a problem for ontoyono?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sat Nov 16, 2002  12:24 pm
Subject:  Re: communes

Hi nObey.
You may have heard the sentence: A beautiful dream is an introduction
for a nightmare.
For example: A man and a woman meet and live a beautiful dream. Then
comes a gap and the beautiful dream turnes into a nightmare. Then
they live the nightmare.
For ontoyono it is a very important question how the nightmare can
be avoided. And up to now he has found only one way to avoid the
nightmare: Becoming awake in the gap between beautiful dream and
Another example: With OHSHO osho a beautiful dream is born on
planet3earth. Since 1990 there is the gap. If sannyassins don't
become awake, one can easyly see what nightmare is on the way, if
one looks at christianity and islam.
And ontoyono knows that to be awake is always an individual decision.
Noone can decide for someone else and noone can be awake for
someone else.
So, nObey, maybe you understand the angry writing of ontoyono.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sun Nov 17, 2002  1:00 pm
Subject:  Re: communes

Hi nObey.
To enjoy all-day-living is the very foundation of all natural growth
for onty. He has named it seed-enjoying.
Seed-enjoying can grow into great-enjoying-sexing.
Great-enjoying-sexing can grow into super-enjoying-loving.
Super-enjoying-loving can grow into hyper-enjoying-blissing.
One example of seed-enjoying with onty:
Two weeks ago he found a cd-rom with a piano and drum-rythmes in the
background. The tones of the piano can be played with the mouse of the
So onty plays and sings all tones of the piano and dances with the
feet the background drum-rythmes.
When and how long the piano is played is always the decision of the
body with onty. So there is no plan of learning something or wanting
to show something to others. Onty simply leaves all decisions to
body and witnesses the sideeffect of enjoying.
One question to you, nObey:
Why not enjoy word-communication-playing and piano-playing both?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Nov 19, 2002  9:46 am
Subject:  Re: Friends of Osho

Hi devaraja.
There are a few questions with me:
What is the difference between a sunny-assasin and a sanyassin?
What is the difference between a swami and a swimi?
What is the difference between a ma and a mammie?
Who is a friend of OHSHO osho and who not?
And, devaraja, have you ever heard the complains of a heroin-junkee
when his drug is taken away?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Nov 19, 2002  7:40 pm
Subject:  Re: Fwd: ON ALLOWANCE-Cats and Crystals

Hi anasya.
You say that you learned a lot from the cat-woman. What did you learn
and did you translate your learnings into allday-living?
You say the cat-woman wanted to become completely harmless as the
goal of her life. Does she know what harm she does in present?
Do you have a goal for your life?
You say everyones birthright is the freedom to BE. To what does this
word BE point? Does it point to HAVE (own)?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Wed Nov 20, 2002  11:25 am
Subject:  Re: Friends of Osho

Hi devaraja.
First thankyeah for connecting star1sun with the word sanyasin. So
for onty there are now the words w-e-g-sanni and sunyasin.
The word sunyasin points to a humanbeeing whos center in allday-
living is witnessing such as star1sun is the center of all planets
and moons.
The word w-e-g-sanni points to a word-emotion-gibberesh-saniassin,
whos center in allday-dying are words and emotions. They often
believe in astrology.
And with mammies and swimis and friends....aahh, devaraja, maybe we
can enjoy in futurepresent. But perhaps there are some mas, swamis
and friends of OHSHO osho who can write to this chatboard what it
means to them.
Now to junkeehood:
Swimi keerti and his osho-junkee friends are loosing their main drug
buddhahall. So their writings sound like the emotioning-complains of
a normal heroinjunkee whos drugs are taken away.
So a tip to all osho-junkees:
Change your drug. Try normal drugs such as buddhism, christianity,
allahalcohol, heroin, lsd.... With this normal drugs you are safer.
The times, where one can use OHSHO osho as a drug are ending.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Wed Nov 20, 2002  11:53 am
Subject:  Re: Fwd: ON ALLOWANCE-Cats and Crystals

Hi anasya.
With the normal allday-dying of people, everyone has only one thing
to learn: that s-he learns nothing without nourishing awakeseedbeeing.
Because learning is such an unusual thing, ontoyono was with a lot of
interest about your lot of learning. So sorry for the question.
If someone wants to become completely harmless, ontoyono wants to
know, what harm s-he is doing now. If someone IS harmless, s-he need
not want to become harmless. Only harmful people want to become
harmless. So sorry for the question.
If someone connects the word BE with HAVE, ontoyono wants to know if
s-he means the same as when a pregnant woman says: This will be MY
child. So sorry for the question.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Wed Nov 20, 2002  7:58 pm
Subject:  Re: Destruction of Buddha Hall

Hi nObey.
This evening onty asked the moon: nObey wrote: today,fullmoon. Are
you not full every day? Moon sayed: Yes, i am full of wine every
day for those, who are awake. The sleepers make me responsible
for the ups and downs of their emotioning.
So, nObey, don't believe the astro-junkees that there is only one
day with a full moon.
Just a few words to your word-playing with jayen on sannyasnews-
The poona-ashram (it is NOT a commune) is only interested in finding
customers for their therapissers.
Everyone who comes there is told: You are only a normal sufferer.
So buy our therapissing-sessions and you will become a special
And your suffering will be holy, because we have connected it with
OHSHO osho. So you can become a special, holy osho-sufferer.
And with our meditation-therapissing you can become an expert in
torturing the body in all dimensions. We are experts because we
exercised for years with the body of OHSHO osho.
A tip to all osho-therapissers:
Find new connections with your therapissing. The times where OHSHO
osho can be connected with any therapissing are ending.
So, nObey, enjoy the everyday fullmoon.

Message 10379 of 16154
From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 22, 2002  12:04 pm
Subject:  Re: Fwd: ON ALLOWANCE-Cats and Crystals

Hi anasya.
Ontoyono is just a name with many playingpossibilities. One can say
antoyona, ohtoyoho, ahtoyoha, anty, onty, 0 (zero), 00 (toilet),
007 (jamesbond)....
English-word-playing started just 6 month ago with me. So sometimes
some words are missing.
The name i is onepointed with me. It only points to unmoving
witnessing. Everything moving is witnessed and not connected with
the name i. So for example: I witness breathing with me. The name
ontoyono is used for all the moving.
Now to harm:
All bodies, all nature, all universe is without harm. So to be
harmless is just natural.
This natural harmlessness is covered with thinking and emotioning
judgments. So only judging is harmfull. It leads to working, fighting
and terror.
There is a playing-rule in the universe: one can only grow into that,
what one is.
So, anasya, if you believe that everyone is harmful, you will
collect more and more harmfullness in your life. This can easyly
be seen with christians, who believe that everyone is a sinner.
Now to learning:
For all humanbeeings there are two directions for growing: the
direction of sleeping or the direction of awaking. Most people
choose sleeping and dreaming. What comes out of going deeper and
deeper into sleeping one can see if one looks at humanity.
So all sleepers have only ONE thing to learn: All the nightmares
they are dying with are because they do not choose to grow into
For someone who is awake there is so much to learn about body, nature
and universe.
Now to BE and HAVE:
If a child is born into the airoceanic, it simply is dancing, playing
and witnessing. This is BE.
Mummies think and emotion: I am what i have. So they are the first
to say: this is my child. I have it. I own it and i can do with it
what i want.
So the free beeing of the child is replaced by the believe: i am
what i HAVE.
So, anasya, the writings of ontoyono are a little difficult to
understand. If you cannot enjoy them a little bit, simply don't

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 22, 2002  12:26 pm
Subject:  the fundamental mistake

Hi devaraja.
If one wants something new to be born, it is very important to know,
what mistakes happend in the past. So your writing is beautiful,
because it points to the fundamental mistake with OHSHO osho.
OHSHO osho says: You ask 10000 questions and i give you one single
answer to all 10000 questions.
This shows, where the fundamental mistake is. All other mistakes are
sideeffects of the fundamental mistake.
So if one sees in OHSHO osho anything else than 100% awakebeeing,
one is repeating the fundamental mistake.

Message 10413 of 16154
From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sat Nov 23, 2002  12:21 pm
Subject:  Re: the fundamental mistake

Hi anasya.
Just for your information: The body with me was born into the air-
oceanic about 0.2 planet10years.
Adress: hypergalaxycluster1--supergalaxycluster1--greatgalaxycluster1
Now to nature:
For oty humanbodies are the oldest CHILDREN of existance. Animals,
birds, fish, plants are younger CHILDREN of existance. ALL CHILDREN
are with danceplaying-rules so that they can grow and learn.
With the younger CHILDREN oty never finds any judge-hypnoses. Thats
why they are harmless.
The oldest CHILDREN are deeply hypnotised with judge-thinkemotioning.
Thats why oty finds much harmfulness with them.
Thats why dehypnotysing is very important with humanbodies.
But if the energy released from the hypnoses is not connected with
awakeseedbeeing, it goes to other hypnoses which may be more harmful.
Dehypnotising happens with oty with OHSHO osho's letgo and whiterobe
Letgo-madhathation dehypnotises the word-thinking dimension and
nourishes awakeseedbeeing with 100% awakebeeing.
Whiterobe-madhathation dehypnotises the emotion-feeling dimension
and nourishes awakeseedbeeing with 100% awakebeeing.
If one sees in OHSHO osho anything else than 100% awakebeeing, the
judge-hypnosis can easyly go to this anything else.
So the fundamental mistake is repeated and osho-junkees and osho-
therapissers are there.
So again: All other mistakes are only sideeffects of the fundamental
mistake. If the fundamental mistake disappears, all other mistakes
disappear as a sideeffect.
Now to learning:
For oty agreeing or disagreeing is not important. Important is, that
there is enjoying. With enjoying there is learning. With learning
there is enjoying.
So, anasya, oty enjoys your writings and thats why he is learning
from them.

Message 10421 of 16154
From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sun Nov 24, 2002  2:09 pm
Subject:  Re: the fundamental mistake

Hi anasya.
Only if there are people, who clearly know what is fundamental, what
is important and what is unimportant something NEW can be born with
humanity. We can take as an example the commune in oregon.
The fundamental is OHSHO osho as 100%awakebeeing.
Around 100%awakebeeing FREE danceplaying happens. So FREE
danceWITNESSplaying happens.
The SIDEEFFECTS of free danceWITNESSplaying are enjoying, celebrating,
learning and growing.
Many people experienced this.
Then the 100%awakebeeing, the fundamental, disapeared. With this
free danceWITNESSplaying disappeared. With this the SIDEEFFECTS of
enjoying, celebrating, learning and growing disapeared.
So if people want to start a new commune, they have to nourish
their awakeseedbeeing as the fundamental. Never again will there be
a danceWITNESSplaying commune without people who nourish their
awakeseedbeeing EVERY day.
Oty is very much interested that new communes are born as a real
alternative to familys.
But if people who danceWITNESSplayed for many years with OHSHO osho
do not understand what is the fundamental mistake, no new communes
are born, and the american dream can go on and on without any
disturbance because there is no alternative.
So, anasya, maybe you can see what is as an aim in the background
of all word-playings of oty.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Mon Nov 25, 2002  6:42 pm
Subject:  Re: A new propaganda-battle?

Hi captaincurd.
Fine to have a little word-playing with you again. Do you remember
just 2 planet1years ago when you dis-covered the mad in the word
medhatation? It was such a beautiful start. But then death entered
the playing-game and you sailed away with your friend williamblake.
How is he? Is he still interested in castrated oxes or has he changed
to bulls and cows?
Your doctor, does he have a cure for you and your friend williamblake
With your esperanto- you seem to belong to the people, who think
that they don't have anything to learn. They know all and they never
have something to ask. Maybe this is the reason why you see anasya
as the only normal. She too thinks that she has nothing to learn.
Now, captaincurd, there is the hopeless hope with me, that if this
writing from antoyona is esperanto for you, your friend williamblake
will ask.

Message 10460 of 16154
From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Wed Nov 27, 2002  10:21 am
Subject:  LEARNING

Hi captaincurd.
So you too are a suffer-learner, believing in advices from doctors,
therapissers and gurus?
"Learning to love your fate"--what a great way into deeper suffering.
You seem to be a follower of OHSHO gautam buddha who says:" Life is
suffering. The best is not to be born. The secondbest is to die as
early as possible."
So for you the secondbest seems to be the best.
But there is enjoy-learning too. As a child you were an enjoy-learner.
The suffer-learners parents, teachers, priests forced you to forget
enjoy-learning. So you can re-member again.
Then there is celebration-learning.
Celebration-learning happens as a SIDEEFFECT of danceWITNESSplaying.
So it is deeply connected with madhathation.
OHSHO osho says:" Celebration is my manifesto. Let it be your
manifesto too."
So, captaincurd, you are free to choose which kind of learning you
want to grow with your living.

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Wed Nov 27, 2002  12:44 pm
Subject:  Re: Keerti was a disruptive force within the commune

Hi swimikeerti.
Thankyeah very very much for the new informations from poona.
It is growing really beautiful. It seems that a few people of the
"inner line" have understood OHSHO osho's message.
So again thankyeah.
There are a few questions for you on sannyas-news-chatboard. A nut-
cracker asks them. When can we enjoy your answers?

Message 10477 of 16154
From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Nov 28, 2002  11:07 am
Subject:  Re: LEARNING

Hi nObey.
First thankyeah for reminding onty that he has forgotten to write
about the fundamental with the writing about LEARNING.
You are right, for sleepers there is no freedom to choose. They are
ONLY suffer-learners. They come to planet3earth to function as
robocoms (robotercomputer) between the boundaries of hope and fear.
They are fast asleep and dreaming about future and past incarnatins.
Some are dreaming that they are great freedom-fighters.
Some are dreaming that they are suffering to help humanity.
Some are dreaming that they are helping humanity with advices and
So for all these fast asleep dreamers the only possibility seems
to be to go deeper into suffer-learning. So it will happen.
Again, nObey, thankyeah for reminding onty.

Message 10478 of 16154
From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Nov 28, 2002  11:25 am
Subject:  Re: LEARNING

Hi captaincurd.
You cannot imagine with what huge rage antonya is always living.
But madhatation and nature and universe help to first balance it,
then to enjoy it and then to celebrate it. So this huge rage is
never a problem with antonya.
What is this white rabbit madhatation?
Are you dis-covering something new?

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From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 29, 2002  8:45 am
Subject:  Re: Keerti was a disruptive force within the commune

Hi kavia.
Swimi keerti comes to visit you and shits in your bed. Later when
you lay in your bed you notice his shit, what do you do?
Do you send him this socalled zen-teaching?
How do you TRANSLATE this socalled zen-teaching in your allday-dying?

Message 10496 of 16154

From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 29, 2002  10:57 am
Subject:  Re: LEARNING

Hi nObey.
NObey writes what he sees in OHSHO osho.
Onty writes what he sees in OHSHO osho.
We both have to die or live with our seeings.
OHSHO osho is just a clear mirror.
So, nObey, what do you see if you look into a mirror?
If someone is fighting against a mirror, what does this show
you, nObey?

Message 10498 of 16154
From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 29, 2002  11:51 am
Subject:  Re: LEARNING

Hi paddy.
Just take a mirror and see what qualities you can find with it.
Then you can write your findings to this chatboar

Message 10501 of 16154
From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 29, 2002  1:10 pm
Subject:  Re: LEARNING

Hi nObey.
Some of your writings create a picture-dream in onty's brain.
NObey stands before a mirror. He looks into the mirror and sees....
--anyone any idee what he sees?--
Then nObey tries to destroy the mirror. He is successful, but
mysteriously--as it is possible with dreaming-- the mirror comes
back again and again.
Just one question, nObey:
What is the difference between rohit posting textes of OHSHO osho
and nObey posting a text of enimam?

Message 10504 of 16154  
From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 29, 2002  3:42 pm
Subject:  Re: LEARNING

Hi paddy.
Did you not find a mirror?

Message 10510 of 16154  
From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 29, 2002  6:31 pm
Subject:  Re: Less insults and more reasoning

Hi mikejournaux.
Ontoyono writes what he sees.
Everywhere he sees allday-dying. If someone emotions insult with
this seeing, s-he shows that s-he is part of this allday-dying.
If someone is with allday-living, s-he will laugh and en
You are the owner of this chat-board. So if you say: ontoyono, stop
writing what you see, he will stop.
Otherwise don't interfere with his writings.

Message 10517 of 16154

From:  "ontoyono" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Nov 29, 2002  9:08 pm
Subject:  Re: Less insults and more reasoning

Hi rohit.
If a sweet little kid is angry, it is angry.
For ontoyono it is important, that EVERYONE can write on a chatboard,
what s-he sees or thinks or emotions.
If this is no more possible, he simply does not play anymore in this
Words are sounds, which point to something, but words are NOT that
to what they are pointing.
For example the word asshole is not the asshole,
the word sweet is not sweet,
the word seeing is not seeing.
So ontoyono cannot explain in words what he sees. But he tries. This
is his playing.
But, rohit, you are with eyes, so you can see for yourselve and try
to explain your seeings with words.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sat Jan 25, 2003  3:36 pm
Subject:  humanness

Hi ka.
You are human because you witness or mirror what is with you.
Witnessing starts as simple noticing. If someone gives the
opportunity to notice that anger is with you and you don't
say thankyeah, you are not yet grown to humanness.
So humanbeeings have been very rare up to now. Only humanbodies
have been wasted in squillions up to now.

Message 13009 of 16154

From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sat Jan 25, 2003  8:51 pm
Subject:  Re: humanness

Hi ka.
On your homepage you write about a meeting with an alcoholic.
This was me. So next time if you meet me, please invite me to a
bottle of wine or beer.
With computers nObey is right. There is very little knowing with me.
NObey created a beautiful new Id for me with a new job, hobby...
When first trying it, a mistake with the password happened. So there
was no possibility for me to use it.
Another difficulty with computers is that the brain with me does
not accept any teaching. If someone explains something and it is a
teaching, it is forgotten.
But there is the seeing with me that when the deathing-phase of
creating has reached the deepest bottom and turns into a new
birthing-phase, nObey and ka and onty will playout a new website
of the danceWITNESSplaying-revobellion of the children.
But first the deathing-phase has to reach the deepest bottom.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sun Jan 26, 2003  10:06 am
Subject:  Re: humanness

Hi nObey.
OHSHO gautambuddha says: Life is suffering. The best is not to be
born. The secondbest is to die as early as possible.
Your friend wolfhard chose the secondbest. If he died with awareness,
the best is possible now for him. The best is that one need not come
back into the mummie-empire to learn from allday-sufferdying.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sun Jan 26, 2003  2:18 pm
Subject:  Re: destroying osho's samadhi

Hi antrax-polipriest-junkee.
You are right, osho samadhi should be free from therapissing.
It should be a place for free sexing. Everyone who enters is
declaring that he wants to fuck.
The new name should be osho-fuck-samadhi.
OHSHO osho will really enjoy when all young people from india
come to the resort for free sexing.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Mon Jan 27, 2003  9:31 am
Subject:  Re: From inner and outer war

Hi nObey.
All is growing in the direction that NOONE can escape from the
SEEING if s-he is with allday-sufferdying or with allday-

Message 13074 of 16154

From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Mon Jan 27, 2003  1:40 pm
Subject:  Re: humanness

Hi kapaddnasya.
OHSHO diogenes is always with a lamp to test people if they are
humenbeeings or just humanbodies.
The day when he wanted to leave the mummie-empire on this earth
someone asked him:
What about your lamp, did you find a humanbeeing?
He answered:
Sorry, i did not find a humanbeeing. But i am very glad that noone
stole my lamp.
Now, kapadnasya, when OHSHO diogenes comes to you with his lamp,
what will he find?
Will he find a humanbeeing or will he find humanbodies deeply
disturbed by terrorjudge-hypnoses?
Can he be glad when he leaves you that his lamp is not stolen?

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Jan 28, 2003  8:59 am
Subject:  mammie sheelanasya

Hi sheelanasya.
In rajneeshpuram terror-judge-hypnoses functioned freely and unnoticed
through mammie sheela.
If mammie anasya had been in the place of mammie sheela, the same
would have happened through her.
So, anasya, it is beautiful that you inquire about yourself with
the swiss police

  Message 13083 of 16154
From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Jan 28, 2003  11:02 am
Subject:  Re: humanness

Hi kapadnasya.
No answer to such simple questions? Do you need a new website for
your answers?
You can ask ka for a new website because he seems to be an expert-
workfighter with computers.
Hi nObey.
Just a few words to your 'back to...' dino-fuck-blahblah.
This time it is a totally NEW BIRTHING. It is comparebal with the
first apes who suddenly found themselves without any trees.
All who are clinging to ANYTHING old, will disappear with the old.

Message 13086 of 16154  

From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Jan 28, 2003  2:18 pm
Subject:  Re: humanness

Hi nObey.
With a moon full of wine there is no chance to run out of
allahalcohol. So your comparison is not rightleft.
Existance has provided the real allahalcoholics with the eternal
wine of awakebeeing.
Thats why with awakebeeing there is always the SIDEEFFECT of enjoying
and with hypnotic-sleep there is always the SIDEEFFECT of suffering.
About health: With awakebeeing as the center there is no need to
takecare about health. Awakebeeing is the ONLY real health, but it
is only for allahalcoholics.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Jan 28, 2003  5:51 pm

Subject:  Re: humanness

Hi nObey.
Beautiful words about alcohol.
Alcohol is just a sideeffect-drug of the basic-drug: MUMMIES
As long as the basic-drug has all power, nothing can change with
the sideeffect-drugs. One only can change from alcohol-junkee to
heroin-junkee, to car-junkee, to work-junkee, to fight-junkee, to
sex-junkee, to love-junkee, to politic-junkee, to religion-junkee,
to word-junkee, to family-junkee, to osho-junkee, to therapissing-
One can easily change the sideefect-drugs and can become a dealer too.
But to become free from the basic-drug MUMMIES is ONLY possible
with nourishing ones AWAKESEEDBEEING every day.
This nourishing has to be at least as important as pissing.
So, nObey, someone who is free from the basic-drug MUMMIES is free
for allday-enjoy-living. Everyone who is not free from the basic-
drug MUMMIES is only free for allday-suffer-dying. The sideeffect-
drugs are needed very much with these hypnotic-sleepers so that they
can forget their allday-suffer-dying for a little while and can
function the way the MUMMIE-empire wants them to function.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Wed Jan 29, 2003  9:04 am
Subject:  Re: mammie sheelanasya

Hi sheelanasya.
Have you found out if it is with you or not

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Wed Jan 29, 2003  9:49 am
Subject:  MAMMIE-love

Hi sheelanasya and CMD(CherryMammieDeath).
Your fighting about who is the most loved here on this chat-board
is obviously nothing but jealasness. You both want to be the best
The same happened when you were with OHSHO osho. Your love murdered
the body of OHSHO osho. It seems you have not learned anything.
Behind this word 'love' you try to hide all terror-judge-hypnoses
in your brain.
Your 'love' is simply fear in headstand. Fear in headstand apears as
hope. With this hope you are dealing and terrorising everyone who
cannot look behind your love-word-mask.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Jan 30, 2003  8:40 am
Subject:  Re: MAMMIE-love

Hi anasya.
Every mAmmie is a sheela torturing everybody with their 'love'.
All sheela-mAmmies are in great 'love' with OHSHO osho.
With their 'love' they murdered three communes which started
growing around OHSHO osho.
With their 'love' they murdered the body of a free danceWITNESS-
playing child OHSHO osho.
All mUmmies murder the bodies of all human children. But they are
not responsible because they have no chance to wake up.
All mAmmies are responsible because OHSHO osho gives them all
opportunities to wake up and they don't use them.
It is as if a mUmmie meets a humanbody dying of thirst.
A mUmmie cannot help because she for herself is thirsty and she
does not know where to find water. So she is not responsible.
A mAmmie can help because she is with water and knows where to
to find water. But she does not help. Even if someone comes with
water and wants to help mAmmies start fighting because they want
to 'protect' the humanbody dying of thirst.
So, anasya, mAmmies are with All RESPONSIBILITY for the humanbody
dying of thirst.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Jan 30, 2003  11:02 am
Subject:  Re: The way Pagoda was demolished, and Express story

Hi swimmi keerti.
Just give all the young people hugging before your meditation-
concentration-camp in dehli a place for free sexing.
They will all follow you to conquer the poona-resort back.
Then you can make the poona-resort the first free-sexing-state in
india. The buddha-hall can be the place for free masturbation.
With this you will always be known as the first indian revolutionary.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Jan 30, 2003  11:18 am
Subject:  Re: ''I gave you taste of fascism''

Hi nObey.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Jan 30, 2003  4:59 pm
Subject:  Re: The way Pagoda was demolished, and Express story

Hi swimmi keerti.
I am in the dimension of unmoving witnessing swimmikeerti, nObey,
rohit, sheela, anasya.....
Ontoyono is in the dimensions of moving danceplaying a child which
danceplays in tune with nature and universe, notices what is, FORGETS
what is and goes on playing.
Now to free sexing:
It is really a seeing with me that you can be the first real
revobellionair on this planet earth if you create space for the
indian youth for free sexing.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Jan 30, 2003  5:09 pm
Subject:  Re: The way Pagoda was demolished, and Express story

Hi anasya.
Just a little bit more baby-talk.
NObey is the ONLY hopeless hope with me that there is someone who
is really totally fed up with suffering.
So please, anasya, don't take away ontoyono's hopeless hope by
saying nObey is onty.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Jan 31, 2003  9:19 am
Subject:  Re: MAMMIE-love

Your fighting with anasya always reminds me of the chinese picture
of fighting and war: Two women under one roof.
So you can be proud that thousands of years ago chinese people
knew about you and the REAL war.
American daddy-president bush and german mummie-president verona
plasticbush are only sideeffects of the REAL war.
In the REAL war millions of young people are training their brains
for murder with computers, x-boxes, cinema-films, tv-films......
On the screens they are shooting monsters or aliens, but for their
brains these monsters and aliens are always mummie and daddy.
So, CMD, the REAL war is preparing its way.
Just a few words of OHSHO osho:
Witnessing is the fundamental.
If you have it, there is NO death.
If you don't have it, there is ONLY death and nothing else.
If witnessing does not become like a wildfire around the earth,
humanity cannot be saved from itsself.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sat Feb 1, 2003  10:13 am
Subject:  Re: buddha-masturbating-hall

Hi rohit.
OHSHO gurdijeff says:
"Male-humanbodies need sex-deathing-ejakulation such as they need
shitting-deathing and pissing-deathing and breathing-deathing.
If a male-humanbody cannot find a femal-humanbody for sex-deathing-
ejakulation, it should use buddha-hall and all other holy places
on earth as a sex-deathing-toilet.
After using buddha-hall in poona as a sex-deathing-closet, eminem
can be invited to cleanout the closet. But he has to forget this
'sorry mama' "
So rohit, if you want to see me and OHSHO diogenes and OHSHO
gurdijeff masturbating in buddha-hall, you will have to join the
masturbation-dancing. And, one never knows, maybe your master
OHSHO osho will forget all about his allergys and joins the
masturbation-dancing too.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Sun Feb 2, 2003  5:07 pm

Hi nObey.
Your writings grow more and more juicy.
This YAHOHAUM is for jodeling in the mountins of alps and mimamai.
This miki seems to be the real micky-mouse. Not the lousy-style as
the american.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Mon Feb 3, 2003  10:47 am

Hi miki.
Mice are very beautiful people.
Two years ago a mouse named fredi lived with me. Every morning
before going to sleep he came to me and complained very much about
this american micky-mouse. The mice of the whole earth are very
unhappy with american-micky-mouse.
Ontoyono told fredi always that american-micky-mouse is just an
artificial invention of the most stupid idiots on planet3-earth and
that american-micky-mouse has nothing to do with real mice.
But fredi continued to complain.
Now with you miki, there is a hopelesshope with me, that there is a
japanes new micky-mouse on the pathlesspath, who is at least as
intelligent as real mice.
Just a few words to homosexual-friends:
Sorry miki, but homosexual-friends are not possible.
Homosex-thinkers are always in search of equality and collect
with this equality much boredom. Nothing new happens to them and
they are always bored to death.
The only way out of their homosex-thinking is fighting. When there
is fighting and war they forget their boring allday-sufferdying.
So the boredom of homosex-thinkers is the foundation of all fighting
and war. Without the disappearing of homosex-thinkers fighting and
war cannot disappear.
But heterosexing-friendship with me is always possible. Just beeing
playing-partners where everyone enjoys the INDIVIDUAL seeings and
feelings and thinkings.
So miki, HEIL heterosexing-friendship!!!

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Feb 4, 2003  9:39 am

Hi miki.
Everyone who is educated is with a brain full of hopefear-hypnoses.
Hopefear-hypnoses do not disapear by anal-ysing or doing something.
The ONLY way to come out of them is witnessing or mirroring.
Witnessing starts with simply noticing.
One notices what is, FORGETS what is, and goes on playing.
This changes slowly, slowly the whole brain.
Everyones brain is hypnotised to forget noticing and never to
forget what is noticed.
With other words: Everyone is hypnotised to forget the unmoving
center(noticing) and to always remember the moving periphery.
To change this is the ONLY real challenge for everyone.
It is not easy, noone can help you, but witnessing is the ONLY
help for humanity.
So miki, you can start noticing what is, FORGETTING what is where-
ever and whenever you are.
Another important thing to know and to remember is that hope and
fear are always connected. Hope and fear is the first marriage.
And there is no divorce with this marriage.
So if one notices a hope (hopes come easyer before the mirroring
because they don't hide as much as fears) of finding enjoying with
owning much money, there is always fear connected with this hope.
It maybe fear of spiders or mice or women.
Hopefear-hypnoses can dissolve ONLY when both marriage-prisoners
are NOTICED and the connection between them is NOTICED.
So miki, nothing more is to do than simply noticing what is and

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Tue Feb 4, 2003  10:52 am

Hi nObey.
If there is something missing, i notice, FORGET, and onty goes on
If there is a desert, i notice, FORGET, and onty goes on playing.
If there is a nObey who sees in onty a guru, i notice, FORGET, and
onty goes on playing.
If there is no forgetting, i notice no forgetting, FORGET, and onty
goes on playing.
So for me word-playing on this chat-board is really easy because
there is no aim or goal connected with it.
Word-playing for me is just creating a few dust-clouds and enjoying
to see this dust-clouds dissolving back into the oceanic.
And nObey, english-word-playing with me has just started. So the
SIDEEFFECT of learning too has just started to grow.
But you need not worry nObey, soon the word-playings on this chat-
board are rounded with me and all other word-players will come back.
In the meantimes you can notice what is, FORGET what is and go on
All times there are so many playing-possibilities opening before
the tip of your nose, nObey. If you learn to notice them, you will
never miss again anything. Without noticing the playing-possibilities
in allday-living no real enjoying is possible.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Thu Feb 6, 2003  5:53 pm
Subject:  Re: group poll

Hi miki.
It seems american micky-mouse has influenced you very much.
Enjoying as a duty?????
This is the sure way to land in suffering.
Enjoying is a SIDEEFFECT,SIDEEFFECT,SIDEEFFECT of awakebeeing.
Suffering is a SIDEEFFECT,SIDEEFFECT,SIDEEFFECT of hypnoticsleep.
Everyone wants direct enjoying and lands in suffering.
Noone wants suffering but everyone lands in suffering.
So please, miki, give your beautiful body many thankyeahs for
forgetting this duty.
OHSHO osho is never connected with anything as a duty.
Only american micky-mouse wants to force on everyone her kind of
being happy as a duty.

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From:  "ontoyono <nico@9...>" <nico@9...>
Date:  Fri Feb 7, 2003  10:44 pm
Subject:  understanding--notunderstanding
Hi nObey.
Just a few more words to round this word-play-circle.
Today someone told me the story of don quichotte. So to this there
are no more questions.
Someone else told me about williamblake, a man writing about his
special art of suffering. So onty has to apologise to captaincurd.
(just a little chicken-fuck)
The letters through me are simple, nObey, because you only have to
NOTICE if understanding is with you or notunderstanding.
Notunderstanding is simply notunderstanding. No difficulty, no
problem, nothing to think about.
Understanding is always with enjoying. So if you NOTICE enjoying
with you, understanding is with you. Again no difficulty, no problem,
nothing to think about.
But if you try to find clues or keys to cover your notunderstanding
with artificial wordunderstanding, then you are with misunderstanding.
Misunderstanding is always a problem and gives you much to think
about and blocks all chances that understanding(enjoying) can grow.
So nObey, if you can enjoy the writings from onty a little bit, if
sometimes a smile or a laughing happens, it is more than enough.
With a picture? There are important reasons with me not to give a
real picture from me to the internet. So please, nObey, accept this.
The picture you have from ontoyono could be me. Just a simple,
ordinary guy. Nothing special.
The allday-living with me is just as the allday-living of the plant
between your two computers. Sometimes give her a hello.
So nObey, now is the rightleft timing for onty to rest a little bit
in his home ontoyoNOKNOWING and ontoyoNOUNDERSTANDING.
See you later, alligator.