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Sun Jan 11, 2004  3:14 am

Dear Gene (Moderator of Non-Duality-Salon),
now I know that you read the posts in this forum [Sannyas-NOW]

I had to wait to be accepted on your list [Non-Duality-Salon] but never actually posted until after returning from my annual overseas trip in Europe.  My own list (Osho Beyond Bondage) had closed down while I was away !!!!  <chuckle>

I simply asked in your forum 'Why was Noby banned from Non-duality-Salon [NDS] ?'  This was enough to send you into a rage. You couldn't handle my asking 'Why?'.

I imagined that due to your weight problems you have a need to control (psychiatrists now understand this is often the core issue around obesity/eating disorders/being overweight).   

the core issue around obesity/eating disorders/being overweight)

I can remember some members actually saying they liked my contributions and warned me that you would PULL THE PLUG on me.   I was banned without being given a RIGHT OF REPLY.

Era (aka Karta) was also banned around the same time as you banned me.

I don't believe in targeting people like YOU (Gene Poole)  ~~~  there will always be ADDICTED people like yourself who need to control.  I feel the message is to raise awareness among those people who REMAIN SILENT when they see crimes against inhumanity/harsh and tyrannical actions etc etc [what comes first the chicken or the egg ???].

Gene, in our brief chats, I observed it was your need to control others  ~~~  who 'dared' to question your perceived gestapo actions ~~~  that lead to your silencing their voices by banning them.

Overall, it's the PRINCIPLE.  I have a right to conduct myself according to my own personal integrity :  =====

I cannot REMAIN SILENT and be an accomplice to tyranny or even HYPOCRISY as I observed it within you on your list and as I observe it once again in your below post.

Noby's forum has allowed me the opportunity to have a democratic RIGHT OF REPLY to your fearful mind that needs to SILENCE dissenting voices.