Illusion of Enlightenment

Don James 12/03 (from his site)

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From: "Don James" <djames@t...> 
Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 2:01 pm
Subject: Rules of this forum

I'm not trying to be the kahuna here, the big cheese or the most anything at all, cuz that's nonsense. We are all equal beings obviously, brothers and sisters of the great surf daddy in the sky. The Big Hot Dog who wants one with everything and all that silly nonsense. I just wanted a forum that was truly intelligent and we will have to have "some" rules in order to attain that. And my rules are not unfair, they just force us to be intelligent, whether we like it of not.

1)No slandering, badmouthing, or berating someone else on the forum or anywhere. Bad mouthing gives you bad breath and we don't want to encourage that. Negativity has been proven to be destructive and so we who aim for enlightenment are negative towards negativity. !

2)We aim to realize that we are all of equal intelligence so we try and talk to the other person as if they had a brain in their head cuz then they will. If you talk down to someone, it either causes them to get hostile with you or just think you are dumb and then they will either ignore you or make fun of you. We've seen this on other forums and it can go on for years, going nowhere. Each and every one of us is just as smart as the next one, so remember that as you address someone else. They are you, just the same as you.