Judi Rhodes: There goes the neighborhood 

From: "jodyrrr" <jodyrrr@y...> 
Date: Fri Jan 9, 2004 10:58 pm
Subject: There goes the neighborhood

Methinks disgruntled 'masters' doth protest too much.

Their slash and burn techniques do nothing to enhance their image or bring anything that could be called clarity to the discussion. They are much more like hurt little boys who are too obnoxious to be invited to the party, hence their useless and pointless acts of revenge.

All they are doing is providing their targets with a little amusement as the expense of their own public image.

In other words, trying to take Gene and Sarlo down only reflects poorly on Ivan and n0by, and is clearly indicative of their own personal issues.

As a former slasher/burner myself, I know this to be the root cause of such behavior.

Gene and Sarlo are gonna come out smelling like roses while Ivan and n0by are already stinking like crap.