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Tue Aug 21, 2007 5:16 pm

Namaste -

0- ok

0- readers on this site be forwarned that the URL to N0by's latest adventure is extremely sexually graphic in nature. This is not something that is encouraged and is discouraged from being put on this site. While your liasons being published may seem exciting to you, N0by it is really not the focus of those on this site. i hope they choose higher things (this is not to say there is something wrong or bad with sex - but this is simply not the forum where this type of thing is held up to be of any great or lasting value).

0- bodily attractions no matter how exciting they may be - in time become just another habit and distraction. While you are now caught up in this new love affair - in the end this only turns the wheels of emotional drama - and being caught on the spikes of karma. Around and around and around this wheel goes. One will continue to seek this play Until it is found that it is not the end all or be all and that all things of the flesh are transient in the end. They may bring a very good distraction for a time and one may as you are doing now be very enthralled and enamoured of it for a time. But the *bliss* of it is very short lasting - versus the Natural Bliss - Peace - and steadiness, that remains in Realization which does not come and go. No matter how graphic you are in your words of your big sex thrills they are nothing compared to the Joy of Reality which is not based upon a body shuddering and spilling out a momentary shot of ahhhh and release. And then what happens ? you are exhausted and roll over and go to sleep. hahahahahaha so much for this type of pleasure and seeking with grasping.

> This new love of mine doesn't  disturb my wonderful woman Mimamai  to stay happy and relaxed together with me!

0- ok - maybe for her there is not this thrill of bodlily pleasures and she is more on the side of a comfortable companionship - let the old man have his way.

0- yes you have opened the door to other karmic things. You can play but then you will pay in some manner or other - emotionally - physically - etc. Better to seek those things which bring the unending rewards rather than those of the flesh which are only for a time. And for some a very short time. hahahahaha Vairagya arises and these types of driving passions are shifted from bodily grasping to simply Bliss within the Moment - Even the dancing of a leaf on a tree may bring more Bliss and of a longer duration than that of such a small bodily happening. The Bliss with this is all consuming and yet it is Gentle and Sweet. This may be entered at any time - and the Universe is your partner. No complication. hahahahahahahahahaha you my friend are choosing the lessor pleasures.

> ...your words sound like strange promises.

0- they are simply pointings to say it IS possible but one has to see the value and then stay the course of their journey in earnest. When the physical world is more attractive and held so tightly then there is no room for Absolute to make it's appearance known. It has been replaces with all the various objects one grasps and clings to and desires. Absolute comes in utter Simplicity when the rest has been released to be as it will. In clinging to externals one effectivly creates and sustains the separation which is the pointing when the bible says i have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. All this means is simply that while in a state of separation one has gathered the lessor things and the Full Glory is not seen or known. (Sin means simply separation - it doesn't mean doing bad and being condemned for it)

0- mind drives it - emotionality drives it - you are a robot to the conditioned actions of the constructed story called me.

one feels this and uses it as an excuse - but this chain can be broken and true freedom may be found.

0- this isn't the way - you have a moment of happiness and then gravitate to it's enjoyment. But this is not lasting as you are clinging to a transient enjoyment. In this transient enjoyment you stop searching. Then when this has passed and the turmoil comes and then it is cognised your a suffering then again a minimal search and reaching out takes place. But the moment something else gittery and bright comes along - this distraction also is held to tightly and one then convinces themselves that they are no longer suffering and so eat drink and be merry.

This is not the end of the search that is spoken of here. IN the truth end of the search then what remains is unshakable. It is Always present. The transient is no longer something that is chased after as a way to fill some hole. One rather is rejoicing in the Whole. And this is a very different cognition.

> So isn't pain and suffering the best start  to 'search'? Is life therefore something like  a 'sadistic teacher' - sometimes disguised?

0- it is only sadistic to the one that doesn't get the message and resists it's pointings and lessons. Karma is the universes little slap upside the head that says isn't it time to get this lesson yet ? Kali becomes a Loving Mother when one shifts the point of view to seeing these lessons and resulting pain are their to show us -What is Beneficial versus what is not. Now why do we continue to choose the way that drags pain back into the equation ? Simply because we choose the ME before the Honesty - Integrity - and Transparency which Understands that life is not only about what the big ME story wants for itself. That actually the Self is ONE - and my Self is no
different than your Self - so we eventually get a clue and get off of the selfish it's all about me bandwagon and begin to be custodians and giving Seva (selfless action) in interactions with others, for when we serve them in the highest manner we are also serving our own Self versus the me-ism.

> Your imaginations of 'guilt for trangressing  the sanctity of your relationship with your  woman' sounds like threatening preaching.

0 - take it as you will - it is simply saying that each action carry's it's own set of complications and reactions within it's wake. These may not readily be apparent at first glance - but they will emmerge as one goes along. You have freewill and your partner has freewill - and what you decide is up to you both.

0- depends on the relationship. Sanctity needs no other to be fullfilled and Whole. If there is a hole then ask what is missing and not being given from the heart at some level.

0- there is ordinary and then there is entering into the utter simplicity of extraordinary ordinary. One steps into a Ordinary which by it's very Simplicity is simply Flow - rather than a halting grab as grab can - and tell yourself that you are in bliss for that span of time.

0- when energy is expended in so many directions then one becomes drained. Better to focus in a direction that has Light rather than continued draining dramas of fight.

> But your artful skills to switch with your words my mind from sad mood and back to joyful openess I admire thankfully and I wish would be there!

0- this may become a well that may be drawn from anytime as it is within you - but in order to find this well it takes being willing to let go of lessor activities which keep the wheel spinning out of control.

Love & Light

 let the old man have his way.