Four nights in heaven


 four nights in heaven:

Grossweil, lake Kochelsee (Bavaria)
Navis and Oberriss (Austria)

A lovely young Lady asked for my attendance on a long week end from Wednesday to Sunday. Mima gave the permission for this my new love affair after 11 years of our solid and honest relationship. Mima has' n lost anything, because we all have gained a new experience in this wonderful world.

Sea Cow on a romantic night place in the Alpes: Navis

Mima's SeaCow is a VW-Tranporter 5,18 Meters long. The bed in the back is big and long enough for two people to sleep.

My Mimamai after 11 years of relationship slept all nights last year by my side in undisturbed peace. But with a new lovely lady my nights are different.

It's with a new lovely lady like with all my ladies in love before. She has her wish fulfilling paradise of her body. And all my desires try to get my key up, to open her treasure box.

She can talk, she can do, she can even ask, what ever she wants. My dreams imagine her all day long, when finally the night will come, and she hopefully will get ready for our dog and pony game, the joyful bare back riding.

And the night comes. God's love has come again to one of his first messengers for us longing males. She opens up her legs. She opens up her arms. She opens up her mouth, both of them.

'Push, she's so exciting,, she's so inviting to meee!' One song after another is remembered inside when I listen to her breath closed to her. It is a joyful environment: Mima's Sea Cow in the mountains.

I could do everything for her to get her there again, where she was a hour ago in my arms like a puppy of our desires.

What a game! How we both get deeper in dependence with every little push. She feels, how her willingness inflames my lust. Every soft and tender push is like a prayer between her legs to let flow our energy deeper and wilder together.

She acts like a natural woman. She becomes God's messenger of love on our adored Mother Earth for us dumb trembling males in the heat of our breath.

She's a woman to take me in, to bring my inside out, out all of me inside all of her. Her sex is her power. We recharge our batteries of lust, life and desires with new electricity.

Overwhelmed of her female arts I nearly had forgotten these games in our day to day life with Mimamai. Our caring for my Mother, my Daughter, my old Ant, her old father our robot working life is forgotten for a while. This long week end in the mountains with a woman gives sexual healing.

This lovely lady had given her signs for a try. And we tried - now in our third night together.

With her eyes as tourist the beautiful country unfolds glamour and wonder. We float down the river Loisach in the lake Kochelsee. A slight sun stroke turns my stomach around the next day. But my body recovers in a helpful sauna bath.

We prepare dinner at the shore of the lake Walchensee. A bath in the green, clear water recovers my body more and more. We pass Mittenwald, the violin building city at the German border to Austria, pass Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol in Austria, and finally sleep another exciting night in Navis.

These heights in pure nature are healing. Saturday we explore these wonders, drive into the next valley Stubaital and take a cable train to the 3000 meters glacier.

She is willing to stay another night together. In the height of 1700 meters in the valley Oberriss we continue with our love games after a simple meal in Mima's Sea Cow.

The lady sleeps. All my women in love need to sleep double or three times longer than me. The night now at 3.00 a.m. is clear. There are no street lights, no advertising lights, no other lights at all than these glittering stars.

When I leave the car to pee the cold breeze of the night embraces me: it's near to freezing, 3 degrees Celsius only.

Itís a feeling of wonder, to come back in the bed. to touch her again, feel her opening and to feel our heating joy.

Before dust in this our fourth night my body sits a bit trembling again and wants to jubilate to God's love and her little messengers, the women! She gets down and brings me on my knees in service of love.

This hot flow blows away my mind. I watch her face, when she closes her eyes, opens her mouth and starts tenderly breathing.

The rhythm pushes up this lustful joy higher and higher. It's a miracle again and again.

My body feels first her hot pulsing centre, where we are connected in tender movements. She brings all of her towards me,. her skin, her heartbeat, her breath all of her is melting together with my skin, heartbeat and breath and the border from her to me crashes completely. Suddenly we feel one, so deep one inside, that all of our sexual energy comes to point to unload like in a body's fire works.

Just before this happens, highly alarmed in my last senses of left self remembrance, something pulls me out of her to relax and to leave this summit of lust for a while.

But her body continues to move like begging mine to come back inside. So she gets, what we both want, need and desire: sexual healing.

My body had nearly forgotten this lovers language, but she teaches me to start again, where I thought to have stopped with Mimamai in the spring of last year.

Again it's all there like it has always been. It's beyond all words, all sounds, the royal feeling of being one with existence. For these orgiastic moments the separation of male and female vanishes away and two bodies become one.

'Amen, Hallelujah', my thankful prayer brings tears to my eyes about this new love lesson from God's first messengers here on Earth: a woman!

journey to heaven: Cableway over Stubai Glacier