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Wed Aug 1, 2007 4:09 pm

G one can Change but it take a willingness to do so. When there is no willingness to do so then one self justifies and says it is impossible.

G the Guru doesn't change it - the Guru is a Catalyst for Your growth and change. But make no mistake it is you and you alone that may make the effort and continuing to put into motion aides and practices that will break through eventually to the light.

There is no magic wand where this will take place over night and am sure that Premenanda can tell you that he has an internal struggle for quite sometime but with dedicated effort things finally clicked and began to change.

G No that's not life - that is mind - the mind which has not surrendered within Heart. This is the mind of resistance and seeking to build a shell of *saftety* which will find no safety by those methods. This is the mind which must remain forever entrenched in external fighting as to slow down one will begin to see themselves and may not like what they see or may encounter the feelings of pain that they are trying to run from in their activity. So many will continue to fight others rather than fighting the fight which breaks through their sufferings and self generated angst.

That is your Choice - but what a sad choice to make. Of course you have freewill to choose to fight and perpetuate the suffering mind. And one can continue to choose to convince themselves that they are powerless to change - but this is the cowards way out. It takes at first a determination to stay steady and to drop the actions that perpetuate this cycle of hamster wheel thoughts. To continue to engage in negative campaigns only keeps feeding the fires of suffering - emotionality - reactionary mind which is monkey mind that knows no peace. In order to transcend this it takes personal effort to walk away and not engage it rather than entertaining it - as mind engaged in negative drama can be quite creative and will continue to create and sustain it's ever revolving wheel, UNTIL we make a Choice and Decision to step off of it and into something more productive and less caustic. Of course no one - No Guru - No God - can do this For You, they can help you - but it is You Yourself that must take the steps needed. OK.

It IS possible for anyone to change BUT the KEY in this is that they themselves must WANT to and this Desire must be Stronger than the desire to stay on the wheel of suffering and self justification that lashes out continually in a fight that never gives one the safety or protection which they Think is taking place with their actions. In Attempting to Control there is the feeling of ever less control, and this battle is self perpetuating ever more battle. You wade in then become engulfed and consumed by it's nature and convince yourself that it is your life and some strange brain chemical and that it can't be changed. This is the lie of ego mind. Very sad hell realm to be sure.

Maha Shanti Om

Swami Premenanda

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