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Wed Jul 18, 2007 3:59 pm

G you are most welcome

G everyone suffers misery Until Realization. Because we are held by mind and the resulting emotions, and do not Know the Eternal but have eyes only for the transient situation. Without the stabalizing Absolute at Center we are rather clinging to the edge of a rapidly spinning wheel. With Realization then one is no longer clinging to the edge of the wheel hanging on for dear life but rather we are pulled to the center where the hub is and then we watch what takes place in a steady manner.

G yes the vehicle wears down - many times older people will go back in mind to their days of youth.

G can you not see your job as aiding Humanity in some manner ? Rather than asking yourself how is life treating me - Rather try how am i treating life ? What you do is aiding some in some manner - follow through the process and see how many this touches. Like the butterfly effect - it ripples through humanity.

G this is a good start. The path is about coming to an inner Stillness which then starts to break through the separations until no inner and outer remain - just Flow.

G this is also a good pointing. hahahahahahaha fighting the world is draining. - crusades create casualities. Much easier on the mind and energy to find that Stillness rather than stirring the pot of angst. Which is most beneficial to health ? Remaining in angst OR entering into 0 point balance that has Sound that rises in Silence and Action that rises in Stillness and they are no longer separate one or the other. One is aware of this stabalization point always.

G they are welcome to do so - Begin with becoming aware of the breath - then go into the balanced breath.

Of course the (closed eyes - intoning ) I AM THAT I AM and the (open eyes - saying to ones self) OM THAT I AM  Are both easy practices which may garner much benefit in ones every day world.

As one moves forward then the transient world experiences are buffered by being able to see the bigger picture. When one knows that Life is Eternal and this isn't a hope or a philosophical stance but may be experienced as Absolute Reality then of course a big shift occurs within ones Consciounsess - which translates out in the transient world experience as well.

G you are most welcome
Thank you for still being open to the internal search.
The Great Adventure to discover the Whole rather than digging more holes.

Maha Shanti OM
Love & Light

one needs guidance not theories....