trusting your word (N0by)

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Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:27 pm

Namaste and Great Day N0by-

G am glad you are breaking through the barrier and armour of mistrust. We create for ourselves such prisons just trying to insulate ourselves from the potential of being hurt. This is understood when we have gone through feeling betrayed etc. Eventually in order to grow we have to be willing to open the door and emerge out naked into the world. This is a scary process to be sure. But once we start revealing in Transparency we find to our amazement that we are not alone and this is part of the human condition. All here are traversing the human condition and pulling away the layers that keep the blinders on. hahahaahahah

Am most happy to see you are here and hanging in. Take it one step at a time.

Speaking with you on Skype you are a most genuine man -

i wish you well on your inner journey and hope that the pain which you have been fighting against gets starved to death. hahahahahahah It is much more beneficial to focus on that which can bring one out of suffering rather than sustaining and creating more.

G GREAT - Do also the Open eye one (Looking around and outside - whatever is seen one says within OM THAT I AM ) Hold attention in the Heart for this one - and when you break down enough barriers and allow all to still within then a most amazing thing will begin to emmerge. Bliss. You will be able to feel a color - or a tree movement in the breeze as a fluttering dance in the heart. The first time it is felt may be quite startling.

Also do this Om That I Am - (within silently) as you communicate with someone gazing into their eyes. See what emmerges. i think you will be surprised. And don't forget to breathe and relax into it with a Balanced Breath.

G hahahahahah you are simply starting to once again open up to the possibility of finding the Freedom which is always present.

Absolute is 100% FULL Potential - and where the mind is focused is what remains in creation and emotional sustainment.

G you are of course Most Welcome Am so happy to see you are awakening to something that is starting to be of seen benefit.

Very nice to see you enjoying life.

Maha Shanti OM

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