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Tue, 14 Nov 2006 07:23:10 -0800

from Ganga's site

Namaste Ganga, Blessings Sat*Chit*Anand Shanti-Shanti-Shanti OM
Love- Light - Great Peace & IS

* your words come with humor, I'm longing for,
to relax seldom in smiles - hard enough, when
the boring job starts in the foggy, rainy November.
G ah am familiar with that setting as lived in Seattle for
3 years. We had lots of dark rainy days - at least externally.

* Daylight is getting shorter and shorter, the
only place, to warm up my body to the point
of an ''artifical fever'' is the Sauna Bath - near home.
G maybe try getting one of the full spectrum lights -
i had one in Seattle for people to come and use.
Here in Mexico we have basically no heating and
the winter days can get nippy - so am wearing a t shirt
under a heavier material long top and wrapped up in
a shawl. Usually it warms up mid afternoon though
which is nice - it has been a very long rainy season this
year and i am the usual blue plate special for all the
mosquitoes here known as No see Ums - because they are
rather than black, transparent. So everytime giving Satsang
the body winds up with more lumps and bumps. hahahahahah
The place here is small so Satsang is given on the front porch
in No See UM ville. hahahahahaha

* My beloved woman Mimamai will leave at Friday
six weeks for her Christmas Market in Bamberg,
250 Kilometres away from home, I help her at week ends.
G so you will be having a trek to make on weekends. yes
i guess christmas is coming up - i never remember holidays
any more. but can faintly dredge up seeing the old emotional
attachments to such things. hahahahahaha as far as attachments
go in the roller coaster hustle and bustle of mental realms - i
guess christmas could be a high point for those engaging it - or
a low point for those who have no one to celebrate it with. May your
Christmas be Stellar.

* Yes, Heart to Heart connection aren't all longing for,
even these mind gamblers from ''mud wrestling word works'',
who entertain most writers for years like goat's header haha?
G hahahahahaha yes i suppose they are - although they go about
it in somewhat of a round about fashion. hahahahaha
Most look for it externally - but have found that first it must
be found within - once one comes to dissolving in Absolute
and then there is NO Doubt that there is simply One Singular Essence
the Same within all mankind. No matter what their station or existence is playing out. So with that all mental strivings with hierarchies as truly being higher or lower ends. This only plays out in the transient  realm but inherently All is Equal. So then what takes place is the barriers  fall away and as one stills then the Heart is engaged and simply the  vibration of the Universe may be felt as Bliss, when mind isn't throwing wrenches in the works by seeking separation. (as least this has been the  experience  here).

i try to give practices to seekers that may aide in opening up this  direct  experience reality to others. Of course i can't wave a magic wand - am not a  magician am simply a guru - attempting to share what has worked here to take me out of the darkness of mental conflict and into the Light beyond lights  of Inner Stillness and subtle Peace - which allows the universe to be  accessed within the Heart. (sorry not preaching just trying to explain what  life is  like here - this remains as giving back to the universe as able in some  small  manner)

* For sure my simple woman's heart guide I trust and follow
since 10 years - nevertheless these goat's header entertain
my boring days since several years, I call ''wide pissing 
G hahahahahaha maybe the wide pissing is better seen in the snow. yes it is understood that some see this as entertaining - and  minds can get latched onto this type of energy - although i feel in the  long run it can be depleting energy in one sense rather than increasing  it.

Again each to their own though. May all wide pissing competitors find each other and piss to their minds content - and when that  fails
to please and is seen as a dead end way, may another door be  opened so that the eternal Grace which is present may arise. At any rate each have a different road and enjoy differing scenery along the way.

* Pls. don't feel hurt from this vulgar comparison, like
little boys games: ''Who can down the other best?''
Doesn't winner of these male games attract little girls?
G perhaps some girls - but i can assure you not all girls. hahahahaha reminds me of going up to pine tree area - a small town not far from here - there was a troupe there playing african music on drums. 
One guy in particular would work the crowd and strut his stuff like  some peacock or a banty rooster - hahahahaha He would come attempting  to sell small items - a CD or bracelet etc. It can be humorous  simply sitting back and watch the passing show of humanity engaging in  their foibles of various roles etc. For a time we each get wrapped up  in  some type of catagory. i passed through many - at one time even drove  trucks and played the role of the vulgarity and slung it with the best of  them  - hahahahahaah so don't think anything you say is really shocking  here. 

It isn't really but have found that simply there is no need for it.  Although if  you enjoy it then this is why you have a site where it may be engaged in  fully. i  suppose at first glance others judge that being a guru is another role  that  mental gymnastics are taking place within after all for most this is the  framework they process through. Although here there is no more time for such  games - it has changed.

* In my age of 58 years I feel so stubborn, that I can't
buy anymore the ''concept of Guru'' and ''devotees'',
who press their nose in the dust in front of Master's feet.
G there is being a guru that aides others along the way to break through identifications. And then there are gurus(?) that  collect hangers on (devotees) (?) which are waiting for the magic wand or are taking the place of mommy or daddy or any number of other categories. i don't want (devotees), i want the mystics - the  ones that aren't looking for some grand savior figure to do it for  them.

i want the ones ready to look within - ready to challenge and  move beyond the conditioned mind. i don't want the ones looking for  bhajans to sing and ongoing music and fun being peddled as the way to the heavenly realms at death. Or as another way to cover over  suffering - i want rather the ones willing to march into hell if need be to  find  out it no longer has a hold. i am not a guru willing to give a show  up on stage for an hour at a time spouting platitudes of sweet sticky  substance which doesn't free anyone - it only entertains momentarily. Here  what is offered are methodologies which can Aide one along the way of  their own internal journey to Uncover what IS when all the layers are  peeled away. i am not offering a way to put on more layers of let's run  away  and search for another game of avoidance. i want those willing to  process through their *stuff* so that they can really be an aide to  others  eventually.
No PLEASE no Devotees - arghhh can't abide skirt hangers. Have  had some that wanted to take Sannyas as a way to avoid life. Well that  isn't going to happen - not here. When i see that mindset then they get  a  kick in the assbite and a reality check that the path isn't about  running  away and seeking the easy way out. There is a way that is Hard and one  that  is harder. hahahahahahahah no easy way through it.

* Aren't these followers and so called seekers of Dead Guru's
like i.e. "promise for enlightenment'' or fanatics
i.e. from Hitler with ''Higher Race'' advertisings disgusting?
G don't know about the *Higher Race* nonsense there is no such thing. There is One Essence which is Life. Well dead Guru's are easy to follow - no confrontation there. Words can be twisted into any light and acted upon - and of course mind and ego will convince one that they have the Right skew on it. hahahahahahahah - no one ever get's the Reality - the Reality swallows what me was there - chewed - swallowed - and spit out. hahahahahaha What is left ? Nothing but the Essence - The Reality of what God is and Is Not is quite different from the Grand Imaginings of mankind. Liberation also i quite different from what was imagined - one is liberated into the world not from it. hahahahahahahaha (at least that is the experience from here)

* Aren't even these mental masturbativ meditativ exercises
by i.e. YouTube Guru Videos or written in ''Holy Books''
like from Jesus-, Mohammed-, Bhagwan only second rated?
G i suppose that for some it could bring as you say mental masturbation exercises but then again so does reveling in any type of rut. Even that of butting goat heads, is this not mental maturbation ? As long as one is locked into something that just keeps circling without end and does not take one to the end of suffering - to liberation within - then it may be as stated above a useless cycle. Each must come to the Direct Experience that "Holy Books" attempt to point in the direction of. No Holy Book is the end in itself - clinging to it is not going to save one. No matter what is contained in any book of revelation etc. is given out of anothers direct  experience.

So if believed then let it be a point of spurring you forward into seeking for yourself by going within - if you don't believe it  rather than just railing against it - i say go within the journey to  prove it wrong, In any case only Direct Experience beyond the mental realm and transient realms will once and for all lay bare the  Reality from the supposition and perception of conditioned mind. Only then does the stronghold of conditioning have the chains broken. Only then does clarity break through the dark renderings.

* Why run feverish fanatics almost berserk, when they
are a bit provocated by my long loving laughing labels like
''religious retarded fundamental fashOSHO friends''?
G maybe they don't share the some humour as you.
They live in a differing mental universe - as do
all processing from standings of rights / wrongs /
the various takes on transient engagements.
Like the blind men and the elephant each grabs
a different part and believes it to be the whole -
there is not yet seeing that there is something
much more. On a humorous note lord help the
one who is at the tail - hahahahahahahahah
maybe his view is the world only brings hot
steaming excrement. hahahahahahahah
And for some this is the view of the world to date.
One can though with knowledge walk away from
that end and indeed the whole of that animal.
Rather than clinging to the singular part and shouting
attempting to convince the rest that he has the only
real and valid one.

* Are these word wrestling web works a monstrosity
of my male mediocre mind only or is felt some
heart blood for healing with my provocations?
G perhaps it could stem from many things. Sometimes
along the way we engender stances for a time and
who can say what may grow from it - ? Perhaps
in time something again shifts and rather than
hot blooded pumping provocations may come something
else - perhaps it serves some purpose for a time -
who can say.? i can understand getting caught up in
a cause - hahahahahahaha there are many types of
causes and hamster wheels. Eventually though one
gets the message HEY for all this running where have
i gotten except tired. hahahahahahahah then we leave
the wheel behind - hmmmmmmm i got off where i got on.
OK - so off to the next adventure.

* You, Ganga, answered with your last letter
in a way, touching my heart, making me smile:
Thanks! http://www.n0by.de/2/a2z/Ganga4.htm
G ah laughter is always good - there is no ego in laughter.
simply Laughter - smiling is good. Unless you happen
to be the mouse just swallowed up by the Chesire Cat.

* Doesn't your letter simply demonstrate, that your word
- like the influence of my woman at home i.e. too - can
switch so easy even my murderous mood to warm heart feelings?
G would say that warm hearted feelings translate out better to
health yours and others - hahahahahaha


what's your simple spoof,
to make blockheads smile?

G hmmmmmm a round head is so much more attractive - the opposite sex doesn't prefer the square.

see attachments - take your pick neither is attractive much better to simply be natural and smile sans mouse.

Love & Light

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