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Namaste Ganga in special Blessings Sat*Chit*Anand Shanti-Shanti-Shanti OM
Love- Light - Great Peace & IS

--- and some other readers too in general
- like my long years friend Swami Prem Sakal!
Namaste N0by - Great Morning -

For my understanding ''freedom means freedom'',
something like a tool: a warrior will fight with
and for freedom, maybe prostitutes, popes
and politicians prefer 'freedom' to please and flatter.
G there is even the *freedom* to continue to suffer.
Flattery and pleasing as cajoling and fluff are
not tools at all - they only feed the ego energy.
True Freedom means Free without a need to
be a warrior. When being a *warrior* then there
is other being fought against. A constraint in place.
No matter how free one feels that is caught up in
the energies of being right.

When ''Free Speech'' hasn't the right for ''caustic slams'',
what kind of ''Free Speech'' is left under the expectation for
''respect'' or for ''further explorations'' like ''Uplifting  Cleaning''?
Afraid of 'resorting to vulgarity'? Better avoid people like Eminen.
G Not resulting to Vulgarity has nothing to do with being *afraid*
to do so. It simply is not needed. A point may be made quite
well as it is - the flourishes and waving of Vulgarity as some
type of well honed bar room demeanor is simply not needed.

Vulgarity takes very little to cultivate - it is a weed that
grows when one has lost the art of communication heart to heart.
Vulgarity remains in head to head.

There is no avoidance - there is simply no rolling in it - no
gathering or collecting of it.

 When any avoidance of ''unwanted people and energies'' opens
a door like to ''Blessings Sat*Chit*Anand Shanti-Shanti-Shanti
OM Love- Light - Great Peace & IS 0'' - aren't these ''Shakti''
messengers with promises for the future New Age pesting Priests?
G Not really - pesting *priests* ? priests of what ?
a profuse regurgitating dialog and diatribe of mind?
Using the banner of free speech may be a way to simply
not come from the Heart. One may be quite clear
and direct such as you state *pesting* and not result
to vulgarity and gutter tactics - one may be slicing and dicing to
the bone on the matter - carving away at ignorance without needing
to result to vulgarities.

My years old e-mail friend Swami Prem Sakal still fantasises about
''You are just a victim of your own imagination.''
 ''You are just a victim of your own imagination."
  ''You are just a victim of your own imagination."
G one may be a victim of their imagination this is true.
most often than not one may blow up an event to
monumental proportions within their mind. Like
one person that came - she had for 3 years gone in
ever expanding circles absolutely convincing herself
that she was going to go to the dentist - would have to
have major surgery and would die in the midst of it. This
fear Ran her life day in and day out. After coming and
being confronted with this - she bit the bullet and went to
the doctor. What was the result ? All that was needed was
nothing more than a teeth cleaning. If she has confronted
the fear at first dawning rather than entertaining it and feeding
it with unproductive energies there would not have been
3 years of unneeded suffering.

But since years this poor boy isn't even able to realise,
or to feel or to understand, that he's continously under
rough attack without respect of an awful troublemaker -
but still the poor boy is happy to get my attention, LOL!

G well this is between the two of you. sounds like perhaps
a co-dependent union. Many thrive off of these types of
back and forth downings. Who can down the other best ?
Who can draw first blood and who can continue to keep
the ball in play. It is another game of mind - where is the
heart in this ? Can one be Still in seeing and answer
from the heart without resulting to name calling and
vulgarities ? Absolutely ! Does one wish to ? that
is another matter entirely - one may hide behind vulgarity
it can be a screen just as being the perenial do gooder
and idea that humility is about catering to egos by
flattery and gooey speech. When speaking of having
respect it is simply the aspect of standing toe to toe and
speaking honestly and forthrightly without being degrading
or needing to debase into wallowing in the mud. Unless
both happen to enjoy a good mud bath. hahahahahaha

Oh, yes, who ever is willing and able
may join this or any other kind of prayer like:

''Love & Light
May we continue to pare away the layers until simply
the One Indivisible Truth of IS remains. IS this or
that is simply the One Light which has  gone
through the Prism of Shakti to create the varied aspects of  Universe.''

Oh, yes, who ever is willing and able will
continue to quarrel - like Bhagwan told
and lived and has finished His voyage:

''In this age controversy is a must!''
G Controversy comes no matter what type of speech is used.
Controversy comes when no longer catering to the religious status  quo
of dogmatic rules and bindings. A good guide is one that breaks the
bondage of dogmatic rules and the externalized show.

no matter, if my floppy fingers find
any messages going around the web
- or life provides quarrels of an
never seen quality and strength!
G Quarrel or dialog without angst - it is a matter
of perception - intention - and whether it is
ego to ego or heart to heart. (maybe an
over simplification but pointing in some
type of directional understanding)

Here simply Heart to Heart is preferred. Butting heads
gets nothing except a huge headache, unless
you happen to be a goat. hahahahahaa They
seem to prefer to butt heads quite regularly.
Each to their own. Enjoy and be happy.


Hallelujah, Shalom, Inch'Allah, etc.....

Now on This we agree whole heartedly.
may i join you in this ?
Hallelujah, Shalom, Inch'Allah, etc.....