1. Winter Camping

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Last week end before Christmas. The cold period with 8 degree below zero Celsius changed into warmer weather: near to zero. Winter Camping is crazy.

There was still a rest cup in the electric-water-pump, turned into ice? Ice destroys everything, the tubes, the tanks, hopefully the pump is not gone.

Luggage for one winter week end


Everything is costly in winter: Water has to be carried in bottles. In the tanks under the car water would freeze. Battery-power for light and the van of the gas oven needs to be handled with care, otherwise the costly energy is lost.

Four week stood the camping car, nobydick in front of my window at home, three week ends I shared the market pleasures with my woman Mimamai in Bamberg, now the mountain calls me to come. The mountains not only call, they shout: come! Come! Yet again come...

motor homes in Garmisch: 5 Euro/night 


Crazy people meet in Garmisch Partenkirchen, more than a dozen in their camping cars. On the parking place you have to pay 5 Euro, to stay a night next to the public bath, the ice hall and the train station to the Zugspitze, highest mountain in Germany: 2940 Meters.

Even after two, three hours drive still everything is cold in the car. You open a cupboard: the room breathes ice air out. I prepare hot red wine with water, the alcoholic brew warms up the body. The night can come.



cruel cold creek

creek, mountain and sky


The front windows are isolated with a thick polyester mattress, strange prize for these articles: 80 Euros more than 100 U.S.-Dollars. You buy an exciting life ready for adventure.

Garmisch Partenkirchen is not far from Munich: 80 Kilometres. Some tourist fly over the ocean to Munich, rent a fast cars, and drive the highway with high speed south to the Alps. Germany is the last country in the world, where you are allowed to drive as fast you can. Looks like part of German culture comparable maybe to bullfights in Spain?

walk in the snow


An awful night! Awake at 2.00 a.m. - no sleep possible. Rain is turning to snow at 4.00 a.m. Snow storm around. Few steps away from the park of motor homes -   peaceful sleeping - white light rails show like fingers in the dark, grey sky. After a few steps the jacket is soaked with wet snow.

The streets turn into slippery danger. The battery to feed the van of the heater falls down towards short supply. The bed is cold. My longing for my woman grows, who has warned me to drive. The weather forecast has warned of storms with snow. Five restless hours the tense mind hunts the body around at night. Nowhere to run, no escape from myself. It's not funny.

rack railway on Zugspitze


The place of these peaceful resting motor homes is not easy to leave. The windows are blinded by snow, whistlings inside the ears molest mind more, the heart needs a rest and get'n any. 

The van of the heater runs all night, still the temperature is below 17 degree Celsius. Thick woollen jacket and two trousers warm up in an armour of clothes. n0by's nightmares are mine tonight.

The news from the papers are a boring repetition of an ongoing war outside. There is no real need, to multiply sorrows inside with the ones outside. Books, all these books, papers over papers, cinemas, theatres, sport events in the cathedrals of the third millennium, shopping centres with sliming smiles of sold sadness, how to escape in this cold snow flowing around?

Winter Creek


Christmas trees decorate the streets behind prison fences, double December salary for the lucky ones with a good paid job speed up the sales engines.

Could this be paradise? Or is this a highly organised preparation for the next war? The Christmas trees behind prison fences are sentenced to death. Sentenced to death are most animals. Fast food chain into the consumers stomach, sentenced to death are humans too, the question: what's done before?


Sleep, some short sips of sleep again.

Tea Break - all alone


7.00 a.m.: world in white. Thick snow flakes flow around. The engine starts. Cautious change place, hundred meters away from better sleeping captains in their rolling homes. Hundred meters away the five cylinders calm my nerves down with this beautiful noise, music to move, music to heat, music to charge batteries, music to turn on the lights in the car: rattatatata rattatatata rattatata 

ski transport under my bed


At home: this documents once again my nervous anxious mixed up mouse mind - lost without woman alone in mother nature!

With all my love for Christmas and Happy New - special for our  ''courageous crew'' able and willing to participate in a group without censorship!


home again!