Pilgrimage: Holy Hill Andechs
or: who needs three eyes?

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Dear readers,

this letter is not for Ramarshi, 

'cos those words would make as

much sense, as to talk to my PC:

''run quicker, quicker!''

or to the engine of my car:

''give more horse powers.''

Procession in Bavarian Village ''Grafrath''


These machines are set up by

Intel or Volkswagen - so

their capacity is bordered

according to their engineers.

What has programmed Ramarshi

is up to find for yourself.

''Ammersee'' - Bavarian lake near Munich


So my letter is on the first for Sats, who needs to give access to my readers this word works - and Sats can't take much controversy.

Otherwise it takes two, three letters to bring people into Catharsis here, what's a MUST in these times - but who wants this by my letters?



So to write letters here reminds

me a bit on my times, when I sold

insurance policies with a smile -

so I have to sell here myself

with almost an acceptable politeness

- first for Sats - and then you read:

 Castle in ''Herrsching'' at lake ''Ammersee''


''My concern is not about wonder world

from third-eyes, aura-reading, samadhi,

samsara, born-again and other wonderful

new ages theories - my concern is simple

to write from my emotional system -

the way I feel and am, I call: sharing.

Mimamai changes trousers


Ramarshi lectures are a wonderful

demonstration of disciple hood in devotion

- same are Sakal's - mixed with best

theories from the last 3.000 years

of Buddha's from all over the world,

poets to the Master of all Master: Osho!

devotional, but dumb


Wonderful demonstration I say it again,

'cos both are absolute protector of truth,

the highest trust, delivered from our

beloved Master of all Masters to their

most devotional disciples like these

beautiful examples: Sakal and Ramarshi.

Monastary ''Andechs''


Sorry, that my simple mind can't compete with those people, Suviro admires as ''giants'' - sorry, that I can't write, what I feel for these ''giants'' - otherwise controversy could grow into catharsis, what is a MUST - but not here and never by these letters - and for my feelings this letter already is closed to the border, where my word works will not make it - for Ramarshi they never do!

prospering presentation


Therefore there still is a group, necessary in the pain to write free, the n0by group, called with my nick like my domain with my guarantee for untouched sharing - and in this group Ramarshi has been the same failure like many of this ''big shoots'' in this ''esoterical scene'' - and my just hopefully happy divorced friends Laleela-Sweeti will know as well like Ramarshi and suviro, about which people I'm calling: JeffeJi, Gene Poole etc.

female consolation


It's true, ordinary people like me, Laleela, Sweeti we feel pain in us, feel pain about us, and we need to share this pain - as open as possible - and to finish this sermon: a third eye I have never missed! Don't even know, about what this guy talks, but this sounds highly impressive: Third eye - even more impressive for a guy like me, who needs glasses.


Andechs Church inside


and please: don't try to


explain this ''third eye''


- are two not enough?

Andechs Church


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Ramarshi <lippert@p...> wrote:

touch the feet of the Awakened One (Bavarian Version)


Your third eye is as closed as n0bys.


tune into evening: Lake Ammersee