Nuernberg - Bamberg

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n0by's group is a failure - but less than others. The difference: n0by e-group holds on to honesty. Unfair, but open. No shut down, no cut. 

The autumn comes. It gets colder each day. Alpes villages wait for snow down to 1000 Meters. My rolling home nobydick will get winter wheels next week.

In Nuernberg Central City starts a demonstration 
against the social destruction. 


I leave all groups, where list owners censor my work words. From all these groups people have come and maybe still come. Most stay silent, most leave again. Seldom someone is ready to remain and to raise a voice.

In our n0by gathering the judgements are severe. The more people leave, our precious playground grows in quality. Quantity leaves, quality stays.

Nuernberg Castle


With caution our fantasies create a caring oasis for the courageous ones. Will some of us heal wounds from cold claws of ego crashing heart attacks? Will some of us melt more in the flow? With those visions I celebrate my week ends.

Demonstration in Nuernberg


Growing happens slowly. Very, very slowly. Mind motivated plastic pearls are the first ones burned in the felt fire. Nothing is left from those plastic pearls but awful aerosols and ashes.

The pretenders of knowledge find first the way to the emergency exit. These leaving ones leave a gap behind. The remaining ones first feel cold breeze like through a hole in the wall.

Morning toilet behind the statue
of Emperor Ludwig, the II


The willing ones left fill the gap with purer love and heart heat, cleaned from the dirt of the poor plastic minded escapists.

These week ends purify love energy from daily working waters into Sunday sparkling champagne of flowering fantasies. A writer welcomes daily exercise, but the deep diving into magical mysteries takes time, tenderly in touch with love. 

cleaned from the dirt 


Adventurous hours and life experiences condense in short sentences - written in few minutes. Is it love, what you read in Holy Scriptures? Is this experience, what your learn from big books? Or do you experience love, hate and emotions more in life meetings, phone calls and your daily doing?

In Nuernberg I give my old laptop PC to the friend of my daughter. This nice man is father too. We both fathers spend the Saturday with our lovely daughters. Our children’s stories fill books: how these kids educate us old ones!

View over Bamberg


In Nuernberg Central City starts a demonstration against the social destruction. 7.000 people join, will report the news in the evening, when we leave our four hours Sauna sessions.

At night I meet my woman Mimamai in Bamberg. She comes all the way through Germany from Belgium. She has filled up her car with articles for the Christmas market. Her work in Bamberg starts in two weeks. Most parcels she has already carried in her little garage. 

We share one bed this night in the car. Her warmth helps me, to sleep much longer than usual. Her female vibrations give peace, tranquility and sleep.

Bamberg Altenburg


In her little business she meets continuously people. I listen to these facts, she shares from her business partners. Facts from life sound different than fantasies from e-mail partners about ''spiritual achievements, goals and experiences''. 

The Sunday meal with Mima's father, her sister and two kids, her brother - all this is real life without any thought or sentence about ''spiritual achievements, goals and experiences''. How relaxing, to share from time to time energy with so called ''normal people'' - the salt of the earth.

Evaporate tears and laughter like steam in spiritual e-groups? Do people imagine in these clouds their mirages of consciousness? Transformed? In tune with the Master?

Bamberg is a beautiful town.


Bamberg is a beautiful town. Bishops have build up their power there for centuries. 30 Kilometres away is the hottest and most salty Thermal Bath of Bavaria: Staffelstein. We relax there for hours.

The voyage home to Munich is around 250 Kilometres. I take Mima’s ten years old VW-Transporter. She sleeps warm in nobydick with the first coming snow.

Mima’s old father gives his electrical Yamaha piano away. This instrument I bring again to my daughter in Nuernberg, her half sister plays violin. There this piano will be used again.

That reminds me on my own piano at home: maybe my fingers should dance on the big keyboard again – like they enjoyed for years? When you turn on the speakers, you will listen to one of my last composition on an electrical keyboard with several voices. This music - a Midi file - I have created 10  years ago.

Sunday meal with Mima's father, her brother