4. Norway - the paradise days

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Monday, 20. September 1.32 a.m.

Those sleepless night expressions hang around my reality in the new travel day adventure. All events raw like pearls on the necklace of time. 

High on intuition all senses tense burn in awareness, to find a way through our strange new Norwegian world around. 

It's hard in the evening, to document all day events, when few sips of alcohol mess up the mind, to move straight in goal oriented warriors clearness.

Frederikstad in the morning rain after breakfast offers his post office, to bring a bunch of cards on the way to our friends at home.

The tourist attraction in Frederikstad is the castle 'Gamlebyon'. There we walk lost last tourists through fountains of rains. The storm knocks the umbrella out in one second. We have to walk against rain and wind and carry the ruins of the umbrella.

Warriors canons from battles of the last centuries against Swedish - a high bridge over the Fjord for the traffic today. two last, lost tourist in the rain: Mima and me.

Next: We drive to Moss, a little town on the Oslo-Fjord. We don't have energy for Oslo, the Mega City with half millions people. Travel tense nerves want to rest on the country side. 

The weather is incredible: rain, rain, rain! The rain is so strong, that we put on our waterproof trousers and jackets. 

We take a ferryboat from Moss to Horten for 128 Norwegian crowns, around 15,5 Euros. A half hour on the boat.

Through waves, wind, stormy weather stomps the huge boat. Fountains of waters fly high above the 19 meters long trucks in the front, up to the next, higher floor, to the restaurant. I stay behind a door, watch this exciting scene, and in my balls I feel the dance of the huge ferryboat. A dance over the ocean of life or a battle against the element wind and water? Nobydick is the smallest car of all the trucks on board.

The ship arrives safe at harbour Horten. Mimamai drives, I study the map and the travel guide. From Horten we take the road south to Tonsberg. That is the oldest town in Norway, roots back to the year 900 after Christ. We admire the houses, follow little streets cross and around. So in the end we hardly find back to the car. Short shelter gives the warm and dry shopping centre in all floods of rain.

Few Kilometres from Tonsberg we arrive in Sandefjord (www.visitsandefjord.com ). There we expect a bath. We are lucky to find in the noble hotel Rica (www.rica.no) bath and sauna.

My Mimamai is a wonderful woman. We don't use the toilet in our little Volkswagen Transporter Camping Van. So each time, she has to pee in the wild, changes her bloody tampons somewhere and somehow, drives the car, prepares food and is most times happy inside.

We live together in this tiny car room - around two meters to walk from the back seat to the kitchen oven above the fridge. I sit at the table, study maps and all the tourist information papers, we get for free on many places from people with smiling faces.

Mimamai tunes in her female intuited way so deeply inside me, that she knows my thoughts, before I am clear about them. The miracle: I start to tune inside her in similar wish fulfilling feelings. It's a miracle. All Norwegian world around is absolute strange: the language, the signs on the road, the voice in the radio, we understand nothing.

From heavens hammers rain in such a way, we have in Germany rare in summertime tempest for half an hour maximum. Here this kind of tempest pours buckets of water over us and nobody cares.

People drive on bikes with yellow hats, where the floods run over the back of the jacket, red gloves and green boots from rubber - and people enjoy their life, when I enjoy mine. And Mimamai's too!

Mimamai carries her key to heavens, heavens to feel save inside. Her heaven shelters mine.

In the pool of the noble Hotel Rica two Norwegian young blond beauties move their bodies in harmony through the water. I watch their life energy, their joy, their sexual attraction, their rounds, and my mind wanders to Mimamai, who has all of this designed for her life and mine.

After the last sauna session, she seduces me to jump into the floods again, to tease and chase her joyful in play. I nip her back and feel her flesh. She is so intimate to me, I recognize blind her parts, my fingers grab. As matter of facts: I don't grab any other women.

We are in tune. And she moves the costly car safely in the best, rich area of Sandefjord above the harbour. There we park and stay save and silent the night.

In the ritual, I exercise daily, I lay back the bikes on the carry bike, open the back door, and turn around the wheel from the gas bottle, still our first since Munich.

She closes the jalousies inside in the dark, that we put on the lights in the car 'living room' in the street surrounded by noble, rich houses with cultivated gardens. Next to a thick hedge beside the side door of the VW Transporter Camping Carthago - luxurious style we use the sidewalk as our toilet.

Once again we will pee in the night on the sidewalk in front of our Norwegian neighbour. We feel our bodies, heart, hands, legs moving together - only one handicap we both seem to suffer in this strangeness around: a half brain for all our four arms, legs and arduous activities. What to do?

a high bridge over the Fjord for the traffic today. 


We admire the houses, 
follow little streets cross and around. 



My Mimamai is a wonderful woman.


And she moves the costly car safely


only one handicap ... a half brain 
for all our four arms, legs and arduous activities. 


VW Transporter Camping Carthago - 
luxurious style we use the sidewalk 


Tuesday, 21 September 5.00 a.m. in Sandefjord

Rain again and cold, first time below ten degrees Celsius. I heat up the oven, drive few hundred meters to the parking place near the harbour. Breakfast time. Slowly Mimamai leaves her warm upper bed, when she smells the fresh boiled coffee. Nobydick, the rolling home, feels like a lottery win here in Sandefjord, the town of whale hunting for decades. The best message today: blue sky and sun!

Wednesday, 22. September

Yesterday quarrels with Mima, much worse than rain two days before! It was such a sunny day! My thoughts hang still around the impressive ''Whaling Museum'', the only one in the world: www.hvalfangstmuseet.no

Courageous men risk their life, to slaughter whales in ice, wind and water for decades. The arctic wild life exposition of the Museum was founded in the year 1917.

Maybe I did not care for Mima, the way she expected. She was so angry to cook dinner on a crowded parking place nearby a street.

We drive four Kilometres out of Sandefjord. We stay and rest for the night in front of a closed Camping Place. A desolate Fjord shares peace. A bike tour along the coast gives wonderful views over the little hills. Sailboats in the evening sun move silent over the green, grey water. Peace again.

The water is fresh, but we both take a bath, Mima's short ''cat washing''. In the morning birds quarrel around the car. They pick Mima's hidden Tampon behind a car wheel and squeeze the juice out of it - not the best appetizing view for my breakfast!

The mind sends some disgusting feelings to the stomach, this organ back again to mind. Nevertheless the quarrelling birds look funny. 

It's our best sunny day in Norway. Temperature climbs up to 20 degrees Celsius. After less than 100 Kilometres we stop in Kragero. The beauty of this place is overwhelming. The bath is cold, but the sun heats the body up on the warm stones.

From a little hill we count more than 20 little islands. On most of these islands - even the littlest ones - stand one hut or more like a garage for the boat.

Four Kilometres from Kragero is the Camping Area in Lovisenberg. The place is nearly empty. Several motorboats lay in the harbour. The camping trailers wait for winter. All stay fix all year without number plate. 

A desolate Fjord shares peace.



Peace again




Thursday, 23. September

The night is cold: 6 degrees Celsius. Hungry for a new day we start with the first light, 6. a.m. After breakfast we climb on the little hill behind the camping place: Lovisenbergkollen. A marvellous view over the fjords, woods, sea with lots of islands. Far away at the horizon we watch in the telescope a huge ocean liner. 

The hill has 180 Meters, is written on top on a wooden box. Inside this box two plastic bags with something soft inside. Curious I inspect the content. A little book with two pencils, so you can write your comments about your excursion.

Again a day with 20 degrees Celsius, again a bath on this little bath place, where we watch the boat traffic. 

The travel guide praises this region enthusiastic: Kragero, called Norwegian St. Tropez. I remember St. Tropez with more Ferrari cars than bicycles. This region here is not filled with greedy money grabbing thieves, it feels calm, relaxed, cosy.

The view over the sea, wherever we park the car, wonders over wonders. We look in Trevestrand for a place to sleep. Nobydick the motor home, is nearly higher than the little houses to both side of the street. Down at the seaside similar environment: a public meeting place, a harbour with little motor yacht, some shops, a pub and in Trevestrand a hotel. 

The ones, who come in summer time with sailboats, find showers and toilets at this place. And when you leave such a lovely location on the serpent small street uphill, you are surrounded by needle trees.

This night we park in front of the Camping Place near Arendal, 70 Kilometres north from Kristiansand. There we have to book the boat home to Denmark on Monday. All highway connections bring us home from there to Munich. Norway, beautiful country, I want to visit again.

again a bath on this little bath place


where we watch the boat traffic.


Friday, 24. September

The raising sun paints the soft hills at the shore in red rose light. Two light houses mark the way into the harbour,

From the town Arendal to the Camping place at the seaside an immense bridge crosses the fjord. The camping place is closed. Water, soft hills, needle trees, rocks, crashed to huge stones, crashed to little stones, at the end milled to sand. Last three days in Norway. Seagulls shout. From far murmurs the deep diesel engine of a fisher boat. Mimamai brushes her hair. This sound mixes with the step of her shoes over the gravel. Flying swans cut the air with their whipping wings. The rest is silence.

Dinner time we have at another place at the sea: Fevik. Bath and picnic in the nature attracts seven swans to beg for some crumbs. My body is exhausted form the cold water and falls asleep afterwards on the warm rock.

A short visit to Grimstad and the stop for the night in Lillesand. At the evening we walk on a hill nearby to watch the sunset from above. The way back we loose the path. About three hours we stomp through the Norwegian jungle. A head light on Mima's forehead helps somehow, not to fall down the rocks or to get lost in the swamp.

Somehow, somewhere we cross a very small path and with all caution we follow the path back - back home. Home to the car. Good night!

Moon shines over the water direct in the front. Moon over the sea - 10 meters before us - and all without any charge, because the camping season is from 15. April to 15. September. But the places still are open, without fence. Even water flows out the water taps.

The hill has 180 Meters, 


is written on top on a wooden box


Saturday, 25. September

On the highway, 60 Kilometres before Oslo. Again the travel plan cancelled: coming from Lillesand to Kristiansand we ask the price for he ferryboat to Denmark: 220 Euro. The friendly lady from Kragero Information gave us a copy with a price 56 Euros less.

Clouds come up, Mimamai is afraid to go by boat. So we decide for an other adventure: we take back the road Number 18 to Oslo: 320 Kilometres.

So our visit to Kristiansand is short. The fish market, the harbour, the parks with fountains will be remembered with joy.

The road overland is entertaining. Before Oslo we look over the fjord to the right side.. The traffic is thicker, but still all drivers move calm. Speed is limited on 70 Kilometres per hour, 80 on the biggest roads and few kilometres before Oslo is a short exceptional high racing way: 100 kilometres per hour!

We arrive late in Oslo, have only on hour on the parking place near the town house. From the castle a splendid view over the harbour, the city, the tower for ski jump in the northern hills.

A beautiful sunset over these hills, when we leave Oslo in direction home again: 1632 Kilometres to Munich.

Mimamai is afraid to go by boat.


A beautiful sunset over these hills,