3. Ramarshi's ''ch00sen few''

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Monday, 20. September 1.32 a.m.

Midnight has passed. Norwegian wind moves the high roof of Nobydick, our sheltering rolling home. The temperature outside: 12 Degree, inside 18 degree Celsius.

My rolling laboratory for exploration of the outer and the inner world has the spotlight on the screen of my tiny palmtop, PsiON 3 c. On this machine I write since 10 years now.

There are not many, who write with 10 fingers on this mini keyboard, one key around 5 square millimetres. I do, and I love to write hundreds of pages, endless babble, precious thoughts to order the havoc in- and outside.

This night their is a need again to arrange my thoughts with the help of my ranting, concerning Ramarshi's ' collective constellation connection', Ramarshi's 'New - Age - Transformation - into - the - NEW - MAN'. That are Ramarshi's 'Ch00sen Few' without so called ''warlord consciousness''.

Ramarshi's lectures I remind somehow like this:

''The curse of this addictive disease 'warlord consciousness' came from our very first ancestors, who destroyed Atlantis with some special comparable to Nuclear Weapons.

Some survivors escaped somehow to Egypt and build up as Pharaohs a society in slavery. From this slavery escaped again one rebellious crackpot called 'Moses'. This man travelled from Egypt down the river Nil to some lake Genezareth somewhere, to preach there to simple fishermen and farmers, to be 'HIS Ch00sen Few'. HIS Few are Ch00sen, to dominate the world, under the guidance of the next Pr0phet, who will be born soon. This Pr0phet called 'Jesus Christ', promised again 'HIS Ch00sen Few', to be the 'salt of the earth'. The condition is simple like this: 'HIS Ch00sen Few' should have 'no other God beside HIM', his 'Holy Father'. The crackpot Jesus advertised his prophecies and mysterious miracles from the powers beyond, an heritage of the 'born son of God Father, Holy Spirit and Virgin Mother Mary'.

But the competitive Masterminds in power, who ruled above these poor farmers and fishermen from the Lake Gezemaneth somewhere, were not amused, that their poor people, servants and slaves started to 'transform'' in the 'New-Man-Consciousness' without 'Old-Warlord-Consciousness. The Masterminds of competitive cunning priests and politicians depend on the power over the violence of their 'killing machines', fully indoctrinated with 'Old-Warlord-Consciousness - like the Masterminds themselves, the most criminal desktop killers, and programmers of 'human killing machines': warriors, soldiers, thieves and other criminals under the order of Generals, brothers of the ruling Masterminds.

Those Masterminds of this lake in the Middle East somewhere invented for their 'Ch00sen Few', to be the very first race above all other, and documented this 'eternal tr*th' in so called 'Holy Scriptures - hidden in so called 'Holy Shrines'. From those 'Holy Scriptures' on each 'Holy Sabbath' the priests promised the programmed 'human-killing-machines' a 'place-in-paradise', when the awful killing of the 'un-clean ones' would be finished - once and forever.

Those 'un-clean ones' was not willing for long, to be used up in cruel entertaining like fights again hungry lions with their naked bodies and hands.

So they knelt down in dark caves and started to pray for the 'Power-of-God', the Almighty, to bless them to win all over the world. 

'God' has mercy, blesses some Masterminds of those poor slaughtered fishermen and farmers as New Priests. 

Those 'freedom-fighters' soon was successful and the 'New-Transformed-Superstars' of the 'New-Killing-Age' short after Christ Superstar sacrificed his poor crucified martyr to the entertainment of sadists, who enjoy that show and participate the 'Passion' with terrific torture.

Several centuries later from that Holy Lake somewhere the Masterminds had build up towns, countries. Everywhere from East to West, from South to North those Holy Transformed New Men first started with bloody violence to convert the non-believers into their 'Ch00sen Few', who had to pay taxes and give birth for maiden to their pleasure and strong, tall human-killing-machines to fight for their power.

Somewhere in the East another very Holy Prophet was tremendously successful with a new idea of the next 'New-Men-Transformated-Ch00sen-Few', who killed the non-believers with a sword engraved a very Holy Mantra, the ultimate condensed wisdom of all Holy Sura: 'I'm the truth'.

With this 'sword-of-truth' the now real 'Ch00sen Ones' transformed themselves into powerful human-killing-machines, who killed the non-believers, but only male, because the females could inherit the 'Spirit-of-God' from the real Ch00sen Few by giving birth of New Men, transformed to the next generation of 'human-killing-machines', when only the last shouts in death would sound like 'Allah Akbar'. Then - after death - the paradise would be filled with wine, virgins or sweet boys - for the homosexual warriors - pleasures with a poor reputation, because disturbing to create powerful 'human-killing-machines' by the pressure programming of their ruling most criminal Masterminds.

Those Masterminds for generations trained themselves in warrior entertainments, killing each other with a more and more destructive technology.

Dschingis Khan, Alexander the Vain, Napoleon, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin and Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot ... the list of those mass murderers Masterminds is endless.

In all those times of slaughterers New Age Prophets started with New branches of Transformed Higher Quality Religions, when obvious the old Mastermind were rotten to an unbearable state. 

An example: Martin Luther reformed the rotten church, so the cunning priests was not allowed anymore to prostitute young boys for their pleasure. Luther's new priests had to find a wife and fight real life with all these sorrows of crying, hungry children, of wives with P.M.S. and a nagging Mother in law.

Thirty years long (1614 - 1648) a famous European war entertained the 'human-killing-machines', one generation nothing but killing, slaughterers and murder!

After such a cycle of mass murdering and deep destruction a period of peace blesses the flowering people with new insights, art, beauty, architecture, medicines and the next generation of technology.

Each flowering cycle changes in a destructive period. The last century was very successful in mass murdering and deep destruction - good quality 'made in Germany' - by robot programmed workaholics.

So the last wars, 'made-in-Germany' had the quality of world wars, the first ones. The German killing technology was at the end not the best with so called wonder weapons like submarines or rockets V1 and V2.

Real 'wonder weapons' came from the U.S. laboratories. The most criminal Masterminds were happy to test their Nuclear Atomic Bombs twice.

Those New Technologies are spread around the globe in several decades. Nowadays more countries and soon the first anarchic individuals will be capable to build and use those ultimate mass destructive weapons somewhere and somehow.

In those times of troubles it's so called 'common sense', to trust the best Prophets available, and to belong to the real 'Ch00sen Few', maybe the last ones for long.

Ramarshi is not the Prophet Himself, more like a clerk of the Prophet, from where his wisdom roots.

The Prophet Himself, called Bhagwan' enjoyed at he peak of his career luxurious cars, dancing maiden in white robes around and sweet 'Shanti, Shanti, Shanti' singers with candle lights, incense and flowers, proud peacocks and tamed deer like in paradise days gone.

This Prophet 'Bhagwan' left with a lie on his graveyard: 'never born,, never died' and Ramarshi knows the hidden 'tr*th' behind this lie and gives 'His Ch00sen Few' the key to Transform to the next New Age - without warlord consciousness.

That will be the people, now the SUPER SALT of the Earth, the no-mind just-in-time Super Loving Mindless Messiahs, transforming the rest, retarded restless reckless warriors into the 'Real-White-Robe-Brotherhood-Meditation' - all around the world in great gatherings to transcend from 'warriors mind' to more no-mind, the paradise bliss inside in an instant moment of one hour Ramarshi's Transcendental Collective Constellation: though will be saved!''

2.44 - thus shared the Holy Spirit with you blessed readers on the Pilgrimage to the Norwegian Woods with the night winds from no-no-no mind of 



'I'm the truth'.


Those Masterminds for generations trained 
themselves in warrior entertainments.



This Prophet 'Bhagwan' left with a lie on his graveyard: 
'never born,, never died'


Martin Luther reformed the rotten church


The last century was very successful in mass murdering


Each flowering cycle changes in a destructive period.


Real 'wonder weapons' came 
from the U.S. laboratories.



belong to the real 'Ch00sen Few'


This Prophet 'Bhagwan' left with a lie on his graveyard: 
'never born,, never died' 


transforming the rest, 
retarded restless reckless warriors 


thus shared the Holy Spirit 
with you blessed readers