2. From Sweden to Norway

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Thursday, 16. September

Now we sit since two hours in an huge ferryboat of Scandlines. Nine floors harbour trains, trucks, motor homes, cars, passengers, shops, restaurants, toilets, engines, transformer, slot machines, conference rooms. The sun shines on the white rocks of the island Ruegen. The wind from west blows with 5 to 9 meters per second, announces the Captain with a dark voice in Swedish and English.

The sea voyage from 8.00 till 12.00 a.m. is wonderful. On the sundeck my tense nerves relax in a short sleep. The deep sound of the Diesel engine murmurs through my dreams: ''Trelleborg - Sassnitz - Sassnitz - Trelleborg''.

Now we visit our first town in Sweden: Mimamai cooks pasta in Trelleborg, pasta with Soya sausages and salad. We change money: 1 Euro for 9 Swedish Crowns. 

A Wicking warrior castle is made from thick oak trees. A wooden house on this historical place gives an impression of Swedish life 1000 years ago.

Strong wind blows from the coast. We take the highway north again, pass Malmoe and rest for the night before Helsingbor. The Danish castle resides at the other side of the sea. Ferryboats cross the strait  between both countries continuously.

Our night place is just by the sea. One courageous man takes a bath in the evening. But he is the only one.

in an huge ferryboat of Scandlines


The sun shines on the white rocks of the island Ruegen.


Friday, 17. September

With the first day light at 6.00 a.m. I'm on my feet again and prepare Coffee, Yogurt with  muesli, raisins and banana. With only few moments of gas-oven and coffee heat my body gets ready. I run over to the beach and take my morning bath naked. The cold water baits in my skin. Only with the towel around my hips I run back in the warm car. Nobydick, the motor home, is like the womb of a mother: warm, comfortable and cosy.

We get on the road again and arrive ten minutes later in Helsingborg Centre with the most costly parking fees: 15 crowns an hour. We enjoy the harbour, the garden of the castle, the atmosphere. We leave Helsingborg before the shops open at 10.00 a.m. 

We pass Aengelhom and Angelsbaeck at the sea, where in my old map I have written the date: 19 July 1989. There I enjoyed three holidays with my 11 years old daughter. And even in July I remember the water of the sea as cold, cold, cold. What to say now in the middle of September?

Behind the bay of the town Bastad we leave the highway number 6 around 100 Kilometres before Goeteborg and are in a few minutes on the beach with the long Swedish name: ''Skummesloevsstrand''. We can drive directly on the sand shore, prepare dinner and the sun heats up the car. Again I try the water, because the shower at the beach still works. But both waters from sea and shower are cold. A long walk over the beach gives us beautiful impressions. Thousands over thousands mussels ornament the sand. The steps crunch these empty shells like snow crystals.

In Falkenberg Nobydick swallows 69 Liters Diesel. The thirst of the engine is modest: 8,5 Litre per 100 Kilometre. But the highway drive is relaxing: max speed allowed 110 Kilometres per hour.

In the early afternoon we arrive in Varnberg. The camping place, 4 Kilometres south from the City Centre, is picturesque: over a huge sand bay the wind whips the waves. One ultra hard surf artist jumps high over the white waves.

In the city beside the little harbour the old fortress is astonishing. That's now Sweden with a grey sky, water fountains at the dam, a strong wind, an tiny island with three little houses opposite to the entrance of the harbour. This side of Sweden you feel in your fantasy, when you are freezing in cold, rainy wind!

There is a warm and a cold bath house in Varnberg. The warm bath house is our parking place for the night. Rain has come, rain over the roof in the 8.00 p.m. darkness. Slowly the evening swings into the night. The public library gave access for free Internet connection, free but 15 Minutes only. The temperature outside is not yet so low: 15 degree Celsius. Inside the car the isolation holds the warmth all over the night. We need to open one window a little bit, to get fresh air.

We leave Helsingborg before the shops open at 10.00 a.m. 


The cold water baits in my skin.

We can drive directly on the sand shore


Saturday, 18. September

Goeteborg - first time we choose a Camping place, name Kaerralund, next to downtown. By bike we are in one hour in the city. The place is open all year long, and booking in advance is recommended: www.liseberg.de

My e-group n0by@yahoo.com has lost much energy, when two friends left: Swami Veet Tom and Ma Devapriya, calling herself since a couple of weeks ''Khaleela''. The word ''friend'' is hard to write, when people look mostly for nothing else but to fulfil their expectations. To fulfil the expectations of the people is politics. Politics are opposite to honesty: so either you stay honest to yourself and write your truth: the result is obvious! 

People feel unfriendly treated, so they turn from friends to enemies. At the end you stay with your honesty all alone, no way to connect your island to the world of flatteries, false promises, crushed emotions, feelings lost with anonymous admirers or enemies in mental activities. Are E-groups for blind eyed people?

Rain starts in the afternoon, when I try an abbreviation to the Camping Place. The result: 20 Kilometres longer on the bike through the nature, wild park with lakes.. Only a few people are around, the hardest ones are jogging in the woods.




Sunday, 19. September

The rain is gone! Again the sun comes and lifts my mood up. We sleep long in the last morning rain in the shelter of the Camping Place without the romance of wilderness pea in the night on public places. Long is 8.00 a.m., best time to use the first daylight is 6.00 a.m.

We fill up the fresh water tank half full. 40 litres water are enough for two weeks, I guess. After this we leave in direction to Oslo. The first stop at a little lake, next stop ''Tanumshede'' ( www.tanumturist.se ) There is a World Cultural Monument: ''Vitlycke Museum'' ( www.vitlycke.bohusmus.se )

In the rocks are paintings engraved from the bronze-time, 1800 till 500 before Christ. Three houses in the style of those old ancestors create feelings of this simple life.

After a few kilometres we reach the sea again in ''Grebbestad''. I take my bath in the brown waters of the cold sea. We visit this village with fisher ships, simple sail boats and little houses. Most tourist restaurants are closed. In a around 50 meters high stone hill we look in the wide land full of islands. Beautiful! Marvellous! Exciting! This place brings nearly tears of thankfulness! What a joy it is, to be guest on our beloved Mother Earth!

Mimamai drives the last 30, 40 Kilometres to the Norwegian border and to the first town there: Fredrikstad. The camping place is closed, so we park before the public pool.

World Cultural Monument: ''Vitlycke Museum''


Beautiful! Marvellous! Exciting!