1. From Munich on the ferryboat to Sweden

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Saturday, 11. September

First day of voyage: Munich - Nuernberg - Naila.

My little daughter has finished the first four days of her studies examination. Four more days and her written word works are done. I love her. Her boyfriend, her mother, Mimamai and I care as much we can for my daughter.

The highway from Nuernberg in direction Berlin cross the beautiful country. Green woods beside the highway, little villages, many trucks with Polish number plates. Several cars from Poland carry demolished cars over the border. In Poland people repair these wracks. The sunny Saturday afternoon ends with an impressive sunset. 

In Naila, a little village 200 Kilometers before Leipzig we stop. We park Nobydick beside a school in the middle of the town. A quite place to sleep. Mimamai sleeps in the upper bed. I enjoy to write this story with some sips of alcohol. Peace in the country, peace in my mind. The night is warm. 9.00 p.m. 300 Kilometers first day drive after Mimamai's job. Enough for today.

Her boyfriend, her mother, Mimamai 
and I care as much we can for my daughter.


Sunday, 12. September

Again the bed is made. Darkness comes soon: 8.00 p.m. Autumn turns the leaves into wonderful colors. The car runs the highway north. Near Berlin we rest, the town is called Potsdam: World famous Prussian Kings Friederich, conferences in WW2 - all these more than less bloody memories from history.

Five kilometres south Potsdam we find a little village, name ''Caputh''. We rest and swim in the brown water of a lake, where the river Havel flows through from Berlin. Bottles and glass rest in the sand - quality of water and beach could be better. But what to expect only 30 Kilometres from the Million Mega City Berlin?

15 year after the fall of the Berlin wall 15 Billions Euros changed the life style of the people. Cars and houses are renewed. The highways are under construction, to bring the traffic from an to Berlin on six lines instead of four.

We enjoy a Sunday tour on bike from Caputh to Potsdam. There we visit the castle of Friederich, a castle for summer time with a huge park: Sanssouci. 



After Sunday sightseeing with tourists from all over the world, we take again the road to North in direction to Rostock. This harbour Town roots from Hanse business 500 hundred years ago. Not far away at the sea is Warnemuende, famous for rockets construction in WW2. Werner von Braun - one of these engineers, continued his career after the war in the U.S.

Most time Mimamai drives. I study the map on my lap. My fantasy wanders in space and time. Exciting entertainment!

120 Kilometres before Rostock we stay again at a lake. The name of the little village is ''Plau''. This part of Germany is called ''Mecklenburg Vorpommern''. I have been never there before. Until the fall of the Berlin Wall these new countries of former East Germany have been farer away then India, Sri Lanka or Malaysia for me.

again at a lake. The name of the little village is ''Plau''. 


Monday, 13. September

Plau, little village at Mecklenburg Vorpommern lakes: the water in the lake is cold, but still we swim. The village has - like all and everything - a mysterious glamour of little, lovely people. They work - like everyone everywhere - hard for the money. Our old ancestors have created a wonderful world, a heritage beside all this bloody warlord massacre of the last century. All these lost last centuries have soaked the Earth of Europe with blood in those wars.

An example: The hard working people in Plau have build the post office in the year 1887. Maybe first this building was used for different purpose. 

In Plau is this little river, where ships can pass from one lake to another. These ship can pass only, when the bridge is lifted up around two meters. This mechanism is renewed like most of the houses are renovated. All this work is done the last 15 years after the fall of the Berlin wall.

All this work is done the last 15 years after the fall of the Berlin wall.

The hard working people in Plau have build 
the post office in the year 1887


These ship can pass only, when the bridge is lifted up 



Next stop around 80 Kilometres north is Rostock. The history of this town go back to the year 1100. In the year 1419 people of Rostock had enough richness, to found the first University in the area of the ''Eastern Sea''. The advertising material of the Tourist Information Centre seldom talks about facts from the cruel history.

One exception is in Rostock: a prison, to remember the dictatorship and repression of the Eastern German Secret Service: ''Stasi'' means ''Staatsicherheitsdienst'' - something like State-Security-Service. They have a web-site: www.bstu.de

Prison cells without windows - daylight enters only through stones made of glass. The seize of a cell: 7,5 square meters. The tradition of military and secret service pressure from Hitler's Germany continued somehow in Eastern Germany several decades longer. 1989 this pressure regime was bankrupt. People left their country prison via Hungary and Austria. Hundreds, thousands young people crossed these borders towards the praised Western Germany. Freedom! Euros the people paid the last 15 years, to build up again one united Great Germany: Eastern and Western part. 

We enjoy the new attractions now. We stand at the seaside in Warnemuende, where Nazi Germans build rockets like ''V1''. These mysterious 'wonder weapons' should finish the war with one immense explosion. Nazi Generals dreamed of Hiroshima, wonder weapons for mass destruction. Others were smarter and ahead to build and use those weapons. 


We stand at the seaside


Tuesday 14th. September

19.21 p.m. the sun sinks behind a cloud in the cold grey-green sea. The evening in the car prepares a silent night. We stand in the wilderness behind the dam of the Eastern Sea. The little renewed housed in Warnemuende looked so cute, nice and pretty on this sunny day. The boats flow in their prudent way on the water street into Rostock harbour. 

We don't move around much today. The ferry boat brings us in 5 minutes to the east side of Warnemuende. Next little village is Markgrafheide - this long expression carries three words - something like a ''country duke in the heath''.

Some sips of red wine in the quick falling night turn quicker around the carousel of thoughts. Fast moving mind asks for food, to balance the belly. So the body calms down again. The carousel goes round from tense to relaxed mood.

There is a Chinese curse: ''May you live an interesting life!'' Continuous terrific tension closed to death is the life of a warrior. And the relaxed life without tension is the life of a Master? A Master beyond mind, who connects direct to reality from all of his centres? Mind, belly, heart, motion and emotion? 


19.21 p.m. the sun sinks behind a cloud in the cold grey-green sea.

We don't move around much today.


Wednesday, 15. September

The morning behind the dam brings fresh, strong wind. Sharp sand needles whip over an empty beach. Wild waves with white waters invite to jump inside and to fight with the floods. Sun dries the body. Arms. legs, muscles in motion to warm the blood up. Each cell is filled up with life energy.

Finally we have finished bath and breakfast and drive few kilometres to Rostock harbour. The ferry boat shall bring us over to the Danish town Gedsar in two hours only. But the boat is cancelled: a hurricane before Denmark!

So we change the way and drive 70 Kilometres to Stralsund. This town is not yet fully renovated the last 15 years after the fall of the Berlin wall. Still rotten houses are for sale. Some historical monuments are still under construction like the church inside. We leave Stralsund for the famous island Ruegen. This island we cross from western to the eastern side, 50 kilometres. There is the harbour Sassnitz. For 105 Euro the ferry brings our motor home, Nobydick, Mama and me in 3,5 hours over to Sweden. The town is called Trelleborg. The ship leaves at 8.00 a.m.

The evening we enjoy a sauna bath in the Hotel Ruegen in the middle of the town Sassnitz. We use the parking place in front of the Hotel and sleep there after the Sauna bath without dinner till 6.00 a.m.

From our car window we look over the sea. A lighthouse sends signals. The deep sound of a heavy boat diesel engine shares the silence with the last night cries of the seagulls.

The sweat from the sauna towel still smells a bit in the car, but fresh sea wind from the window changes the air quickly. Mima reads in the bed above in her book. All hours together we share our life time as woman and man.

The afternoon tea we cook in a wild wonderful place, where horses are to rent for a ride. A little lake ornaments this place. Looking at the sky the majestic size of an eagle pair lifts my mood higher and higher with each circle, the big birds move around us. This our earth the Lotus Paradise.

So we change the way and drive 70 Kilometres to Stralsund.



The afternoon tea we cook in a wild wonderful place, 
where horses are to rent for a ride