Innsbruck: Hafelekar

5.30 a.m., time to wake up! The sun shines. The mountains claim: ''Come, climb up!''

My beloved readers know these lovely Bavarian places from the last little stories: Lake ''Eichsee'', next to ''Kochelsee'', 300 metres higher ''Walchensee''. ''See'' in German is not like ''sea'' in English, ''see'' means lake.

There my naked, cold body - fresh from bath - dries in the sun right now. A sunny day under blue sky starts. My woman Mimamai asks on the cell phone: ''Time to wake up, little Walrus!'' She has to work early in the morning, to save life in the public pool. 

5.30 a.m., time to wake up!

9.00 a.m. I find a parking place in Innsbruck, one of these rare places, where the car is allowed to stay longer than three hours only.

I cross the river Inn on a little bridge. A nice path in the shadows of trees brings me up to the Alps Zoo. From there the forest path leads in the upper part of Innsbruck. The place is called ''Hunger Castle''.

More than 1000 Meters up - most times in the heat of the sun - the cable car stops. The ''See Foss'' restaurant helps to rebuild my body: melted in the sun, mind, body, heart, muscles, lunges exhausted. The efforts press lot of sweat out of the cells, one litre water in my bag and several sips at fresh fountains are not enough. The restaurant in 1905 metres heights sells this sweet, special Austrian Limonade with Ginger - called ''Almdudler''. I love this brew since my early childhood. In those times this ''Almdudler'' drink was a luxury for my money saving dear dead Dad.

''See Foss'' restaurant helps to rebuild my body

Once my father took me as young boy up here to this Restaurant ''Seegrube'' (see foss) 1330 meters above Innsbruck. The view over Innsbruck, the green-grey River Inn to the south in the Brenner Valley, next way to South Tirol, Italy, is wonderful, beautiful, exciting. 

You watch with the telescope on the Brenner Highway the cars. They pass the monumental ''Europe Bridge'', one of the greatest. The last 300 meters a cable car takes me up from the ''Seegrube'' to the top of the hill: ''Hafelekar''. 2330 altitude, the telescope zooms in the street in Innsbruck, where my Motor home Noby Dick stands. My head starts to turn around dizzy, when I look down in the abyss. 

6.00 p.m: the news have announced a thunderstorm. The promised thunder storm came exactly 5.00 p.m. For this reason I carry rain-jacket and - trousers. After 15 minutes all rain was finished. The fresh washed earth smiled thankfully. A rainbow ornamented her beauty.


A rainbow ornamented her beauty.

Five litres fluid swallows the stomach during the day. Salty sweat and poisonous pressure the hard walk pures out of every cell. Hours over hours.

After a happy hour on the top of the hill hours over hours the way back hurts. In a thick forest invites a little hut to stay. I get new water from the fountain. 

I wish, I would be at the car. But Innsbruck is still far away - around 500 to 700 meters down under my feet. They are naked in the moment, to refresh in the air colder from rain. They deserve this service!

Salty sweat and poisonous pressure the hard walk pures out of every cell.

Last Friday letter to Veet Tom I wrote about the law: ''Fantasy is different from reality.'' Now I know more about the difference.

In fantasy mind always wins.
In reality everyone looses always

These two more laws I have experienced. I remember the wise ones say? ''Nothing to loose but your head!'' Means: to leave mind's fantasy behind in order to enter into the real world: <I>Chop wood, boil water, prepare tea, drink and enjoy!<I>

Nice to relax in these written fantasies, before reality starts to torture my body again with this arduous long walk back, sobsobsob. I'm only kidding! Keep your empathy for yourself, ok! Maybe you need it better.

Nice to relax in these written fantasies, before reality starts to torture my body

Exactly after 12 hours on my feet I'm home at my car. One ''abbreviation'', an inviting small path through the forest brings me on a wrong road in the valley. I miss the shorter way to ''Hunger castle''. I wander in an Eastern suburb of Innsbruck, in direction of ''Arzl'' and ''Muehlau''. Finally I'm back in the valley, take a bus in Muehlau to Innsbruck train station.

The Internet connection there is less costly than next to the ''Golden Roof'' in Innsbruck Centre Tourist Office. But for 9 Cents a minute it is not so much fun, to participate in our Children's list letter Playground for Mind Games.

Sunday, 6.00 a.m. in the morning: Mimmai asks via cell phone, where I am. In the evening I drove the car in a tiny, very calm street in Muehlau. Rain around midnight wakes me up. The rest of the night is marvellous till the very new light comes. The birds start a concert competition. It reminds me on the list letters flood: Who gets most attention for the loudest letter? Who cries out with the cheapest complain? 

the ''Golden Roof'' in Innsbruck Centre 

click pics big: HERE!

That's not the scene, Kabir can stand for long. I know, Kabir is out! I love your contribution most, dear Kabir. When from words could be felt wisdom, I feel wisdom from your letters, Kabir. A loving, tender wisdom with sincere sharpness like costly Chinese acu puncture on some sensitive spots of mind. But which mind - no matter how marvellous - had ever the ability to listen to something else then the own bubbles?

Special Valerie reminds me on years ago with my always talking woman, the one before Mimamai. We have a joke about a Blonde: <I>''The damage she does with one pairs of lips, she gives you advantage with her other pairs of lips.''<I>

Some truth felt in it: When the mind wheel is spinning torturous all the times, doesn't open sexual activity a door out of the mind? Out of flying fantasies back into the wet valley of sweat and surprise?

Hunter Huts in the rocks

These arduous mountain walks remind me a bit of my young age with these kind of sexual exploration. From those memories I can easy imagine Valerie as valuable partner: Valerie best f*ck in Alaska?

A compliment, Cherie, no attack. Bavarian Bushwhacker style, o.k., Eric from Paris may slime around with liars invention ''Nondual Erotic'', ''Tantric treasures''. Jeffeji may praise Jesus in celestial inbreed with Mother -Mari Hosanna Hallelujah, God father and the Holy Spirit.

Gene Poole may logical proof, where you miss, my molesting Misses Valerie. Ramarshi may claim, ''as if you ever had an idea about ''stop making cents'' in ''New Man's No-Mind''!

Short a Gangster raps: ''Valerie, best f*ck from Alaska! Anyone here to testify your qualifications?''

On the other side is some light too. Will you look at this? What beautiful tool mind is, to bridge fantasy land with reality! 

What beautiful tool mind is, to bridge fantasy land with reality! 

Since my very young years I dream of independence: I want to feel free from the rough radiance of people in crowded cities. Free from slimy suckers, false French flatteries, U.S. hypocrisy, Indian irresistible arguments, German bushwhacker brutality. I'm searching for direct experience with nature, rain, sun, like I have experienced as Alp Sheperd in close connection with nature and animals.

Now, yesterday, I come to the car, utterly exhausted. The body stinks from sweat like a male goat. Mind has to take: I drive to a beautiful quit night place.

And from this high technical equipped vehicle I get water, have a short shower outside the car. I sleep in warm, calm cosy atmosphere. Food recreates the body. The Sunday morning coffee is this now a gift from reality, or am I dreaming? 

It brings back my memories to my first Mescaline trip in autumn 1970, a trip I never left behind, what is your opinion?

a trip I never left behind, what is your opinion?

In this trip I felt after a couple of weeks with rapid growing sensitivity one astonishing fact: ''EVERYBODY IS RIGHT WITH HIS EXPRESSION!''

I have felt with absolute security, that everybody expresses his/her truth of the moment. This very moment is as absolute true like the next one. Even these moments may contradict each other opposite!

Therefore logical arguments help to arrange the technical world, arrange a comfortable well being. This story needs some peace in reality to be written from my movements of mind!

But logical arguments end, when stronger influences pressure my being. In the moments of danger, next to my beloved, in the deep diving of NO-MIND intuition, something stronger opens a door to the strange mysteries of mystics.


Time, region and existential need may create total opposite mystical powers from logical arguments. I have not a moment doubt from my existential experiences, from suffering sickness. My conclusions? Can mystical love express a Kali destruction too - beyond every social imagination?

I have no doubt about, that the mass psychological sickness of Millions, to slaughter each other, roots deeply in an existential truth, a truth beyond mind, heart - inexpressible in words, but experienced in a sharp survival struggle. This will shall happen!

We stay alive, cherished reader, no matter, how wrong, sick or wise mind may judge our or others reality. That's not the point at all! Life is the sparkling diamond. Even there may be higher goals than life, like some wise or foolish ones preach, the razor blade sharp border separates life from death. Do you think or believe, it's your CHOICE, on which side of this border you stay?

For me it is simply ridiculous, when Ramarshi judges, what generations have done harm to people 50, 100, 500 or 5.000 years ago. I enjoy his faszinating mind games, as long Ramarshi does not praise his insights as therapeutic healing sessions, to ''transform spiritual handicapped people'' according to Ramarshi's concepts towards a goal orientated priest promise: ''New Man''.

Our mostly silent therapist Osho S.A.C: for my feelings his name giving concept is felt from similar idiocy like his doing. Osho S.A.C. creates one YahooGroups after an other, collects 30, 40 years old Osho Junk, and praises this achievement as ''Osho Ring''! What kind of blood empty entertainment is this? Who ever feels some alive activity behind this, may be as devoted to Bhagwan believes like JeffiJi to Jesus.

JeffeJi I like best from our four ''therapeutic writers''. He looks like a good lover to his wife, advertises his job for paying customers, writes funny insults and insights. I have fun with you, JeffeJi! You are a witty writer.

a changing beauty from minute to minute.

Gene Poole is like a scientific researcher of the online games. His picturesque artworks provoke with better postings than 1.000 of ranting letters. From Gene's political standpoint, from his background friends net, from his U.S. conditioning - what to expect? Gene, you are a great gift, a costly contributor with your work here! I thank you for this, and guess, we grow slowly into a deeper understanding to appreciate our contrariness . These controversities are like fuel for fantasy, to keep mind busy and alive.

And somehow mind fantasies root in reality! Now at 8.30 the sun shines on the little table inside of Noby Dick. I still stay in this small street, where I slept tonight. The ''Hafelekar'' high mountain from yesterday climbing fascinates with clouds, a changing beauty from minute to minute.

The body recovers, asks for food. European richness is incredible: my luxurious little breakfast brings coffee from South America, soup from Taiwan with dried tomatoes in oil from Italy and fresh bread from Innsbruck.

The body recovers, asks for food.

I have no idea, who will read this. I may read this one, two times more. Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow all word works will be gone like water in the river Inn. River Inn flows to river Donau in Passau. Will words like rain water the desert of minds with the drunkenness of an overwhelming existential joy? Will we share an abundant life in little luxuries with friends in worldwide connections? Will we grow up in friendship in many years and bridge more many miles of different culture? Even of opposite gender?

Isn't life a miracle? This high time of summer harvest from Innsbruck impressions is so beautiful, I can't leave for Munich home. My feet in sandals are still strong to wander around in the town. Only the toes hurt in the big mountain boots. Let's look, what Innsbruck offers to a thirsty seeker for life's little adventures!

The impressions of an other town sharpen the way to look, inside outside. Sharpness cuts both ways, inside outside. Happiness heals, inside outside.

Isn't life a miracle?

Exactly 12.00 o'clock I leave Innsbruck. 34 degrees Celsius inside the car, 24 degrees outside. One hour drive with tank stop the steep Zirler street upwards to the German side: Walchensee. Cold water in green wood nature. Sleep in the shadow. Time to return to Munich, time to end the endless stories from Wonderland. 

Again a thunder storm will cool down the heated Earth. Magnetic forces load up the atmosphere between Earth and Sky. Rains in words fall down in deep desires to touch feelings. Fabulous fantasy feels fantastic! 

Fabulous fantasy feels fantastic!