Mysterious Masters marter mediocre Monster

Most peace and happiness finds Monster all alone in the woods and the wilderness. All alone with the sun, wind, rain. Today in autumn the first ice is on the slippery way up on the top.

Sometimes Monster and Mimamai walk together. Yes, there are quarrels too! Seldom there are quarrels, but they are: Hormons change Mimamai. Females experience this ''prae-menstrual-syndrom''. Than it's difficult or impossible, to wander together in peace.

Nasty Monster nature gets angry, feels rage against his beloved Mimamai. In this difficult dangerous mood Mimamai asks snappish: ''Give me the car key. I don't follow anymore!.''

Monster gives her the key and walks happy again all alone.

walks happy again all alone

Monster's male malicious nature watches angry her slow moving fat ass and thinks: ‘’You stupid slow crawling cow don’t hinder my longing for light!’’ 

But in cold nights this same thankless Monster seeks her shelter! Monster loves, to press his freezing, trembling belly behind her back and praises her as ''Lady Bumb''.

An angry Monster walks alone, Wild nature around and inside brings thoughts up: ‘’Is this all in life: Women’s little yellow rat? Orang-Utan? Crocodile? Walrus? ‘’

Rage turn to sadness. Near to tears Monster melts and remembers the Guru-Gallery, all these miraculous memories! These barbarous efforts for a mean monster to grow up from animals-kingdom towards the awareness of the human kind!

Monster remembers his early childhood: His beloved Mom takes her little Monster-Kid in the Christmas church. Monster-Kid wonders about his Mom, because she always starts to cry in the Christmas church. Monster-Kid enjoys the church Christmas show with incense, jingle bells and celestial songs. Monster-Kid gets enthusiastic feelings for the one in front, the pathetic priest under the corpse cross of this Master: Jesus.

But Monster-Kid can’t feel the sadness of his Mom. And the Mom can’t explain her emotional Christmas mood. And Monster’s Dad only mocks about Mom's feelings and refuses all his life long, only to enter in a church ceremony. Except the dear dead Dad shows Monster Kid the artful paintings or carvings of past centuries in empty churches.

With 18 years Monster leaves the Christian church club. He feels not touched, to lick the wooden corpse-feet of the Sweat Master Jesus on the cross. In those young years Monster was not ready to surrender to any female Master at home, who always reduce his ferocity  into some cosy cuddly toy!

watches angry her slow moving fat ass 

How can Monsters read the signs in the sky? 10 years later, Monster is 28 years old, he is unsatisfied and unhappy with each and everything. Monster starts his first Holy Pilgrimage to India. There Monster will look for a Eastern guidance. Maybe a Master, and Monster finds someone: Maharesh Mahesh Yogi.

Monster pays for an introduction course into ''Transcendental Meditation''. In a ceremonial circus show he gets an extrem holy Mantra. Monster is strictly adviced, never to betray this mystery in the mundane public world. The Mantra has some strange sound like pigs make munching: ''OINK!''

Monster meditates for years on this Holy OINK-Mantra. More and more happy our meditative Monster finds a female Goddess. Soon she is pregnant, and Monster arranges  a family. But this woman is not satisfied with her Monster, her child and this mysterious OINK-Mantra.

So the woman asks, to find a better Master, the Master-of-Master! And the little family, Monster, Mom and 2 years old child travel five years later to Big Bhagwan Osho in Pune.

How can Monsters read the signs in the sky?

Most Mistrustful Monster watches the New Poona Church Show from wide distance. All these wonderful women with beautiful body-boobs inflame his desires. But Monster has only eyes for his little daughter and his responsibility, to bring his limping little love on her feet.

In this New Poona Church Show the people had to kneel in front of the Master-of-Masters, to be baptized as full members of the sect-show. So Monster kneeled down and listened with tears of emotions to the strange words of the wise man above him: ''You are the most miserable - long seen here! You are even to coward  to commit suicide, your one and only desire!''

What kind of pompous pimp is this guy, thinks Monster by himself and feels rage growing inside. The smiling white bearded Indian above him continues smiling: ''At least your cowardice feels strong enough, hihi, to make everybody around you mean and miserable! Therefore your name: Hot place of hell!''

The Indian Giant baptizes the wife by his side with the new name: ''Lokus Flower''. 

Soon after the ceremony people-in-red hug and caress the celestial couple with slime smile false flatteries: ''What wonderful New Names! Now you belong to us.''  Monster feels Ma-bodies-boobs pressing close and closer to his armoured muscles. So Monster tail floods with blood, robbing through all over his body!

Mistrustful Monster watched the New Poona Church Show

''You are the most miserable 

For one short glimpse Monster feels leaving all burdens behind.

For one short glimpse Monster feels leaving all burdens behind.

But how strange: two minutes later his wife quarrels: ''My New Name is not Lokus Flower, it is Lotus Flower!'' Monster in stubborn Monster style: ''My ears have heard Lokus Flower!'' And in this way this sweet couple turns sour in two short years only, and Monster has to accept the basic Buddha-Bhagwan-Teaching:


Monster loses all his little values: health and wealth, his wife and worse than bogus! This damned bitch Lokus Flower takes his beloved daughter inside the cult, and others - like -  protective strong Master Secretary Sheela and administrative authorities Puja-&-Co. ask Monster to leave the Cult, because Monsters doesn't fit there!

Soon - 20, 25 years later - Monster recognizes smiling the simple true facts in his experiences: ''Don't bait the finger, that points to the moon!'' 

''Don't bait the finger, that points to the moon!''

Now Monster is getting old. His stubborn pighead loses hairs, his beard turns into grey autumn colours. Only in mood of madness, when hormones curse Mimamai with  the Prae-Menstrual-Syndrom-Sickness, only in these moods of madness the Monster reckless rage from his youth flows back a bit.

Monster leaves Mimamai, wanders up and looks all alone down in the valley and remembers his nightmares-of-misery and starts smiling: ''What fun this little life! More and more Masters have crossed my way quicker and quicker, younger and younger, more and more funnier! But best Master at home is Mimamai, who feeds me, her Monster, cleans the home, helps to wash my fure and crawls my grey beard!''

With these thoughts Monster relaxes on his way down to the valley, and embraces his emotional disturbed and deranging Mimamai again. Happy they drive home, and she smiles about his bluster: ''Bad dog you are! Leaving your Monster only half an hour before you reach the top! Now everybody has to know, what a bad dog you are!''

But Mimamai only smiles and barks back: ''Waff! Waff!''

looks all alone down in the valley 

But Mimamai only smiles and barks back: '
'Waff! Waff!''