India (Pune) 1980 / Germany 2005

Strange weekend, strange voyage, far, quick and loud. When the week finally ends, the working ends on Friday, such longing for action arises. What kind of relationship is this? I don’t know.

Nearly 2.000 Kilometres highway drive – all the big trip around the country – like three times before this year.

My daughter Esther (born 9/78)

In Sunderban Hotel - box with Indian Harmonium

Pune river

Day-Dreams of splendid motor homes are hunting my desires. Meanwhile the autumn changes the colours of the leaves. The light shines shorter each day. How can my restless mind get some peace? On the highway? What kind of relationship is this? I don’t know.

The quick, little, red Volkswagen could drive nearly 200 KM/hour, when the Saturday highway would not be this crowded.

Father and daughter sleep on the street.

Father and daughter dream of a big Indian car.

Best time is with my little daughter lady. She found old pictures of our voyage to India, Pune, 1980/81. What more ‘’Master’’ on earth could existence have given to me?

My friends in the beautiful town Muenster have usual difficulties with money, neighbours, divorce. Our rare meetings are so short. What kind of relationship is this? I don’t know.

Muenster is one of these towns, where a Bishop, many priests, nuns and government employees influence the atmosphere. My friend Harald is a musician. He needs to play Piano. So his neighbours create troubles for Harald. He gets hostile anonymous letters. This threatens his sensitivity.

Shoe shine polish for her little feet

Daughter climbs in the big metal box for my tourists possessions from India - Pune

Next stop 80 Kilometres ahead: my old ant, the sister of my Mother. I bring my big ‘’Polish Packet’’ with my Poland story and 900 pics. With tears in her eyes she watches the pics of Gdansk, her birth and youth town. She recognizes the buildings and has names for these attractiveness. We are very happy.

Next stop: My Mother is soon 85 years old. She lives 60 Kilometres away from her sister in little guesthouse. Our meetings are extremely short. This time again: 15 Minutes only. We both feel hurt: after more than 10 hours drive, we only meet for 10 minutes? What kind of relationship is this? I don’t know.

Esther in Pune Circus

Esther in a Riksha

Daughter and father

Next stop - two hours drive more: The night in the home of my brother lasts few hours only. At 3.00 a.m. I leave silent and start the long, hard drive back. First stop after nearly five hours, more than 400 Kilometres south near Nuremberg in Hersbruck.

In the same sauna-bath my daughter gave me her view about life on Friday evening. Monday morning after breakfast and a little morning walk my body rests again in the sauna heat. What kind of relationship is this? I don’t know.

Esther on my desk in Sunderban Hotel

Esther admires the wild animals in Pune Circus.

With strong headache finally I return short before Mimamai comes home from her job: she gives Babies and their parents lessons, how to move in the water.

Esther with her baby bottle in front of an Ambassador Car.

Esther 2005 in Nuremberg with her new handy bike

Again my Munich life unfolds in these strange web-connections. Phone calls to friends are rare. Meetings are even more rare. What kind of relationships are these? Again I don’t know.