Sheikh Nazim

The mother of my daughter converted herself together with me on the 2nd February 1981 to the cult of sannyas. For some years we both were convinced to have found the centre of spirituality in our Beloved Buddha Bhagwan. My spiritual progress with Bhagwan brought much pain in sickness like a spontaneous collapsed lung 1981, later the loss of my job, family and money and culminated the very day, when all my money to spend for my ripening in Rasheeshpuram was finished:

Then on the 21st of October, 1984, as last present the Master kicked me out of the Holy Oregon-Commune by his Highest Secretary Sheela and her followers.

The mother of my daughter served her Buddha-Bhagwan in a better and more devotional way in the circle of the 'chosen few' . She served Buddha Bhagwan in Commune Ashram Cologne and in Poona II

1986 was another miraculous meeting with my wonderful daughter girl in India. We travelled together with my next lovely women from Poona in a bus to Goa. Each precious moment with my daughter is burned in my brain.

After the death of Buddha Bhagwan Osho her mother changed the Master: She converted herself to Sheikh Nazim and these followers.

It was an impressive meeting with this wise, old man here in Munich for me too. It was rather difficult to follow the Muslim prayers of Sheikh Nazim disciples in a Munich hidden Mosque at “Rotkreuzplatz”. But when you keep in tune with the movements of the man by your side, it is possible, to manage these Muslim prayers.

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In many lovely meetings with my beloved daughter, she reported in her most honest way, how her mother used my alimony payment not only for the child but for her holy pilgrimages to Sheikh Nazim in Cyprus too.

Her mother found many advantages and adventures as devotee of Sheikh Nazim i.e. a journey to a 'Holy Power-Place' in Libya. The devoted disciples of Sheikh Nazim can be found all over the world. This cult is strong and alive. More conventional and traditional branches of the Muslims attack Sheikh Nazim, because the Sheikh slashes the modern Muslim material life style.

Some disciples of Sheikh Nazim are even in Western countries easy to recognize: some males emphasize their maleness by long beards. Even some of the young ones show up with a solid stave. The women sit in prayer rooms in the second raw behind the men. The mother of my daughter gave an quite easy explanation: The males should not be distracted in their prayers by female attractions. Many western female disciples of Sheikh Nazim hide their hair under a headscarf.

This January my beloved daughter died. In her last week the mother with her friend, another devoted disciple of the Sheikh, took good care of my daughter. So my daughter died not at home in her house but in a room of her mother, a quite familiar place. At least the devoted disciples of Sheik Nazim helped my daughter in her last days of life.