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The Search 4 the miraculousness
or "A man needs a maid"

Internet addiction, sickness and cure

To meet someone connects deeper than 1000 phone calls.

To call someone connects better than 1000 picturesque mails.

One picture says more than 1000 words.

One word from face to face says more than 1000 e-mails.

But one e-mail says more than nothing.

Dangast, Norther Sea 04-07

1827 Kilometres - 214,18 litre -11,72 litre/100 km 231,95 Euro

Once she was my most beloved little woman: Ute. Today, Saturday the 4th July, she gets married. Her husband fits better for her life, like my Mimamai fits better for mine. Still there remains some pain in my heart. Who cares? There is always something missing!

Guys like Jesus or Bhagwan claim: "The ones, who value anything else higher than this search for G*D (Enlightenment, etc....), is not worth my company, my message...."

O.K, jealous Jesus or bully Bhagwan you walked your way like I walk mine. Most walk alone. Poor people sacrifice themselves for this terrific tension, the search for a partner, a job, money, G*D, Enlightenment, whatever...

Even rich people suffer sometimes from an unhappy, burdened heart. So at least exercises like meditation, music, prayers, art, meetings, conversations, journeys, sports, shopping help somehow against depressive despair.

Even rich people suffer sometimes ....

One common way to fight solitude and despair is a relationship. It is more than the biological desire: A man needs a maid. It is a psychological need too.

Ute and Carsten, our best friends in our Munich neighbourhood, are a married couple from today. We celebrate at her fatherís home near the Northern Sea!

A man needs a maid.

more than the biological desire

Ute and Carsten, our best friends in our Munich neighbourhood, are a married couple from today.

My memories go back nearly 20 years ago. My daughter was still alive and growing. Ute lived with me together in Munich. We were travelling together with my daughter. Ute stood in her parentís home. My journey went on with my daughter. The Young father with his little daughter child had unforgettable days in a tiny tent in the Swedish summer at the sea. The water was clear, cold and green blue. Here is the sea water muddy and brown. But the area belongs to the world cultural heritage: the Wadden Sea.

It's a heard journey in the summer heat! The best time to travel is the early morning hours before the sun rises. Thunder storms start regularly in the afternoon and flood tunnels and cellars. When it starts raining, it's time to continue the journey. High noon the car is nearly boiling inside with 37 degrees Celsius!

Summer sun needs holy days to lay lazy in the shadows. My old friend Harald, the musician, sends via SMS: "I don't move one Millimetre out of home in this heat!" My 89 years old Mom in her home for dement doters can hardly breeze and hardly recognize me, her oldest son.

My 89 years old Mom can hardly breeze ....

Together they have created this ...

It is nearly a 1.000 Kilometres journey from Munich to the Northern Sea with a few visits on the way in between.

My daughter is still alive in the meeting with her husband. It is astonishing, how this little lady had put all her energy together with her husband.

Together they have created this marvellous possession, the house with big garden.

marvellous possession, the house with big garden.

The search for sex, power or G*D,
the search for money, mystery, music,

the search for myself, the search for peace, love, relaxation -
all the similar tension, on our journey from birth to death.

It's never enough, what is inside. Itís never enough, what is outside, always something is missing.

What we are missing, we even don't know, but we know, we are missing - mostly ourselves, myself.