Bavarian Forest


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Part II: Bohemian Villages

As German my mind is bugged with the cultural conditioning of our country. As cruel curse all above nearly 30 years my search for freedom helped to make my life somehow in Bavaria, the hilly part of our country. As long you work hard in Bavaria, keep your mouth shut and never tell anything of your Truth, but flatter the "strength, wisdom" and "kindness" of the “Bavarian Natives”, you live quite inconspicuous and therefore peaceful. Is this somewhere different?

Like in other parts of the world so called “Red Necks” love their region, here in Bavaria strong men in trousers of leathers with laptop love Bavarian Blondes, when they have swallowed huge bowls of beer together with remarkable pieces of roasted pigs with Sauerkraut. This short week end visit to the Czech border of Bavarian to these little villages like “Zwiesel” and “Bayrisch Eisenstein” (Bavarian Iron Stone) bring my attention to the need of this Bavarian diet, high in calories: It’s the climate. Now at the end of spring in the beginning summer it was nearly freezing in my first night. The second night is a bit warmer, up to 3 degrees Celsius. For that reason rain has to balance our collective Bavarian mood, not to feel to much comfortable outside and not to relax too much in laziness. For food and warmth we have to work here like berserks since centuries to survive somehow.

So most Bavarian natives lived about the last two thousand years in little wooden huts with tiny windows. They covered the roofs with wooden planks and their body with fur and leather. The planks on their roofs they fixed with heavy rocks. The trees enjoy the rain and as “Christmas Trees” the snow too. Many trees give enough wood and darkness in deep forests. In ancient times the natives was hunting wild pigs, nowadays they keep thousands poor animals in tiny boxes together, therefore called “house pigs”.

Rocks are more than enough in Bavaria, to fix the wooden planks on the roof with those weights. Because of the cold the houses had nearly no windows. But the priests opened the heart of the people to let the light of "G*D, Jesus and Marie" shine in and to adore this light together with all Holy Saints and the rich ones, making love to the poor ones, when young and beautiful enough. This love is praised as “Charity”. The miserable bastards of those nights had to work from morning to night prayer on the fields and in the forests till death.

Nowadays the Bavarian Natives need more energy to build i.e. BMW cars. So they burn atomic instead of wooden fire, but the Bavarian natives  still wear trousers of leather with a strong knife in the pocket, and adore their "G*D, Jesus, Maria, priests and politics".


Walk in the Bavarian Forest to the Arber Mountain

Nowadays the Bavarian Natives need more energy to build ...

Not let's switch from the Bavarian Forest to the Tibetean Heigths, ok? The Dalai Lama provides us daily from our kitchen diary with one of his wonderful wise sentences. One of those wise words molest my mind deep inside all the time: “Nirvana is a quality of our spirit.

This sentences hurts, because one fact is for sure: My spirit, mind, consciousness – whatever works inside to write, to speak, to think, to listen, to travel – my spirit, mind, consciousness has NOT at all this quality. On the contrary: this spirit, mind, consciousness of mine is in a deep disaster, mixed up most the time. One method to release this sickness inside are words in a line, words after words, words building sentences, sentences filling pages, pages filling an online diary like a digital purification plant.

Another method to unburden my mind, spirit, consciousness from this twisted pain of arguing are bodily exercises, travelling all alone like this week end in the Bavarian forests, a wilderness cultivated since the times of the Ancient Romans for more than 1000 years.

The body needs exercises to calm down this mad mind machine. The tension for muscles is much easier to stand than the tension of mind. It feels like these fires of exercises melt the sandy mind sand inside towards more crystal clear consciousness. The Bavarian town Zwiesel if famous for glas- and crystal production.



This pyramide is build from
93.665 Tritan Crystal glasses,
8,06 meters high with a  weight
of 11,600 Kilogramms;
Mima's "Sea Cow" by the side
is only 2,65 meters high with
a weight of 2800 Kilogramms only.


Instead of this continous mind twisting chit chat it would be wiser to shut up, to let the gras grow by itself. But like existence baptised some  people i.e. the famous J. A. Elten, aka Sw. Satyananda, as Bhagwan’s multi medial missionary and messenger existence burdens others with the curse of never ending doubt, worse than bogus, with heresy against this most Holy founders of religion and science like Holy Jesus, beautiful Bhagwan and sage Socrates. As if these wonderful spiritual giants haven’t suffered enough from mediocre minds of the masses! These futile attacks against these giants continue, whereas the cunning priests use this Holy Human Heritage to heal themselves and their followers from mental, spiritual and material poverty.

These priests preach wise words like a gifted conductor plays with followers and friends a symphony from Beethoven, whereas these twisted thoughts sound like a burdened drunkard blowing on an old comb at a drafty dirty. So this mind, spirit and consciousness needs Mother Nature badly to heal from these feelings of unworthiness and to clean and sharpen the energy to blow new sounds blowing on the wrotten comb.

Lake Arber with

this wooden crocodile from a root


Who cares for the chit chat, the continuous tshakaditshak of the molesting mind of the masses? Nobody! Most people need and want thoughts straight like strong soldiers or humble like temple servants, formed and ordered by the Super Nanny or Super Daddy, who smiles benevolent: “I gave you a little taste of fascism!”

People get what they are asking for. In “Pimper’s Paradise” Bob Marley describes the marketing mechanism exactly.

In the happiness of surrender the chosen few follow, wherever their trust will guide them. And these followers win, whereas the doubting ones get lost in the abyss of loneliness – outside of the good willing good doing ones, caring for G*D, Jesus, Allah, Bhagwan, Karl, Tolle, Borat or Britney  with paper money prayers!

view from the

over the hills of the  Bavarian Forests

You better don't listen to
the snake sound under Christ's Cross

polluting your peaceful mind with
manipulating pittoresque pictures!

This peaceful prayer was brought to you as nasty night inner entertainment in the pittoresque little village “Rain Hut” to bring myself like others to jump from the cliffs of seriousness in the abyss of laughter: enjoy! And most of all: enjoy yourself!

Or continue the sheep suffering of slaves sucking for wisdom, for more and deeper wisdom! Thus howls the lonely wolf from the Bavarian forest, LOL!

But for pious people there is no nasty noise at all, because they only listen inside to the celestial sounds from heaven "OOOOM"! Or like the Dalai Lama said: “Nirvana is a quality of your spirit.

Hallelujah, Amen and thanks.