trusting your word (n0by) and  Old Mom's lies

Namaste and Great Day -

> your words sound today like consolation...

G consolation in what way ? your experience unfolds one day at a time and it takes keeping open to continuing to go deeper within. One cannot simply adopt some new psychology it takes looking deep within your own and questioning it's validity etc.

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Thu Jul 19, 2007 7:28 pm

> Because your consolations are not part of my experience .....

G mundane mind is like this - it has no moorings. It is tossed with each new experience. Each new thing that threatens ones *me* story will put another reactionary drama in place. And we have a tendancy to continue to feed this story which grows and seems to take on a life of it's own. The path is about challenging this *me* and its various storylines until the identifications with mind - body & transient happenings, come to a place of dissolving or imploding into the ever Abiding Truth of Self that is Unchanging. Then the conditioned mind has no more pull. Then there is a steady point and a Flow may be entered. A richness arises rather than confusion and pain.

> when my mood of despair, angst or aggression needs to calm down.

G they may aide in a temporary measure - but this is not it. Each must continue to peel the onion of the me saga until That Which is Pristine Pure Consciousness is entered. It will not gather content and the hamster wheel mundane mind will be stilled once and for all. Then there will remain this Center which is All Places and paradoxically no where - it is beyond explaination as all words only come from dual mind. This is beyond what may be conveyed to mundane minds ways of calculating and catagorising. It rather allows Pure Consciousness to run the show rather the mundane minds dramas which magnify the transient experience into a side show attraction which for a time is taken to be all there is. The good news - is that it is only a passing phase and there IS an Ever Abiding Clarity beneath all the gathered weeds.

> * Because these concepts of 'Realization, Enlightenment, Absolute' etc.  are not part of my experience, I feel strong resistance against!

G of course and why not ? No one is trying to teach you this - you can't get a PHD in Enlightenment. No amount of intellectualized verbage is going to amount to a hill of beans. But the value in it is simply to say THIS DOES EXIST - yes you are suffering now. Yes you are being tossed and turned in the emotional sea of mindstuff and as yet don't know the Vastness which runs like an (as yet) invisible presence through All of existance. BUT it CAN be entered into and the conditioned mind is a false reflection of a Pure Lifeforce without measure. These concepts CAN be entered as REALITY. They are not a fantasy of imaginative minds as mundane mind cannot go there.

 Yes you are being tossed and turned 
in the emotional sea of mindstuff 

> * When the path should bring me ever to 'an Inner Stillness',  these letters wouldn't be written with your new page....

G how willing are you to enter into the path Fully ? Yes i know it is difficult to have trust. Whether the letters stay or go - this is fine. Am wanting to see you come to Realization and this Peace and Knowing that has no seed of lack or confusion yourself.

i am not looking for devotees that want to hang onto some supposed savior. i am rather a Sat Guru and simply a catalyst to aide you in Your journey within. Guidance may be given - a centering stable point may be offered. Practices may be given that are geared to cutting through mundane mind. Energy work is given that aides in moving the journey along into a faster forward motion - but in all of this YOU and You alone must walk through the doors to your own experience. No one can do it for you. NO one. i don't sell a quick fix. no retreats. no courses. i work the traditional time honored way One to one and give what is needed to break through the holdings that keep Reality on hold and maya in place. It's not always easy and may seem harsh at times but it is a harshness based upon Love and Respect as enabling drama's while seeming much more soothing on the surface only keep the suffering mundane mindplay in place. i prefer to see you come out of suffering and be able to enter this place that i KNOW exists under the surface of the coverings. Maya occludes Lila. ie: Illusion occludes the Play of God.

> ... Your laughter 'hahaha' sounds even malicious!

G only to those who have not spent time with me in person. Those who have know i don't laugh with malicious intent. Laughter is simply part of what remains. Humour is an important part of the path and there is a natural and spontaneous humour that remains.

If mundane mind (maya) is geared towards thinking someone is laughing (at) them rather than as situations or simply spontaneous inner joy that projects outwardly then yes perhaps the laugher may be taken as malicious.

... Your laughter 'hahaha' sounds even malicious! 

* I don't see any advantage, when people shelter themselves  in closed cosy groups for false flatteries and awful advertisings.

G no one gets false flatteries here. People here live thier own lives and are not sheltered from anything.

But here there is a support group as each can see that all are traversing the same pains and dynamics. This again gives a bit more of the cognition that while i have to do this inner journey alone - still i am not alone as thought, for their are my brothers and sisters which are also traversing this as well.

People here live thier own lives 

* Your concept of 'aiding Humanity' brings the question up: Who is this: Humanity'? Not enough to serve my one human being?

G hahahahahah one Does have to First find the way out of their own delusion and maya world. Then you may be a clear light to others in the broader sense. But on the transient level no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing there is the opportunity to give Service rather than remining in the (it's all about me mode) hahahahahah IF you can change the mind from the limited ME story and what *I* want, what *I* desire, what *I* don't want, etc. and can enter into this seeing that there is a connection with All of humanity. Like Christ said what you do to the least of these you do to Me. Which means there is only one Primal Life Force termed Self in the end. And ALL of humanity feels pain - fear - lack - etc. and are suffering while in maya mind. So When you can step back out of ones own drama story and can begin to expand and open to others you are Also opening up to your Self and making the way available to Discover what is underneath the fallacy of mind drama.

* Not enough to serve my woman, to please her, to shelter  and serve my daughter and to care for my old mother?

G oh to be sure these are Great starting points. hahahahahah Wonderful opportunities. But what about the rest of humanity you come into contact with each day ? hmmmmmmm OM THAT I AM - OM THAT I AM -- OM THAT I AM --- OM THAT I AM. Each being has that same Indivisible Self Primal IS at the core - it is the Eternal Lifeforce. And they are at this point reacting in their worlds out of ignorance - pain and suffering with confusion and this light remains hidden within their adopted stories that carry the prisons chains of self constructed jails. So recognition of this allows one to begin to open and come from Seva and service - rather than from the point of it's all about me and i should be served.

* Awareness for breath is a blessed exercise, but as  far I experience my body mind again and again: exercises fail.

G it is a starting point - there are more practices which also aide one in moving forward. This is a process. Each practice given works hand in hand with the one before to start to open more doors.

Eventually you will come to self enquiry which i term breaking the hold of the me identification. Whatever is transient is not the Absolute Unchanging IS. There will come a point where witness state will emmerge and one will be able to view what is taking place and yet be in an objective place to be able to pull it apart constructively. We can watch the body and find out it is not the Self. We can watch the mind and see it is transient and is not the Self. We can watch how emotions are triggered by events and mind play and can see this is not the Self. This is a process that begins and must go to the very depth of the illusions and cut the roots of identifications. Then one is pulled beyond and implodes into the Absolute and the conditioned mind is at an end. But as stated this is a path and not taught as a singular excersize. The excersizes are given to prepare one for what is to come next.

* All, what I have experienced until now, is this known 'transient world, transient health, transient aging' etc.

G yes - this is understood - and we all start out this way. So it is Known that while one may start out that way there IS a way through for those who have the courage and fortitude to put into motion and continue forward step by step and surrender by surrender willing to peel away the layers of collected sludge and mistaken indentification until nothing remains but that Pure Ground of Being which has always been - but remains covered by mundane minds ignorance. We want knowledge but the only Knowledge which brings the Peace and place of no doubt - is that as stated by St. John of the Cross. * i have entered into the Unknowing that is beyond all knowledge* This knowledge brings in it's wake Freedom. All the collected ideas and concepts are blown out. One is free of mundane intellectualism. There is the most Simple Awareness of Pure IS rather than the collected catagorizations of separations. Did you know what the meaning of Sin is ? It means simply separation. The separation ends it's fallacy is known and one is reborn into Flow and a Joy of Living whereas before there was a desperate existing.

G if you are not yet putting into place the dissolving divisions excersize maybe begin to do so. That and the Gratitude Daily Diary.


* but for some moments consoling words and exercises help to unburden my worried mind

G the further one goes the more the mind will still. One just has to relax enough and give it room to do so.

 thanks for this gift,
 Swami G!

G gifts are always present as Grace is
the nature of ones most inner Self.

Maha Shanti OM





Namasté Ganga,

this week end again I drove 700 Kilometres to my Old Mom. Last week end my Old Mother gave my woman Mimamai and me the impression, that her health in her 87 years is going down to the end. She complained about swindle all day. Therefore I had an appointment with her Doctor in Bath Dryhome.

The Doctor told me, that her blood is in excellent condition and her health is good for 100 years of life. Last week I was suspicious, that my Old Mom plays tricks on our mind with her 97 years old friend from WW2, like these women practised  in Paris and before in the 'Association of German Maiden 1935'.

Her Old friend continous lies and creates angst in my Old Mom, that my brother and I want to steal her widow's pension. Her friend drags her to different lawyers, and my Old Mom signs all lies, her old friend dictates to the lawyers.

Therefore we ask a judge to save our Old Mom from dammage with a guardianship. My Mother wants this too, but when she is alone with her old friend, this lady cancels this guardianship again.

My brother tired from 700 Kilometres one way voyage
 to visit our Old Mother

But now the judge has asked my Old Mom, to visit a Professor to explore her mental capacities. Her Old friend tries to cancel this order with their  new doctor. They have asked this doctor, to write a positive paper concering the health of my Old Mother - except a little bit of swindle.

And this swindle my Old Mother played so perfect last week end, that even my woman Mimamai was afraid about her severe sickness. I had already last week end my deep mistrust and told her several times: 'Could be, these old women play theatre with their lies.'

This week end with the visit of Mom's Doctor made it clear: She was playing her tricks on us! First day I managed somehow to behave smiling, but next morning I felt emotional stress. I ridicule  my old Mom with the report from her doctor: 'Many old women suffer from swindle. That's quite normal'. Old Mom smiled cunningly. With growing anger I said: 'I suppose decades of  swindle will cause a failure in the head.'

These words my Old Mom didn't want to hear, and so my brother and I left her after breakfast. I couldn't continue the friendly theatre with these lieing ladies anymore! With a sound of bichiness she asked: 'But you'll come back again?!'

With sick feelings I left this bizarre scene, tried to relax in the beautiful nature, but didn't found my Inner Peace anymore. In this emotional turmoil I damaged Mima's car at the back bumber. 

Now I'm happy at home and have frankly to admitt: 'Swami G your theories touch me in a mystical way, but from my mixed up reality your words are theory only!'

97 Old Youth Friend and 87 years Old Mother 

For me it's much better to be all alone, than to be part of these 'Closed Groups of Slime Lickers and Liars'. These feelings does not arise with Swami-G words! Deep thanks Swami G!

Nevertheless this week end story with my Old Mom makes me suffer! More joy it is, to be left alone from these kinds of energies like my Old Mom, her friend and my godmother BTW or 'Enlightened Mindgoals'! I hardly can stand these people!

Have you, Swami G, any remedy versus this my weakness?


More joy it is, to be left alone from these ...