2nd week end in Bamberg

Veet Thomas from Hamburg sends his messages, pictures included, these days mostly by cell phone.

His face shows and he reports on skype phone, how much fat he has gathered again. He complains - like usual and most people do - Thomas complais, that there he has no woman. So Thomas says, he has nobody to please. Thomas feels guilty, to spoil his body. But guilty for this failure are other people!

My opinion: Thomas falls in his traps of masturbative mind motivations since decades.

So I send Thomas back via cell phone my picture, how his messages feel for me.

I look at Thomas and answer with my provoking picture. My face comments, how Thomas messages feel for me.

These days I come home and my Mimamai can't care for us, because she works in Bamberg on her Christmas Market till Saturday 12-23-2006.

So again this week end I drove to Bamberg. My red VW Golf passes this typical bavarian beer advertising on the highway Munich to Nuremberg. The name of this little village is Greding, where a huge beer barrel with the poster ''Beer Garden'' invites thursty truck drivers to rest.

This is my little world, where I hold to my emotionals connections and try to keep our material must running.

In Nuremberg I rest and walk with my daughter. She has passed right now her second day of her last law examinations. She has to write 11 days long more than five hours smart solutions for sophisticated law questions. On Friday she wrote 23 pages.

I earn my money since October, 19-1990 as editor in my warm, comfortable desktop job. And I support my daughter, as much I can.

But I can NOT support Veet Thomas in Hamburg, who has no money right now, to pay his rent for December.

But Veet Thomas knows - like most people maybe like myself too - all things better and best - except some fundamental basics: ''How to connect to women? How to get money to pay the rent?''

I try, not to provoke the mother of my daughter - my wife from 1978 to 1984.

In these hard days of my daughter's last examination we avoid as parents all quarrels. So we enjoy our harmonic lunch time in Nuremberg together.

My daughter's friend  Ingo always looks happy.

At Saturday I admire Mima's market hut. Like every year she has arranged all her little, lovely treasures with all her love.

Her friend works as potter and produces aura spreading lamps.

Some candles come all the long way from China.

The little houses are produced in Lithunia.

The blooming candels Mima has produced at our home during the year.

Christmas Markets entertain people in these dark, foggy days in November. But the work in Mima's market hut is very hard.

Mima starts at 9.00 a.m. and sells in her hut till 7.00 p.m. Only a student, Pia, helps her on week ends and during lunch time. So Mima can rest a bit and eat something.

And on Saturday and Sunday Mima has to open her market hut too. Her best sales are on week end.

I help Mima, buy food for the week, clean her market car, the 'Sea Cow', our simple summer Motor Home. We have to transport fresh supply from her garage to her market hut.

Memories and thoughts connect to letters and people in our n0by group gathering too, while I walk around and admire this marvellous town Bamberg.

My only comment: ''G*D save me from an enlightened mind ...

... and make me more humble, to understand myself like others!''

These sledges Mima has new in her sales programm this year. And her friends have build her new crib too. Her first sledge she sold on Saturday.

Sunday ''in commemoration of the dead'' the market was closed, but all other week ends the market is open.

The Sunday sun shines. That's very seldom in November.

I left Bamberg early to have a quick high way drive in the sun.

James Wyly

seems to write as enlightened and motivated like Rasa or Ozay and I ask myself: ''Why can't James send one letter per day instead such a huge collection on one day? Who can read so many letters on one day?!''

Like the tree bows these branches down to the river, I bow down to the ones with deeper ''under-standing'' - i.e. my Munich Master of Nastines Michael-Kabir. Michael has written this year five articles for our magazin in my job. The subject is a new web technology: AJAX!