The Enlightenment of Seacow

E-Mail quarrels are fun. Mental sparring partners enjoy the poor power of mind, to inflame hearts. Isn't fun, for me it is! But:

These cyber quarrels are nothing compared with real quarrels. Reality gives me more than enough examples, how stupid I am, when I leave the sheltered keyboard quarrels in e-sharing!

Thursday afternoon my beautiful job in the office is done for my long week end excursions. That's even better than work.

This week end ''Seacow'', Mima's Christmas Market Transporter, is finally finished with terrific therapy and will reach the most enlightened state, every poor transport car dreams about as MOTOR HOME!

Years of work and money savings Mimamai and I have saved, to make Seacow's Transporter dream come true for Enlightenment.

My desire for a first glimpse and touch and to spend my first night in an enlightened Seacow belly is immense. In Munich train station I buy the ticket for the fastest train to Nuremberg for 41 Euro. I phone my daughter to pick me up at Nuremberg train station with her little Smart Car, to bring me with my folding bike home to Seacow in the rainy evening.

Reality shocks with strange kind of quarrels, because I'm not used to travel by train. The train touches strange little villages in Bavaria, I never heard. Finally the ticket controller comes, studies long my ticket and says: ''Hmmm, strange...''

''Something wrong with my ticket'' I asked in this devotional mood, all Germans immediately change, when a man in uniform stands above them.

''Hmm'' nodes the controller, ''you're in the wrong train! This train is the slow one, costs 23 Euro less and will arrive around one hour later. Maybe you can get money back, but this I don't know exactly.''

One hour later I bike to my daughter in more and more rain. Her mother, my still quarrelling ex-wife laughs excited about my fault. Esther, my daughter, mocks about her parents:

''I think, I should bring you both in a home for elder handicapped people.''

That's the usual German family tradition, to show respect for each other, maybe similar everywhere else?

Because of ore and more rain in the falling night my daughter show mercy for her old mixed-up father and drives me with my bike 20 Kilometres to the garage of Seacow's enlightenment celebration.

The wooden planks invite to sleep. Five light bulbs enlighten the mysterious living room. The final work is not yet done, but the gas oven with a bit noisy fan warms the room up. These nights in Bavaria are seldom warm enough to sleep without blanket. And a blanket I didn't bring from Munich.

My first night in Seacow gives all opportunities, to explore the treasures of an enlightened Transporter, a Motor Home.

Finally this night passed by. I tried three possibilities to sleep: on the wooden planks in the upper bed and the bed down. But my tense nerves plus the noisy fan of the heater keep me awake. I climb to the front seat, where I find better sleep, but coldness wakes me up there.

After breakfast with the Master, who wakened up Seacow to enlightenment, and his beautiful wife, we have to drive to a technical control. When a simple Transporter is changed into a Motor Home, German Government laws ask for a new technical supervise.

Funny, how these guy measure the height of Seacow, after the old tin roof is replaced with a high plastic roof plus window on top. One holds a simple folding rule upwards, the other one shouts ''STOP'', when the top of folding rule is as high like the highest point of the car. 2,65 Meters need Seacow at minimum, not to damage the roof.

BTW: Two questions: Is anybody interested in anything else but his own life? Wants anybody to read these stories? Does anybody watch these pics? Does anybody want to share her little life stories here with others? 

In case some is: do it here with us, thanxs.

P.S.: When I come home finally Saturday evening after many more little adventures in reality - even with an Enlightenment Celebration with my Ex-Wife, her two daughter in me in Nuremberg City - Mima is shocked: ''Males never listen to us women! I wanted the car for Christmas Market, with 20 Centimeters bright boxes at both side. Now only a small part in the middle is left for my parcels! All the rest I can't use anymore to store my Market items! I can't need this car - like it is now!''