Mima - my 'Satguru'

Meanwhile The German Pope in Bavaria advertises a new religious campaign. The Vatican Show arranges politics highly sophisticated.

The Polak Pope was helpful to destroy the ''Anti-Christian'' communist regimes. Nowadays the German Pope balances better the aggressive U.S. oil imperialistic exploitation. The catholic show biz thinks about a ''dialogue between all religions''. Muslim Ayatollahs are pleased to hear these flatteries, as long the Bavarian Pope doesn't attack their ''Prophet''.

The promoter of religious show biz calculate scientifically the pious propaganda theatre. Every word, every look, every breath and every gesture has to influence so called ''religious feelings''. The Bavarian Pope Show brings about half a million people on the street. Millions of Euros the German government spends on taxes for Pope's mass entertainment.

From my P.O.V. these cult club promoters have nothing to do with Jesus, Mohammed or any other prophet. Like I have nothing to do with Buddha, Ramana, Gurdjieff, Ponjaji, Osho or any other New Age advertisers.

Special in e-groups people can only represent and present their own little life. For most dead prophets people find a willing ''Fuehrer'' to shelter their ''belief'' against unwanted attacks.

All these lovely, little people mirror a greater will: ''G*D's Will''. How to judge, how to feel otherwise according to our expectations? In such a way I guess, everybody does her own politics. 

The promoter of religious show biz calculate 
scientifically the pious propaganda theatre.

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Facts: Rottenbach-Lake -Hindelang - Lake Constance - Bad Duerrheim - Herrenberg 

Sunday:  Camping night in the wilderness on a public parking place

Monday: From parking place (900) with bike to to Giebelhaus (1150) and walk to Mountain Lake (1880)

Tuesday: Rest in Hindelang

Wednesday: Lake Constance, visit to my Old Mom and her friend in Bad Duerrheim

Thursday: Visit to my brother in Herrenberg

First I have to confess, that I neither know what a ''Guru'' nor what a ''Satguru'' is. Maybe these words point to a person with a loving authority, an authority of love. Therefore I try to write a story about my wife the last 10 year, my Mimamai. I fantasize about her as my ''Satguru''.

My daughter sends news paper articles, that mock about male in long time relationship. These old men simply follow their women. The woman cooks, cleans and cares, and her man does, what she asks him to do. About such sort of relationships my daughter mocks about, about me. Like most old men my relationship functions in a way, that I follow my Mimamai.

Like about all and everything my mind tries to ''under''-stand this magical power of Mimamai. What is the reason, that I want her so much around? 

The first time at the end of this summer we drive in her car, the Sea Cow motor home, in the mountains. I watch Mimamai so many moments. Ten years are a long time, to study a person, but Mimamai still has this miracle around her. She's always new for me and again and again she makes me smile.

Mimamai is not a high educated, scientific, calculating mind like mine, if I'm not in my crazy, bad, bad ''murder mood''.

Mimamai is still like a little bit like I remember my child daughter, when she was a little girl. Mimamai loves animals very much, most of all dogs and horses. When I travel alone, she always asks me, to bring her a horse home.

When dogs are running, she explains, in which mood the dog is. Very often she talks with dogs, who come running to us. She feels so much connected with dogs, that she loves to bark many time. From her sounds I know exactly her mood. Because she has a small face I once called her ''Collie''. She enjoys to be called ''Collie''. In public pools, where women and men change clothes in seperate places, I whistle sometimes soft, and she barks back quietly.

Her Sea Cow is a VW-Transporter, not just a big Motor Home. Nearly 10 years she had even the old Model, we called ''Blue Whale'' without any comfort. Now we have a gas oven, around 10 litres fresh water, we pump with one foot, and a gas cooker with two plates. There are lights enough, so I can write my fantasies, she sleeps already.

Her Sea Cow is a VW-Transporter, not just a big Motor Home. 

Because it was her first long mountain walk this year, she has a little headache. I have cooked pasta with onions, a bit butter, some olives - a very simple meal. 9.00 p.m. Mimamai sleeps. She loves to sleep eight, nine hours each night - for me nearly impossible.

Most mornings she stands up with a smile. Somehow she is nearly all day long happy, she is simply always happy. When she's around like on our little journeys, she shares her happiness with me. In the nature, on a voyage we have such fun, it feels like paradise.

Does this sound pathetic? But it's so true: I sit here on the last little place left before our bed. The last rain from the leaving thunder storm flatters on the plastic roof of the Sea Cow. Thankfully wander my thoughts to these countless sweet little moments of her smile, her voice, bringing me back to my senses, back to happiness.

An example: When we returned with our bikes, many mountain cows hindered our way before a fence on the street. We had to push around 10 cows away, that we could open the fence and continue to drive. I had no idea, how the animals will react, but we could pass quite smooth. I closed the fence, a little bit in stress. Mima sees my face and say laughing: ''Don't look this way!''

Immediately I relax and feel happy again. 

There are some critical points in our life, three I remember right now:

1. In her critical days in the month she suffers somehow from a bad mood. Then she is capricious, wants to be right all the time - and one days later she laughs again and asks kindly for my understanding.

2. When she is hungry, she needs her food rather quick, otherwise she turns bitchy - that's worse than to rest in the next best restaurant.

3. When she is tired, she needs her sleep. In Skype talks with my friend Veet Thomas i.e. I can't quarrel with a loud voice. That would disturb her in the next room.

There are two more points, that disturb her tremendously.

4. When people smoke in restaurants, she can not enjoy her food. She gets angry and sometimes she complains loud to me: ''Can these people not taste food without this terrible smoke''. But I can't do anything.

5. She can't tolerate less and less, that I enter the house or the car with dirty shoes or feet. First I had to put off my shoes in the first room of our house. Now she asks me to put off my shoes before I enter the house. And this year she asks me, not only to put off my shoes before I enter the house, but next to wash my feet first, before I walk into other rooms. 

That's not so comfortable, but I have to admit, that in my summer sandals and from my daily bath in my dinner rest in the lake next to my office, my feet appear a little bit black. Before she gets angry, I wash my feet. Is there any male on earth, who can stand his angry woman? 

BTW: She calls me 'Walrus'. When she is in very good and relaxed mood, she understands, that ''Walrus fins'' are always a bit muddy and unctuous. With ''Walrus fins'' she points to my feet.

That's the way my 'Satguru' Mimamai rules my life. Nothing special, lots of ordinary little stinky farts, all her sounds, her smells, her movements and moods are so very familiar, conversant, that she is felt as part of my life. When she's not around, I'm missing something. 

Only sometimes I prefer aloneness, specially when I need to relax from sick, serious stress. In more balanced mood - like in nature, in holydays - I appreciate her presence so much and feel blessed by her life. Is this love, my 'Satguru' Mimamai teaches?

Now soon it's 10.00 p.m., time to brush my teeth and go to bed too. After such efforts our bodies need to relax.

When she's around like on our little journeys, she shares her happiness with me.